Is there a way to expand Medifast menus in the windows 7 taskbar?

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First question I got is Is there a way to expand Medifast menus in the windows 7 taskbar? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... Well where to start ...... I got some bat wings going on ....not so cute and upper leg skin again not so cute....please don't tell me i'm alone with this what's every one eles doing ?

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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I've got the same thing going on. Just trying to cover it up for now. It is to be expected if you are older because of the loss of elasticity of the skin as we age. According to sources,.


Is the only way to get rid of it. But that is costly. How do others cope?..

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I hear you loud and clear. Callie mentioned a cream.......I think it's Niveau Firming Cream, and I think she said she bought it at Walmart. I'm gonna look for it tomorrow..

I think she put pictures on her profile.....I'll have to look..

She said it really helped with her batwings and some on her thighs...

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Don't go sleeveless! Lol!.

That's my new rule! It doesn't really get in my way anyway cuz I freeze everyday all year long! I think last summer there were 3 days where it was warm enough for me to go outside with just a short sleeved shirt on, so keeping sleeves over my "bat wings" wont be a struggle!.

As for the others like the "waddle" under the chin, or the new wrinkles that show up. Hang in there! they will fill back in when everything settles again, tho it will take a year or so for it to happen. Until then, I found anti wrinkle creams did seem to help..

I doubt I will every have the finances to get plastics done so I will just deal with some of these issues. I will get my panni done but that will be covered by my medical ins..

I won't be struggling with the extra skin, I am 44 and have no business showing that much of me anyway! Lol! I'm letting my wardrobe handle the stress. ;).

Sunshine and Wishes!.


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I was just having this.


With a friend. I had to get some new bras and my skin hangs over the side of my bra....not very flattering but I just wear sweaters that don't show the skin...

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I saw this post and thought Callie has the

She posted something a little while ago and has some pictures in her gallery of some of the creams she uses....

Even in her absence she is a mind of information......

I'm just waiting for my moobs (man boobs)to go saggy so I look like a urangutang.....


Might have to change my profile to Clyde and post a picture of the urangutang from Every which way but loose......

Sorry for the humour and.


You find some solutiions...

Love ya even with bingo wings and flappy thighs... I love loose and dangling bits but keep them hidden cos I am actually quite shy.....

Have a good day.

Buzz xxx..

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Buzz is fibbin...he keeps the danglin bits hiddin cause they dont' show well in his dresses...not cause he's shy...LOL.

I use a firming cream on my face/neck. arms legs and tummy. I also do exercises focused on my trouble areas to improve the muscle tone...this doesn't necessarily help with the skin...but when/if I can afford.

Surgery. should look much better. That being said...What started out as huge wings has shrunk some as time passes......

Keep your skin moisturized to allow it to be able to use it's natural elasticity to go back as much as it can..

Best of luck!!.


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Ladies and Gents (Buzz in particular),.

I am a firm (no pun intended) believer in regular.


And go once a month to relieve neck/shoulder tension. When losing weight many moons ago I also noticed that the benefit of regular.


(deep tissue or swedish) is that it keeps the skin from getting too saggy..

I also went for one of those body wrap things where they rub you with salt and all sorts of stuff and wrap you up in tin foil like a turkey til you are baked (actually quite funny). And that makes your skin FEEL soooo lovely and soft..

But the.


Is the trick when losing weight - it also helps to stimulate the lymph system and gets toxins out of your body..

But age is the big pre-determiner and once you lose that collagen elasticity thingie the skin she don't bounce back like she used to..

I'm keeping up with the massages so will keep you posted..



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I think I am turning into a flying squirrel seeing how I got leg and arm flaps lol.

The place I have had the worse trouble is the belly my poor belly was huge I keep it covered with cloths and with the excess I got on the belly there will be no way of me in a bikini lol.

But it's my battle scar I kinda wanna keep it unless my tummy keeps giving issues which it prob will but it will always be my reminder of what I was and it will help me keep going.

The skin is far from atractive but it will be my way of a personal reminder to be carful of what and how I eat and to know Medifast food is not the answer to emotions..

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HI Allnewme!.

I have the same things going on. I am using the Nivea cream and hoping for good results. I wish I had measured when I started using, I might be seeing some results, but subtle. I am doing fine because it is winter, but usually spend lots of time at the pool, not sure how that is going to go, I guess I'll get a wetsuit! :~).

Take care.


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