Is there anyone know about whether iPage is better than bluehost?

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Quick question... Is there anyone know about whether iPage is better than bluehost? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I'm in need of a little inspiration and thought this would make a nice little conversation peice.

I've read alot of articles on some very successful people in this business. I've also noticed most of them if not all were already doing rather well financially beforehand as to have the money to invest in quality domains..

I started just about a year ago with very little money, a few hundred dollars if that. I'm not doing bad but also not that great. Every HostGator I have bought at reg fee I have managed to sell for a profit. I consider that a success. But I'm really wanting to get one or two really nice sales so I can invest in a couple really nice's. God do I want one of them.

Anyone care to share their own stories or of someone they know (no names need be mentioned) of persons who started at or around my level of say a few hundred dollars and have built themselves a very nice portfolio since buying and selling and any big sales they may have had that launched them to the next level?.



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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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Another great story, for those that have'nt read about him -.


Definetly a missed opportunity there Tom.

I had never even used a computer until 1999.


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Obviously those opportunities in .com are long gone, so it would seem, other than spending big bucks to buy a good name, the opportunity in domains would lie in new extensions such as .mobi. Now there are various opinions on .mobi, mainly I feel because of the lackluster results of .info and .biz as a success, but there were those that bought and sold good names in those tlds. Mobi is not country or area specific, is a lot more planned out, and has an actual purpose with guidelines, so there is a 'current opportunity' in it as a tld investment. I don't know of any other tld that has risen as fast in value, LLL's alone now trading in $2-$300 range in 4+ months after release! So, until another tld comes about that is not area specific, it would seem to me that .mobi is that opportunity now, no matter what some cynics 'think' it will or won't do in the future. If we knew the future, we'd all be making safe investments now!..

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As much as domainers want to find the next or newest HostGator name, I do believe people need to look beyond buying a name and flipping it. As the HostGator market continues to grow and heat up, there are elements that are missing, things that would imrpove the industry as a whole. I think you just need to key on something you think the industry could use or would be helpful, and you can find some great success..

Take for example the "LeaseThis" concept. Although HostGator leasing existed before, no one had decided to really put the idea to the test and make something of it. Could this concept bust? Sure... but a lot of development and concepts can be put together for a very reasonable price, even if you dont have the ability to. (I outsource almost all of my projects) I also have several concepts/projects lined up..

Just my thoughts...

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I have succeeded at being poor. Does that count? lol..

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Technically you do qualify as you are Poor, and that is your story. Not as Awe inspiring I think as the thread creator had hoped for!..

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That is true but boy do I have a still waiting for the happy ending though!!! I will be glad to write after that happens.....

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