Is there a website or something where someone plans out a full Medifast menu for me?

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My 1st question is: Is there a website or something where someone plans out a full Medifast menu for me? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Yesterday I had to go to my ALS Clinic for my 6 month check up ( I've been honest about my PLS, which is a neuro-muscular disease), that I have told some about..

Anyway, I don't walk very good at all, my left leg is basically very weak and I have to throw it to walk or drag it..



Was that after losint 95 lbs. that PT would be able to show me some exercises or strentgh building things to do, so that maybe I could rebuild some use, even if just a ultimately walk better..

After a full evaluation on my legs we found my right leg is strong, which I already knew, left leg only scored a 1........which is the weakest you can get, before well........nothing..

So, there isn't anything I can do to increase or help it along..

Now I have to go back in March and they are gonna have a.


Made for me, that goes from under the foot, up the back of my leg to my thigh, and then it will of course have straps to be tightened..

They are hoping that with the.


That I will be able to walk a bit easier, because my knee won't pop forward and it might take some of the pressure and pain off my low back and hip. Although it might only be a couple of years, with any.


That I will stay mobile..

I'm praying for more than a couple years..

On the Great Day side........they all loved how I looked, my hair style was a big hit.........even my Neurologist said I looked like a New Woman and I should be so proud of myself, because he was proud of me. Of course now that can't wait to see me in July, saying they won't recognize me..

So the great part of my day was a great self esteem motivator, I felt great with them gushing over me........the bad part of my day was knowing that.........there's no fixing this, and that I might only be self mobile for a few years more. Then my biggest fear is, how much weight will accumulate when I can't walk anymore.........did I do this for nothing..

Sorry to be a bummer...........just have to get my feelings out, I don't want to hold in my fears and problems's not healthy for me..

Thanks for.




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The answer is Yes, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Thank you so much Andy.........where would this group be without you. You always know just the right thing to say to melt our hearts, and keep us smiling and happy too............Your a Godsend..

I'm trying to stay up, I've been down, and I don't like it there. It will take a few days, but I'll get through it. It's just very dissapointing hearing that news..

Your right though, I am focused and I won't give in........I'm staying upright for as long as I possibly can, and then some. I'm not putting the "IT" in Quit..

Thanks for your kind words........I appreiate it..

Much Love,.


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Kelly I was so sorry to hear about your ailment....I will keep you in my prayers for God can change anything for the good if you have the.


And it sounds like you do...Sometimes we go through trials to keep us strong Honey! You sound like a fabulous person and I personally will pray the God carries you through this rough period. You are NOT losing this weight in vain ok? It is meant to be whatever happens and it sounds like you are the type of person that knows how to live through their adversity! I am here for you....I have Psoriatic arthritis which is super painful and your joints dissentigrate....I am going to see a specialist on the 26th of this month so keep me in your prayers too ok? :).

WE can get through this.....have a super weekend!.

Take Care Sweetheart!.


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Kelly! I'm so sorry that you didn't have a better outcome. They are always coming up with new things though, every day, and maybe in a year they'll have something new for you. Here's to hoping. My first husband had a very rare genetic disease. When I first met him they only talked about an enzyme replacement therapy cure nothing had been done. Now he and his whole family get this enzyme every 2 weeks and it has helped immensely.

And what Andy said goes a long way. You are a very kind person. Those people always win in the end. :).



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Karla and Heidi..........Thanks........what more can I say. I appreciate the comforting and kind words..

I will get through this, it's just very disheartening to hear, but I'm strong and will always come out on top. It may take a few days or even a couple of weeks, but I'll get there..

Yes Karla, I will pray for you, and I understand the living in pain, it's just awful. My pain started in 2005, and no matter what they try, it never works. As long as I stay in the bearable range, I can get through, it's those days it's above, that I tend to just drug up and.



PLS is a very rare degenerative neuro-muscular disease, with less than 1000 people worldwide..

So this GBS isn't the only exclusive group I'm in........LOL. See.....I'll be fine..

Thanks again,.


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Ditto to what every one said!! you're a great person and please stay positive and "up".... as Heidi (my sister) said, they are always coming up with new things. So you didnt do this all for nothing... You've come a long way.... things in our life happen for a reason... I truely believe that....

Stay strong... Vent as much as you want here - we're all here for you!!!.



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So sorry to hear things didn't go the way you might have liked but always remember that like you say your a strong person and perhaps down the road they will come up with something to help you. I take care of a woman with MS she is a wonderful person .. when I started with her she was wearing only one.


But now she's wearing both .. but she is still.


With the aid of a walker and me standing behind her to keep her balance.. always remember it could always be worce.. May God be with you and I surley will keep you in my prayers. Stay Strong ..

Linda :)..

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