Is there a way to remove free iPage advertising on the side?

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First question I have is Is there a way to remove free iPage advertising on the side? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: This HostGator name was registered in 2003 and has been a holding page ever since. We have been in business since 2001 and would like to buy the .com but the guy has said that if we want it we can have it for 1500, is there anything we can do to get this HostGator for free or at the price is was brought for from the off?..

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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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It seems like you don't have a TM (perhaps I'm wrong) 1) If you don't have a TM, you're SOL, and will have to negotiate...1500 isn't too steep 2) If you have a TM, send a C&D to open up (legal) dialogue..

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It will cost more than $1,500 to prise it out of their hands. If you are serious about doing business on the HostGator then you should just buy it..

$1,500 is not a lot...

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C+D would probably be your best bet, but if you really want the HostGator name back, you're probably going to have to get a lawyer and fight for it..

Here are some.

HostGator name decisions from WIPO.



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Some of the complaints are pretty outrageous. Deutsche Post tried to steal from it's owner by filing a complaint claiming that it infringed their trademark. Fortunately they failed, but unfortunately were found innocent of reverse hijacking......

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Rotten situation, but it's a lack of care to let a valueable HostGator name expire (valueable to you, anyway). If 1500 is affordable pay it and take your lesson. If it isnt - make a lowball counter and inform them that youll never be willing to pay more than $250 or you'll just go and reg a different name. (thats what I would do). They may come back with $500 - which is reasonable for a business...

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It is cheaper just to buy that domain..

You could have done better if I did not contact him yourself. You could have asked a friend of yours to get it pretending he did not have too much interests in it...

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As many people said, it's not worth fighting imho..

Get someone outside your company (that you can trust of course) and counter at 300 pounds. i'm guessing the guy who owns will sell it to you for 1000 pounds. make sure someone representing you know how to handle this transaction to minimize the risk of getting ripped off (perhaps use

Good luck!..

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GBP 1,500 ~ US $2,820..

Be glad it's not owned by one of the 'notorious' HostGator holders otherwise it might cost you one of you kidneys - if they choose to sell...

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What a coincidence..

I'm in kind of similiar situation but i'm in the other end..

My advice is just pay the 1500 or try to negotiate for 1000.All depends on your financial capabilities..

If you don't have TM then you should be thanking the Lord for asking price..


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Agreed. If you have a TM, throw some legal muscle at the guy. If you don't have a TM, buy the HostGator for that price and consider yourself lucky...

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Thanks for sharing that side, sker..

Nothing like 2 parties on "opposite" sides giving perspectives on how to handle.

This situation...

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If C and D wont work and your company name doesnt have a TM, then try asking a smaller amount, maybe 1000..

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Try to negotiate it down to $1000 USD. Obviosuly if you have a TM, come up with a good approach to try and take the HostGator for free or for reg fee. Otherwise you have no choice but to settle for cash...

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The asking price is not that high (concidered for a company & possible leagal cost implications)..

But depending on what you are willed to pay for, you MAY give it another negociation try ? .

Something like ... -20% ?) ... he might agree (depends on prev communications)..

If not....

Hell him something like: OK, but seller bears escrow fees.

Or just....

Good Luck..

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Or you can hire an experienced HostGator buyer help you to negotiate with them..

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Neg. to 1/3 of that figure (most probably workable since that figure is his initial quote), and buy it from him.

Just mho..

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All these folks throwing C&D letters around.

If the guy thinks he has a right to the HostGator (and how many people admit they are in the wrong???) then a C&D will P!$$ him off and the price may soar, if he will sell it to you at all. Negoitiate or find an alternative name, he has priced his name at the cost of litigation minus the stress and chance of losing and getting nothing...

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Isn't a C&D letter an American thing? Is the a British version called something else?.

I'll see if it is a TM we have and go from there...

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And OP waited 5 yrs before wanting the HostGator and stepping forward....

I doubt OP has a TM (or common law rights) to the business name. He would have known he had a TM (it's not something you don't know about), and would not be here seeking advice - but would have already contacted his IP lawyer who helped with the TM reg..

In poker, the other guy should call your bluff...

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Thx for the point..

I would strictly recommend to go for the buy-out if he hasn't got the TM...

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If it's a name as I noticed your talking in pounds then contact nominet and if your a limited company then give them your company number and they will get the name for you.. or they will talk to the owner about the rules of henching names..

It is against the law in the uk now for anyone to register a name and hold it while a limited company which was registered before the said name and try and hold it from them or get them to buy it..

I iam a UK registrar and some of our clients had this problem everyone that could prove they were an established LTD company before the name was registered got their name..

If it's a .com or other tld then your have to abide by other country law and the only option I see really if your not TM is to buy it or at least try and get it lowered...

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If you bothered reading the bit "...would like to buy the .com" you would have saved yourself an irrelevant post..

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According to the boss man it isn't a TM, it's been handed over to someone else now...

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LoL, with all the expert opinions, I will not say more. If I were you, I would just negotiate for a lower price..

Believe me, going to court isn't pleasant. I rather spend that time for some fun...

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Some people would rather spend the money on lawyers and such rather than negotiate (and towards the cost of the domain)..

Oh wait, but "it's our domain"...after waiting 5 years to step forward and not getting it from 2001 to 2003...

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