Is there any service of google like iPage of

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First question I have is Is there any service of google like iPage of Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: To say .cc has greater value than .us could only come from soneone owning domains guess whatever you need to tell yourself..

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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I can definately see where the thread starter is coming from though..

Especially on media advertisement, companies don't always pick up the big domains to advertise their promotions now and often choose HostGator extensions such as .tv to advertise. I think that while .com is always going to be the most valuable, it won't "die", other extensions are likely to become much more recognisable..

In 5 years time, I could definately see domains like .tv becoming increasingly recognisable as companies snap them up to use on TV advertising campaigns. I really don't think it's a time for worry, I feel the next 5 years or so could initiate a huge jump in the value of certain HostGator extensions as companies are forced to move away for .com for their advertisement...

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I remember the introduction of VRML a LONG time ago, and I was rather saddened that it never really went anywhere. I could understand the constraints at the time, due to everyone using dialup, but times have changed... I think the only future creation that could make HostGator names meaningless would be advanced virtual reality browsing... Obviously, there'd still be a need for unique identifiers, but I think they'd be handled differently than the current HostGator system..

I doubt I'll see that in my lifetime though, which is sad, because I really want to..

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Yes, 300 million of course..

I too can believe a new system coming. Just because we cannot imagine it now, does not mean it will not come. And when it does, the current HostGator wealth will be destroyed. Don't get me worng, I'm one of the ones who'll lose out as well as I can't stop buying domains. It will be sudden, depreciation will be quick, as everyone tries to sell out through the bust phase from denial to depression..

Someone in another recent post said he thought it would take Virtual Reality to change the system, and that we would not see that in our lifetimes. I don't know about VR being the answerthat's just an interface. But as far as the "not in my lifetime" is concerned, those who believe that must think differently. Technology advnaces exponentially. I don't remember the exact number of years, but it's something like every seven years that the rate of technological advancement doubles (not tlaking about Moores Law). In the next 100 years, you will not see 100 years of technilogical advancement, you will see 20,000 of "today's" years of technical advancement.

Ray Kurzweil has charted this in his fantastic book called "The Singularity is Near." His previous works include "The Age of Spiritual Machines". Singularity is a must-read for anyone intrested in the future of technology, from robotics, to virutal reality to nanotechnology. (Kurzweil invented Voice Recognition, among many other things)..

You cannot judge the next decade's advances by the rate of this decades advancements. Changes will come as an accelerating pace that will blow our minds..

That is, if we're all too whimpy to fight being forced to bow to the east three times a day, and end up back in the stone age. But don't get me started...

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I'm not going to quote all of that, but I agree with you and I understand how the advancement of technology works. I just don't think there is enough serious interest in Virtual Reality for it to make any major advances any time soon. In today's world of technology, VR is seen in much the same way as an adult views a child saying that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Sure he might want to, every kid says that, but the vast majority of people grow up and focus on more practical professions, so it doesn't really hold any credence. It's basically a childhood fantasy... And I believe as long as the industry continues viewing it as such and focusing on more practical applications of technology, it doesn't acquire the same advancement rate as other technologies.

But in the same vein, if you look at the history of the rate of technological advances and compare it to the history of the rate of VR advances, you'll find that VR lags considerably....

But generally speaking, I believe it will take the introduction of a technology which can not be met by the current system of internet routing, before a need will arise to create anew and have the wide-spread support to implement it. What that technology will be, I have no idea...

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VR is in it's infancy. Just as the PC was in the 80's. The PC needed more hardware advances to progress to acomdate the applications. They came slowly at first, then, exponential parabolic graphs show, things changed faster then people could have imagined. I remember in the mod-late 80's laying out a magazine that I published in a rudimentary WYIWYG on a nothing of a pc. Ten years after that, my designers were doing previously unimaginable things with Quark and PhotoShop and the like.

I remember making my first web iPage site in 1995. Couldn't do much of anything. Now you have where people live virtual second lives complete with it's own economy. You have people playing Hi Def games with VR glass on and VR gloves. All we need to do now is go from 2 dimensions to 3. It's on it's way.

Only now technology has accelerated to many, many times faster than before. The pieces are in place. The base of science to build upon is vastly larger. It will be here sooner than you think..

It's been fun, but I'm getting the thread off topic and I apologize. I just ask that you read The Singularity is Near. I promise you'll enjoy it. If you do not, I will paypal you a refund. I promise that publicly here..

Change will come someday to the way web sites are addressed, but who know when. I do know it has nothing to do with virtual realitythat's just an interface...

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I am a strong believer that the web WILL make the jump to a virtual world type of interface at some point in the future. My way of thinking made a 360 after I signed up and became familiar with SL over 2-3 days. For a short while after each in-world experience (5 minutes or so), I actually felt something I've never experienced before. It was like virtual vertigo, I actually had some slight mental difficulty when I went back to typical browsing. My brain wanted the web to function like Second Life!.

If they would only develop functional web browsing in-world, it would be an incredible upgrade! One could pretty much stay in SL, much like a lot of people stay on MySpace. The basic structure is there and primed for rapid improvement and growth if this ever becomes a reality...

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Agreed, the web will br VR. But the issue at had is, will the "address" of SL still be, or will we address it in some other way? That's the question for HostGator owners, long term even before VR..

Things change all the time. It's amazing actually, that the current way of addressing sites has lasted this long. I have no evidence, but I feel something else will come out of nowhere, as do many technologies, and at some point make the HostGator names we now hold irrelvent, or at least less valuable. Is that enough to change my investing now? Not quite yet, but I'm definitely not going to get overexposed, like buying a name for $200,000 for the long haul. If it's got a real business behind the name, then that's fine, that will transition with whatever new addressing conventions come forward..

Things change, and booms bust. No matter what it is we are talking about...

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Well, SecondLife is basically just an online game, like any of the other MMORPGs available on the market. Granted, it takes a completely new approach to the MMORPG style and is pretty damn cool, it is not a new concept. Like I said before, VRML was around like 8-9 years ago? and it offered basically the same thing, except it was cooler because you could actually access it through normal browsing using a special plugin. You didn't have to download a huge file and you weren't restricted to one specific world. In theory, people could have created their own VRML worlds (websites), and had them linked together, expanding on the concepts of text links and shared content to create a huge network of virtual worlds. We COULD all be exploring the Internet in a 2d virtual world already (ok, well technically we are, but you know what I mean)..

Instead of pouring research into expanding VRML, it basically died overnight..

So SecondLife comes along, and it is cool, I won't deny that, but it's not designed to support a net-wide infusion of virtual worlds. It's owned and operated by a single company for the purpose of making money. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not meant to revolutionize the web, it's meant to revolutionize the developer's wallets.

Personally, I think they could have made a lot more money and made a huge impact on the Net, if they had established the technology, but instead of selling normal subscriptions to their service, basically created an ICANN like officiating body that promoted independent development of virtual world sites that could all be linked together, essentially creating an entirely new web... This is what VRML was supposed to do and I believe it will be done eventually and it will revolutionize the web..

If I had millions of dollars to invest a company that would create this new web, I would..

Anything that comes will have to come hard and fast in order to bypass the current status quo mindset of ICANN and the US government. The US government controls the root files, they essentially are God of the Internet and this is a powerful information warfare asset that they will never willing give up. I know people usually think of the government as being clumsy and full of red-tape, but you can be sure that they recruit some of the best computer minds in the world in order to know what new technologies are being created and whether they pose a threat to their control. May sound like conspiracy theory, but I'd stake my life on it...

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Singularity: For those not familiar with this term:.


I also apologize for getting OT..


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.com will be around, we all will die first. fleshas cute avatar..

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