Is it possible to transfer my yahoo iPage account to a new yahoo mail account?

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First question I have is Is it possible to transfer my yahoo iPage account to a new yahoo mail account? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Normally I tend to stick up for Registerfly.. until now..

I attempted to transfer 4 domains away from NamePros and take advantage of a promotion at Registerfly..

2 of the domains transferred fine, but the last two ( and returned errors (according to Registerfly) and they told me transfer was denied and refunded my transfer fees.. however, whois showed the transfer was successful and the names were not only transferred but renewed for an additional year..

Registerfly tech support was useless in trying to get anywhere with them.. the names were not in my account so I contacted NamePros member Regfly and he again attempted to transfer the domains. Again we got an error and the transfer fees were refunded ...

However the domains show as regged to me at Registerfly until Oct 2007.. yet they are not in my account..

I've contacted Registerfly tech support a couple times and have had NO response for almost a week now. There's been no replies to my PMs to Paul (Regfly) here either..

RJ says the transfer shows as successful but it doesn't do me any good if they don't show in my account and Registerfly support doesn't reply to my support questions..

I'm going to PM this thread to Paul and Support and see if that gets them going....

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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Even worse, I posted a link to this thread and they still did not respond as yet.. I really feel disappointed that they so far let me down like that.. I've pretty much supported using them on this forum until now.. now, I'm not so sure!..

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And still no response.. truly reprehensible customer support... this ranks with the worst (read: treatment I've ever gotten from a registrar's support center..

Absolute silence from tech....

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I understand your concern, but I wouldnt expect them to respond to this thread. If you got an issue, you can email them or try to escalate if there is a path..

Domain selling is a tough business due to competition and lowest profit margins and very few people can provide good customer support, my point is what you pay is what you get...

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Does Reg Fly offer the same account retrieval as Godaddy? The domains (although unlikely) could be in a new account with your info. If they have an account retrieval, I would attempt it. Theoretically it would send the information to your email? I know this is probably not the case, but it's the only thing I can figure. I would absolutely lodge a complaint with ICANN if they do not resolve the issue immediately. Good luck!..

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I did send several emails directly to Registerfly support.. usually Regfly (Paul) here on Namepros has been very helpful but even he has not responded to my PMs here.. this thread is just a last resort.. I have support tickets open there that have been ignored completely...

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Yeah sorry to hear about your story, I quit using regfly long while back. I had a HostGator missing in my account for a while and was finally returned..

Hope this works out for you...

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Sounds AWFULLY familiar............


Try to modify the successful transfers just to see if you can....

PLUS their renewal system has been down for at least 4 days.


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Still no answer from Tech support tho.. since the 22nd....

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I dont care how tuff the buisness is 6 days for someone to answer a damn support email is ridiculious, I take all my domains outta there and tell them where to stick there service....

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At this point, considering they couldn't manage a transfer IN, I'm afraid to try a transfer OUT....

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The morale of this story is... don't use RegFly..

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Do it 1 at a time and walk on eggshells without cracking them!..

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Try calling them, then have to answer you. Ask for a manager if the first person won't help you. Most support places have a rule that the rep can't hang up first, so just say that your staying on the line till they put your domains back in your account...

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Yeah.. planning to call on my day off... I have a rule not to upset myself before work..

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I called them once or twice in the past, Plan on spending atleast 30 - 60 Min online..

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3 years ago I was you...Had been a loyal RF customer from almost day 1. When people here had issues...I was the one saying how they always took care of business. That all ended 2 years ago when I had a name dropped before it's time...I had the receipt to show I had paid a renewal and they paid lip service for a while then went into ignore (ant) mode, quite familiar to most here.

.....then the absolute joke they call support (Could anyone actually care LESS about customers?) was hilarious how they claimed phone support but no one ever took your call off hold....

Customer loyalty is NOT appreciated or reciprocated with that dog and pony show..

How embarrassing for a company to be considered as bad as 1and1...

I will say again....I don't care how cheap they are....they are just not worth it..

I have only 4 names left with them...used to be over 400..and now life is good..

I really hope it all works out for you Dave....


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Maybe we should perform a community service and club together to buy banners on HostGator sites that simply say "Registerfly - Please Don't!"..

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I've had numerous problems with registerfly as well. Just stay away from them...

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I've stayed away from them because of threads like these....

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Well, for just plain satisfaction you could add your info here:.


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And still no answer from Registerfly.. support there is evidently non-existent!..

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Just received a PM from Paul (Regfly).. he's recovering from surgery so hadn't been visiting the forum much lately. Promised this would be fixed ASAP....

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Wow, that's really sad. I have about 30 .be's to renew and was contemplating Regfly via a coupon I received. But thanks to dgridley's pain, I'll be finding another registrar. There is a $200-300 revenue loss you can directly link to their piss-poor customer service..

As a strong, viable, active, and deeply rooted HostGator community, we should be PROVING consumer mistreatment and then BOYCOTTING or PUNISHING these abusive companies..

I've suffered loss by doing a single boycott of Sedo because they are 41% owned by 1&1. I realize that Sedo is the most active sales site, but you can't have it both ways. You cannot bitch about scam / rip off / abusive companies, and at the same time support them with your business. They'll laugh at you..

Good luck, dgridley...

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Movingconcierge, after your experience with 1+1, contemplating going to regfly must make you a gold-plated masochist!..

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I'm not crazy though! Insanity has been defined as repeating the same action and expecting different results. Well, this time I listened to the NP community and passed on that bait and switch offer from Regfly...

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It's kind of pathetic that you have to PM Paul on here and that the support team won't even help you. I was almost to the point of sending an emailing to RegisterFly myself. This customer support is unacceptable and I would never deal with basically a one man support team (well in this case at least.) I wouldn't even waste $2.00 on a HostGator with them if I got treated that way. There is no excuses and they should be hiring some new staff!..

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Paul is a good guy, and one of the only people at RF who has ever been truly helpful. Technically, I don't think he's even in tech support, but has used his influence to get things done. He's helped me several times, but a few times the person he put on it still didn't follow through. It's a shame he has to do the dirty work and that "tech support" is neither technically trained nor offers real support of any value..

I finally just decided that if I have to go to a public forum to get any real support, then I really don't need to deal with that company. This on top of the huge number of support requests I needed to fix problems that should never have happened in the first place..

BTW, I have nothing to do with the site. However, I support what they are doing as far as collecting and publishing RF horror stories and warnings...

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I don't use them anymore. When I buy a name that is at RF, I transfer it as soon as possible. The service has been the worst I've ever encountered in my four years of domaining...

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Just got an email from Support that the domains are in my account (and they are now).. however when I attempted to modify the nameservers, I get an error and am unable to... just updated my ticket to Support <sigh>.

At least I seem to be making some progress.....

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