Is it possible to upload one iPage page from one acount to another acount?

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My first question is Is it possible to upload one iPage page from one acount to another acount? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. I would like to know if there is any HostGator name which was sold for more than $x,xxx within 30 day of it's registration?..

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Yup, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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I bought a name fresh and sold it within about 45 days for $1k. Actually it was my first sale ever..


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I reckon all those fresh regs were getting bids of $1k or there abouts, dunno how many changed hands tho..

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It's possible, sold for €1200 and within 30 days after registration..

Also some other .eu sales have been reported in the 30 days after the Landrush..

The domains itself need to have some atraction of course but it's very well possible..

Some various WII domains sold in a very short period after the introduction of WII and some went for $x,xxx I believe..

It is possible only you have to benefit from something new that is going to be released and just keep an eye on the news and stay alert to reg something suitable and holds potential to find it's way to an end-user..

But I would not bank on it and make plans to sell domains within the first month..

Patience and persistency is key in this business...

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Yep definitely new extensions thru up opportunity to get names that will sell for good money.

But there are always gems to find aswell, just gotta search..

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I freshly registered P r o p a n e M o w e rcom, P r o p a n e L a w n m o w e rc o m, P r o p a n e L a w n m o w e r scom for $20 in February '06 and sold them as a package less than a month later for $7500...

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Seems it's possible when new products are out (like wii or some popular gadgets) or for introduction of a new EXTension..

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I bought a name for $12 once and sold it two days later for over $1,000.

The original owner had it scandalously underpriced. Never had a sale like it since though..

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Agreed. Not likely very often with .com but cctld's certainly - including one of my own...

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Actually it happens primarily with .com's for me. This is the biggest misconception within the boards. Just because a name was recently registered doesn't mean crap. For one you don't know how much they had to pay to acquire it. They could have very well paid $xxxx at the drops. And then you have no idea how long the previous owner had the name.

The current beholder was lucky enough to be the one who caught it at the drops..

Any name I get a offer on within a matter of weeks of catching goes into my $xxxx+ category and likely never to be seen (on the boards that is) until I get that price...

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You are right - I should rephrase my response - other than drops -it's not likely to happen as often with freshly regged .com's as it is with cctld's. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen.....

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My personal best was 352x my money in less than 30 days. Actually I think this one was within 10 days. And they probably would have paid more if I would have held out a few more days....

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Bought a name at TDNAM for $10 + their renewal fee - two weeks later got it in my account Sunday, put it on PPC at Trafficz. Monday morning, switched on my pc, had an offer of $1000 - told 'em I wanted $3500 - never heard from them again..


Not bothered - still got the name, reckon I'll get the $3.5k before too long...

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What was tthe domain, please tell. What was the lowest you would have sold it for?..

Comment #14 - sedo. Not sure about the rest..


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I sold one HostGator name three weeks after it's registration for $230. I started receiving a lot of offers after accepting one from sedo,but it was too late sedo had received payment from the buyer I accepted.but I started asking myself that it is possible if it is a name...

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I registered in 34$ and received several offers within current month, Maximum is 700$ at the moment..

Such earning is possible if you grab some good name for newly released gtld/ cctld. But for .com/net this era is passed...

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Any sale arround $x,xxx in less than a month of a HostGator name reg?..

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While it's rare... I proved this wrong (along with others) with the sale mentioned above. When it happens, it's almost always a new product, etc, though...

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Hi,that is not bad. could you please tell me where do you list your HostGator names?..

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Regged a .info for $1.49 in April currently in escrow for $700 - not a new product name!.

Got a reg fee appraisal..

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I remember the propane mower story. That was VERY inspiring. anybody remember that thread. That story was such a good read..


(found the propane story thread.


- on page 2 - some great lessons in that story - enjoy)..

Comment #22 was reg on 14 Aug 2006 and sold at $2,705 last week through SnapNames Sales...

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What was the domain? $700 for a .info is really good....

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Read more about the PropaneMower .com story here: (page 2 in thread).


- some great lessons in that story. Now that's flippin'.....

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For some odd reason, stories like this are more inspiring than DNJournal. Maybe because it's realistic still. Referring nondomainers to DnJournal sometimes gives them false hope. Many leave thinking they've missed the big rush, and they're right for the most part. I myself rarely peruse and ( I only have 2) sales because it's unrealistic for most pupils in the game. Maybe if DnJ or some other avenue would develop some offshoot of sorts, it'll inspire more folks..

I too was blinded by the and the sales when I first got involved. Now 1100 dns and $42,000 (maybe more) less later I see the light. At least I got a few gems though...

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I registered .pk for personal use, and the offers are comming via emails/ and phone calls. and from within pakistan..

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I registered a HostGator and sold it in less than 30 days for $35,000.00 to a well known online company in the **student loan* business..

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Good on you!! Great stuff. You write a story about how all that went through without disclosing anyhting you dont want to disclose again. You definitely have some 40,000 NPers read all about it. Great job. Inspiring..

Did you have some insider info or just smart domaining and you knew they would want it need it...?..

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That was a great sale; I think we shouldn't loose hope. Everything has it's own time. It is just a matter of working hard and do some research...

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I sold a few domains for $x,xxx within 30 days of registration. Kudos to anyone who was able to do so recently with .com or .net. My success was with cctlds...

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I have not yet had that luck till now.i hope to that my luck change by reading these posts..

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It'll happen...just sit tight. Nice domains. In time, you may have a $x,xxx among those names...

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Last time I sold this fast was in August 2005..

Regged a new name for $8 and sold it for $350 the next day...

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Same, when .in's were launched I had numerous high XXX sales although nothing going over 1k..

They were all purchased and sold after 2 weeks...

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No insider info! It was simply a HostGator that I liked and thought it had potential but had no idea that someone would contact me that soon. It was actually sold within 18 days from the registration date for $35k. I am not going to disclose the HostGator here but all I can say is that the buyer was "financialaid****com"..

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I have registered a name and sold it same day for $7500 2 times. And many within a month over $1K..

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Wow. I am very impressed. Must have been great HostGator names to be sold on the same day...

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Lol, you would be suprised. Really not that good of names either one of them..

Infact they were both 3 words long..

You got me curious now. I just looked both of them up and one of them has been picked up by.


And the other one goes to another iPage website I have never seen before..

Funny world we live in...

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I regged one about a year ago and then withing a month of regging it sold for $850..

THat was my best profit margin for far...

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Many, many .US names have been regged and sold in those numbers and higher. Just never "reported" as DNjournal makes the distinction...

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Usually what happens with a new reg is you got there right before someone who really wanted it. As with Capiche. I've had a few names snatched from under my nose because I wanted to sleep on the decision to get it. In one case an hour or two "holding off" was the difference for me. Moral of the story is if you find a good name, get it quick...

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I am sure there are many HostGator names which have potential.Please we don't have to give up...

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I think it's possible..

I reg brand new and sold for 450euro.

Now I have several offers for.

- HostGator not even two months old but I wait for about week and the price is for sure xxxx..

We must read and keep inform and success will come..

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