Is there a way to adjust Windows Medifast menu slide-out timings?

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My first question is Is there a way to adjust Windows Medifast menu slide-out timings? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. Hey all, it's me your friendly pain in the butt!.

I'm a little bit blah today and.


Someone can shed some light. Had.


Last 1/11. While in the hospital my blood sugars were high initially but eventually dropped into the 80's and 90's. Once I returned home the numbers have been.


108, 125, 134, 142. I'm not eating (very strict post-op Medifast diet requested by surgeon). The craziest thing I've eaten was 1 bowl of tomato soup - but that was today so I don't consider that the problem. My Medifast diet has consisted of of WATER, some broth, a protein drink or two (which does have some sugar in it) and sugar free jello. I know the body releases glycol or glycogen (don't remember which) when hungry but this is scaring me. The principal reason I chose this.


Was to get rid of my diabetes and I understand there is no guarantee....but still..

Any words of.


? Did anyone else experience this? Let me have all become my encyclopedia :-).

Xox Tamara..

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You betcha! although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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You will find improvement, if not a "cure" of your diabetes over time, with staying on the low carb way of living, and with this.


As a boost. It is not only not surprising, but expected, in some cases, that you'd have the very reaction...higher numbers once home....because you AREN"T eatingYour body thinks you need a release of insulin, and when it does that, up go the numbers. Over time it will regulate. You may also be put back on some meds you were on previously to.


, by your surgeon for a little while. In some cases, one remains on a low dose, but I don't know of anyone who isn't eventually off most if not all medications and insulin shots..

So, first, be patient, change won't happen overnight. May take several months to see lower blood sugar numbers. But keep doing what you know to do..

Second, you can always call the surgeon's office, or the health center you are working with, and share your concern. You wouldn't be the first to have questions, be frustrated etc. All normal, but you will be amazed in a short time how you have been helped..


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P.S. Forgot to add in my own case, I was NOT on insulin, but 2 tablets 3 times a day. I went off a week before.


, per the surgeon, and was never put back on. I saw my endocrinologist at about 6-8 weeks post op, and he couldn't believe how well I was doing. So give it some time..


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I am on insulin for diabetes and still take it. I had my.


On 1/12, they then cut my long lasting insulin units in half (from 80 units to 40 units)and then I use my other insulin for correction if needed. So far it is working. I am hoping as I.

Lose weight.

I will be able to reduce the amount of insulin and maybe (fingers crossed) get off completely. Your body is just in a tizzy right now - you may need to have some meds for a while to get you through, some of us aren't so luck to get off the diabetes meds right away...

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Ladies...thank you for the replies. They really help alot. I have appts next week with both my surgeon (post op) and my primary. I will address these issues with them. I was so happy when they sent me home w/o meds but if I have to go on the pills again so be it...

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I was told that my sugars would run a little high for 2-3 weeks after.


Because it is part of the body's reaction to damage (which.


Is really) and not eating. Before.


Mine sometimes ran slightly high on days I was sick and I did some.


And found this was pretty normal. Again, our body reacting to stress and damage. Don't panic yet. I am now 5 months out, off all my diabetes meds, and my last HbA1C was 5.6. Give your body a little time to heal...

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Oh, also meant to say that my surgeon said he preferred to let them be a little high for that time period, because if we medicated and I went too low I would need sugar to raise it and that would cause dumping. He felt 2-3 weeks of higher than normal sugars were acceptable, so I actually went home from the hospital NOT on my diabetes meds...

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I am 6 weeks out and still on all my diabetes meds. I was a little bummed but my surgeon said sometimes it happens. my sugar was.


In the high 200s and low 300s for about 3 weeks..then started coming down. the past 10 days or so it's been in the low 100s and even some high 90s..i know it will come to the point that I wont need them..just waiting for the time to come..but with them coming down it's making me nervous I may hit some lows..i see my pcp and my surgeon both next thurs for my 6 week check...just stay positive! blessings to you!..

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Hi Tamara sweets,.

Diabetes has probably been with you for some time and it will tkae a little time to get them to normal or near normal readings..

Some remain on meds, perhaps half what they did before.


Some completly off.....

Your regular blood test at 3, 6 and 12 months will show the decline... and it will....

Cholesterol and Blood pressure normally falls first so it's well worth checking that too.....

You will be in control of your diabetes in time, but as everything else, it will be different for all....

I was recommended at my 3 month check up to return to half my.


, which I declined. I am happy with the turn of events and as have said before, my mentality always was, Im taking tablets for that so I am fixed... which your not....

Please dont be impatient, things will start moving.... sugars will drop as you progress, just concentrate on the GBS rules and you will see the results over time.....

Wish you well.

Buzz xx..

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You have all made me feel so much better. I am certainly more assured. It was sooo exciting to see my blood sugars in the 80s and 90s but I'm confident I will see them again. My bp has always been fabulous so just.

Going to work.

On my cholesterol and diabetes..

Thanks to all.

Xoxox Tamara..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.