Is there anyone know about whether Hostgator is better than iPage?

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My question is Is there anyone know about whether Hostgator is better than iPage? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. I own (purchased from an Nper) and I got this email today..

Hi John,.

<(Who's John?).

I am writing to inform you mlbnews.NET is expiring and may be released to the public within the next few days..

There is a good chance that there will be several interested parties attempting to capture this HostGator when it is released, these will vary from parties with a genuine interest to HostGator name speculators otherwise known as cyber squatters who often put large price tags on such domains..

We are HostGator acquisition specialists and I felt that as the /img/avatar8.jpg of you would have a much more genuine interest in acquiring mlbnews.NET..

If you would like us to try and acquire this HostGator on your behalf then please let me know by 12th April 2007..

< (Why this Date? It Expired April 6th 2007).

This is a genuine service and we do not charge any money upfront. If you receive emails from any other companies claiming to own the HostGator before 13th April 2007, please do not send them any money..

If you would like our help to acquire the HostGator for you as it expires then please reply by email or contact me on the numbers below..

Kind Regards.

Stephanie van der Westhuizen.

Tripod UK Ltd.

UK +44 (0) 870 808 0073.

USA +1 310 601 8248.

(If they would of checked out my email address, they would of seen that I am a Domainer)..

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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I had this letter before, I told them I wanted it even though I didnt just so they'd 'acquire' it for me, then I just never replied so they wasted there reg fee lol..

Thatll teach me! (it wont but it still felt good.


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Webnamesolutions has been operating in a similar fashion..

First thing is to check if the name is not available actually, anyway you can place backorders with pool & snap without their help..

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I got also this email for a expiring soon .com where I have .info..

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Even if not a true scam in the sense of bilking people out of money and not giving them anything for it, they do prey on those who don't know how the industry works and don't know that they can probably get the name themselves without their help..

It's kind of clever, in that I saw an offer to get a name similar to one I already had. It did get my attention. However, as a person knowing how things work, I looked at the whois and found it already deleted. I felt like registering under another name and then asking them to get it for me to see how they'd respond. I don't know if they'd try to register and say it wasn't available when they failed; or try to negotiate with me as the buyer and seller not knowing I was both at that point..

Their iPage website says.

"On average we are able to secure over 70% of the domains that we target.".

I don't think even snap or pool can say that with their dozens of registrars working for their captures. I wonder if that's because the names they target are already deleted and had no backorders on them?..

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This scam usually involves people "tasting" domains and then dropping them if no one bites. The email gives you a cut off date because if they do not hear from you, the HostGator is dropped. The only cost is losing the ICANN fee $.22 and a few seconds sending out an email...

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I keep getting letters from HostGator registry of America - renewal reminders asking me to transfer & renew with them - Pests !.

Anyone else get these ? .


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The post office has to love these guys... I would say I get at least one or two of these letters a month. Just more junk mail that I shred without opening...

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Did anyone report this email..

These guys should be stopped!!..

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Who are you going to report it to? While they may be an ethical issue here, what are they doing that is illegal?..

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Lets start with the fact it is SPAM..

In holland you can report it to the govt. by the website:.


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As far as I know, the only recourse you have against spammers in the USA is to sue their arses, contact their ISP, or contact their registrar. I do not believe the government will do anything for you regarding spammers...

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A 5 second goolgle search:.



< I think this is the govt site?..

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I wouldn't hold my breath on the FTC going after any small to mid size spammer. Take a look at a company like PP or Ebay and they can't even go after all of the people that phish with their company's logo...

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But, the only way to handle these people is to show that action will be taken..

He in holland every spammer (big or small, sms or email, etc...).

They will be investigated..

But, the only way the govt (or agency) can do there work is by us submitting.

Them with the right information. (and as much information as possible).

So, I think that only if we submit the spam complaints... the spam.

Problem can be handled...

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I'm glad to hear the Netherlands goes after spammers; however, you obviously have more faith in the US government than I do.....

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So you wont report because you dont think it will be handled..

Thats the same as not reporting a crime because, you know the police is to busy..

I think that the govt (any govt) needs our input to deal the right way...

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