Is my web cam streaming video? Is it even working?

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Got a quick question: Is my web cam streaming video? Is it even working? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Sedo is showing the sale of for 15K. I remember awhile back that the HostGator is owned by a fellow NPer. Congrats!..

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Great sale.

Congratulations zendiz.


Good luck Grrilla.

Very good advice Badger.


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Very Nice Sale. Congrats Zendiz..

Keep us posted Grrilla...

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Id have to say I'm rather jealous but congratulations to you mate! Enjoy all that dosh..

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If it is not legal to gamble, how can the owner make money from it?..

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What a great domain!.

I know that a fellow NP'er was the original owner...

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Nice... but does the end user know Casino is banned in Hong Kong?.

THere is one and only one legit gambling corp. (not corp actually but a 'charity') in Hong Kong......

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Great work Zendiz! A good keyword in any extention sells increibly well...

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Wow Kidos to you on the sale! it's kind of like winning the lottery eh..

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Hi everyone, I see it on sale again at Afternic? Current bid is $888. I am wondering if it is a resale or if it did not go through at Sedo, even though Sedo reported it as a sale. Hopefully, Zendiz can enlighten us on the situation...

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Was that a record that heard that just went s-c-r-a-t-c-h?..

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To the best of my knowledge Sedo do not post as sold until funds have been received/ dispursed..

I would think it was also listed at Afternic and not removed post sale and somebody is just trying it on.


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Just saw today on Afternic that sold again, but this time for 20K!..

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Was it sold to an end-user or a reseller again? any idea?..

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End user? There is no casino in Hong Kong...

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I believe casinos are popular in Macao, which is close to HongKong & gambling is legal. And, ppl go there often for gambling, from HK....

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Gambling may be illegal in Hong Kong...but not on the's worldwide!.

This gives me hope for my

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It is certainly legal to gamble in HK, but gambling is controlled. The establishment club in HK is the HK Jockey Club. The purchase of the HostGator is a calculated gamble in itself that casino gambling will be legalised in the not too distant future. There is the pressure to compete with Macao and the likely legalisation of casinos in Singapore. Where serious money is involved HK does not like to miss out on the action partic if it is rolling in on it's own doorstep. The price of $15k is a discount on the risk of it not happening. Once it does, the HostGator name becomes gold-plated...

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Hong kong will have a casino soon. they are looking at it now. but macau is where the real KA-CHING is. do your research guys macau/cotai.


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Congrats on the sale, was the $20k sale a reseller? If so, a nice way to make a quick $5k..

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It's not true. As said Macau is near Hong Kong and it's a city with gambling as the main economic activity. Hong Kong is no way to compete with Macau by introducing casino. HK Jockey Club only do horse racing, mark six (a kind of lottery) and football bet, no poker or dice or wheel things. It's a good example that the HostGator value comes from people expectation...

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It is quite an interesting phenomena, people buying a domain, three times! that could be be taken away for non compliance..

There are Casino.blah domains that are from legalised gambling areas/countries that are not getting a sniff - strange...

Comment #22 and made the news on a cover story in Macau Business magazine. check out the link.


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First of all congratulations!!!.

Nice sale..

I have domain.


And getting some good offers at sedo. The last offer I got was about $3500, but I am still holding to it..


I hope that it would go around $10K. (CG extention is very unique as it can fits very well for "Casino Games" or "Casino Computer Games" as in full domain..

Once again congrats for a good sale and thank you as your thread almost saved me from selling Casino.CG for $3500...

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Thanks for your referrence!.

I have.

, I hope it's price is great like you!..

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Yeh,Good luck for your

Make an excellent sale!!!!!..

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