Is this a good offer?

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My 1st question is: Is this a good offer? Hoping for any response. My other question... There seem to be tons available that are very good, and the reason they're not taken is supposedly that the name must fit the extension. Then I see some obvious non-non-profit names selling for big bucks @ dnjournal. What's the truth?..

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can help better...

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Always happy to give them! I just hope they do someone some good, lol...

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I always tell people that .org is underrated. The anomaly you're describing with the high .org sales is one of those things where there's just been so many non-nonprofit names registered that even those are rising in value. Still, the truly great .org names are the names that one would provide an informational iPage site on. The .org gives it an nice feel for visitors, like it's a nonprofit merely there to help people, but you could have Adsense on there and make a bunch of money. I honestly think .org is better for informational sites than .info. 2 of my biggest sales, and, were .orgs...

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The only big problem with .org from a domaining point of view is that availability in areas that are really appropriate to the extension is much lower than with .info.


The price is much higher - that's a double whammy that knocks it out of contention if you have to decide which pool to focus on IMHO..

If we were to look at it from a webmaster's point of view, it's a whole different story of course...

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I agree with you 100 % Nametrader, when I cannot get a HostGator that is finance/loan related .org is always my second choice. I have followed sales from SEDO and Afternic in these areas and .org sales are more prevalent than .net and certainly .info..

Someone had a good article on how .org was more authoritative and relayed trust. I agree 100 %..

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In my mind .org is second best for many names after .com. I own more .orgs than .nets. A couple of my .orgs get more traffic than the same .com. Just registered works great with anything Linux related and the parking revenue for Linux traffic has been steadily improving...

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Great responses! I guess I'm still wondering - is a commercial or financial iPage site worth regging in .org? Under what circumstances?..

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It depends. Something like, probably not. A name that I got in the Traffic silent auction on the other hand,, would be an excellent .org (and sadly is taken in .org and .info :/). Anything generic I would say would be good with the .org, because you could explain what that term means and have links to places that provide loans (affiliate links of course, or adsense...whichever)...

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As a big .info fan ... this is not my thought.

I personally dont invest in .org .. right or wrong .. thats my view..

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Come on folks, suggesting .info is better then .org is quite ridiculous..

In THIS worldwide generation, there are SIX worldwide extentions (maybe 7) that the GENERAL public knows well: .com , .net , .org , .gov , .edu , .mil , & MAYBE .tv. They also probably know their residing country code..

The general public DOES NOT know about .info , .biz , & what not. Those are DOMAINER extentions, with a FEW public exceptions : (eg.

.ORG is SEVERELY underrated, end users control a HUGE portion of registrations (which is EXCELLENT).INFO is a domainers playground with a few end users here and there IMO...

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I must be out of the loop but what is .mil.


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Yes .mil. gets advertised a ton by good old uncle sam ( also etc)..

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I noticed the same trend you have while checking new regs...the red-headed-stepchild .org is too often all alone, unreg'd while other tld's (including .us & .biz) are taken....

I gave a few .orgs a home and I was glad to see that some are actually getting some type ins..

I give my vote to undervalued......

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I never noticed the iPage site being advertised as .mil. I always thought I saw those commercials showing .org or something...

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After .com, I have to say I think .net .org, and .info are all pretty much on a level field. Each has it's pluses and minuses where a name "fits" or doesn't. For some things I like org better, others I like .net or .info...

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What about the most of the are taken. Do they posses some value?..

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CCC.orgs are still quite many available to reg..

But CCC.infos are all taken up, and those that drop are hand regged immediately..

So .infos wins .orgs at the CCC challenge...

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.org is mostly use by organization more than thing else. So would not make any sense for anyone to have it...

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I really like .org, I think there are a lot of opportunities, and as someone else mentioned, .orgs are well represented in the sales charts..

I recently reg'd:.

I also got two .org's as part of a HostGator package in trade. I traded some IDNs for a package of ASCII's, including:.

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