Is there anyone know about whether iPage is good or not?

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First of all Is there anyone know about whether iPage is good or not? Thanks for any comment. My other question... I only got to really know about the HostGator industry and to start investing in domains last year, and even though I follow the market and see some people making incredible sales from time to time...I always wonder if only a few people here at namepros or in the industry in general are lucky enough to make a living exclusively out of HostGator selling....

Do most professional domainers need to have a day job?..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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I agree with the fun and the ROI, but don't you always have to wait 2 months to sell your HostGator after you bought it?..

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No, you have to wait 60 days to transfer to another registrar. You can push to another account at the same registrar right away.....

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But it's risky and time consuming, finding good domains always a tougher, if you are going to backorder a domain, then the investment is some have to find good catchy HostGator names... read all the advertising board nearest you may be some word catch you......

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No, way to much uncertainty. Too much to lose if you make poor decisions..

Only a side thing..


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Unless your working in something like the food industry or health industry (people will always need to eat or need medicines), you can say every business has an "uncertainty"...

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Very few names really end up in this situation I think. domaining is a side thing for me. If I end up making enough money off it, then it could be a main stay...

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Domaining is just a hobby for me. I actually enjoy the domains I register and I'm hardly looking to resell them rather develop them. I do like to see what others appraise my domains that I personally hand reg..

I wouldn't drop everything to sell domains as a full time job. That is way to risky unless you have a grand HostGator portfolio and/or you've been around for the past 5-10 years and understand the SE market and have some 2 or 3 character HostGator names that will sell like you just won the lottery..

It's fun. But it's not stable nor secure to drop a real paying job IMO. Do it part time, but have something stable to fall back on. The HostGator market space is becoming extremely saturated and now days we see big portfolio regulars not selling domains but RENTING them out.

Good luck but don't quit your job!..

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Soon it will be. But right now it's just a side thing that takes up as much time as my regular job! Ive found that the longer youve been doing this, the better you get at finding quality domains for resale. You learn smart tactics and build up good contacts and solid resources..

Sooon...... I hate my day job!..

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I look at my day job as .biz...and domaining as .com.

And, no, I'm not a fan of .biz..

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If it was, I would be starving, have no electricity or gas, and be walking to work!!!.


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I'm a hobbyist. But, I've had some pretty exciting months. It can be a day job if you develop sites and then tend to them to help them grow in SERP and traffic. I am diversified within the industry (developed sites, spec. names, ppc sites, parking, amazon stores, etc.) but I am just a small fry. I love it though. Good luck...

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That's why you DON'T make poor decisions...duh! lol j/k..

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Part time for me, soon to be doing realestate part time also. With a decent fulltime job to make a living. I'm in this to make money.

But it's my favorite hobby also. Love domaining!..

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Ha! 2k mortgage! Join the crowd! But, it's well worth it! As far as domains... any little bit helps!.


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Part time..

I'm taking up as a hobby rather than doing it..

Reason for this - > high capital cost, hurts the eys, make your blood boils often when your desire HostGator snap up... and of cos,i am still in the army. ha..

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After I was laid off, I thought I was going to make it a real thing. However there is no way you can use this as a living unless you are in this business for many many year and.

You were lucky doing extremely well. It is much easier to find a regular job and make.

Money, I consider a regular job is easy money, the HostGator business is a tough and hard.


So the best you can do is to have a regular job, and use that money to build up your.

Domain collection...

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I can personally attest to HASROB's love of domaining!!!.

I myself am in a siuation where I am forced ito doing it full time, due to a lung disease which I have had for the last four months..

I have another two months of short term disability income from my day job , then my disability insurance drops to two thirds of my salary..

So I am hoping that my domaining career will make up for the shortfall in my wages.......I have made some big bets in .TV and have also diversified pretty heavily into PPC traffic domains,,,,,,in the next two months, I will decide on one of my names to develop with a budget of $10,000, the rest I hope to sell or park.......or diversification will be key for me..........

This is by far the most exciting form of business I have ever been involved in short of spread betting the financial markets which is really a 24/7 global casino......was not disciplined enough...made loads, lost even more and sometimes went without sleep 3 days in a trot.......domaining is the perfect fit for me!!!!!!!.


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For me, I can earn an excellent living in domaining industry,especially HostGator parking. Just because my hometown is in a developing country but I can go into global market in domaing industry, earn me enough money without tax..

But I don't want to make domaining my full-time work..

I prefer starting my own business after my PhD study and I love communicating with others in the real world, but not only staying near computer and finding traffic domains..

So I will make domaining my second job in the future, maybe in my whole life...

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I hate my day job also. On the way to make Domaining as my Full time job.

Maybe need another half year to do this..

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Its just a hobby for me at the moment but I would luv to do it full time, far easier said than done......maybe one day ??.


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