Is this a match made in heaven?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Is this a match made in heaven? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... The Next Big Trend is 3G, ultra-broadband related...

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Yes sir! although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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I'm really getting tired of people repeating "stay generic" or "buy generic"... generic, generic, generic.....

Show me a Generic dot com that the average Joe can afford, a generic dot com that can be hand reg'd, ANY word in the Dictionary that is ever remotely generic and I will pay you TWICE what the asking price is!.

I absoultely agree that the best bet in owning a HostGator is the BEST BET in owning a domain... the problem is, all those domains are owned already and it is more likely that you will pry them from the cold dead hands of their owners rather than buy them from them for $x or $xx bucks..

Assume for a second that you CAN'T buy a generic dot common... and read the question of this post. Because it makes more sense..

What is the next Trend? In other words, since you can't play at the dot common slot machines, where CAN we play?.

What about keword combination domains?.

FOR EXAMPLE: Instead of what about "digital Cameras" or "new digital cameras" or "cheap digital cameras" or "compare digital cameras"?.

(I don't know if any of these are taken or not, if not, I'd like some credit please.


Would descriptive or common search terms be the second in line to generic dot common domains? Is it possible that the new focus, the new trend in the attempt to attract "natural" traffic would be to focus on and capture niche SEARCH traffic?.

Just a thought....


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Well.. all these were taken years ago.

I mean.. might not be taken now... but you can bet your ass it'll be taken in the next few years.

Problem is their are only so many words in the dictionary..

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I'm thinking maybe some iPage website will pick up on OJ Simpsons recent book, and maybe put it online, or possibly Kramers outbreak the other night in that club where he began using racist slander after being ticked off...

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Check your trend here:.


"Power leveling" is a growing trend for example..


As you can see, aside from the great robot invasion of 2005, "robots" is a waning trend..


Hope that helps...

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Are you fimiliar with OVT? Basically.. If there is any term that gets searched more than a few times a month, someone probably already owns it. I guess the best approach for people with little money (myself included) is to keep up on the latest developing technologies and such and try to reg keyword domains for these. The problem with that is there is always someone in-the-know... Meaning someone who has inside information and regs domains long before anyone else knows about it. People were talking about the OJ Simpson thing...

With whois privacy... So someone obviously had some inside information on that one, because no one else heard about the OJ thing until like a week or 2 ago..

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LOL! Yes... I'm familiar..

Have YOU been able to access OVT in say... the past 10 months? What a PITA!!!.

Check it right now... notta..

Are YOU familiar with Google's API? Write your own program to get search term relevance and numbers from within GOOGLE..

The numbers are FAR different than you imagine. People assume that OVT is just a "bit different" from Google's numbers. Some people say they differ only 10%, some say 25%... even at 50% you'd be pretty far off the numbers in some cases..

Yeah, API is the way to go... OVT is old news and really nothing more than a tool by which Domaineers attempt to DEVALUE a HostGator being sold by someone that doesn't know any better. A "bargain maker"..

Obviously, OVT gets my hackles up. LOL!!!.


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There are really alot of upcoming blogs !! but the thing is.... quality blogs are not that much around here......

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Generic will always win this war. Thats why I only buy them..

But I will tip the NP'ers off to 3 trends I spoke with Matt Bentley.

About that will become the next big things. You can choose to.






I have personally invested over $4500 this year in acquiring these new types of names, or others names to satisfy my greediness...

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Yes I agree with that .info mid 2007 and I think you might see the return of the .biz aswell mostly because most of the premium and very good 2 words in the popular extensions have gone...

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In terms of hardware: high definition TVs.

In terms of contents: still always "sex, politics and religion"..

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Macau is the next big thing, all those new casino's battling for customers, I want my share of thier gambling billions.

How much money are the new casino's going to spend on international marketing and promotion? the best,most cost effective way is via the internet and HostGator names..

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Oops, I see in this morning's news (local) that Rupert & Co have canned the project. Perhaps a "fan site"???..

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I think the next big think will be bin laden opening a forum..

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Interesting, not a single person responded .MOBI.

Yep, this is blatant troll-bait..

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The next big thing will be Parakey. It (or something very similar) will be the end to MySpace... mark my words...

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I agree with D'oh that Macau is the next big thing. no place else in the world that has that kind of potential. in fact, it's already the big thing because Macau's casino revenue has already exceeded Las Vegas this year...

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The next BIG thing is Dubai.

Tallest skyscraper, biggest mall by 2008, best and most luxurious hotels (two seven star hotels already), Dubailand (biggest luna park on earth, including jurassic park) etc...

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This Zuner(.net owner.

) failed miserably. But, to be fair, I have only once been able to sell a domain...

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Yes, and even answered it, just checked that it didnt go through though....

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Thanks... got your reply. In it for the long haul.


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Trends ? .

You (at least 95%) talk about trends that altredy are gone (in terms of domaineer), or nearly over (Space, Robots, etc..)..

I sell all my concidered "trend domains" about 2-3 years before the public eaven notice the trend..

So the only way is to think foreward..

Here are some examples that might help you to brainstorm..

(to get a idea how you might approach your quest for that Trend domain).

Example 1:.

- In 1890 average travel speed was 10kmh (horse).

- In 1940 it was 100 kmh (Car/Train).

- In 1999 1000kmh (Plane).

So next would be a arround 5000kmh - what will be used for it / how will we use it ? .

Example 2:.

- 1900 Black & White TV.

- 1960 Coulor TV.

- 1995 Internet and later the viral videos.

- 2003 Bandwith & Storage gets dirt cheap & Mobile buisiness takes off for masses.

- 2006 .mobi release.

- What/How will ppl take advantige of the mobile revolution, when it gets out of infancy ? .

> is a no brainer.

Think not only in mobile phones & PDAs, think about anything mobile .....

My "infotainment" domains went out last year at each with 4 digits, and the trend is still to come..

A new trend ??? Parakey ???? or better a new name for a system nobody was brave enough to touch so far > Now B. Ross does..

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Any chance casinos will one day open there ? .

They seem to be a future entertainment mecca...

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Oh I just remembered!, 3 dimentional tvs. (sorry for my spelling)..

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That reminds me about a browser that sun systems was trying to build, 3D. Its called something glass. I have no idea what happened to it...

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There are offshore casinos already. It is an islamic country (UAE) and still they serve alcohol, there are girls in bikinis and there are areas for prostitutes. It is not so hard to imagine that they will eventually have casinos in the emirates, not only on ships and private islands...

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I tried that after reading an article about Google's acquisition of JotSpot. Searched for, but apparently BuyDomains purchased it last year. I find it impossible to predict future technology, yet someone else always knows whats going on before me. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places to find out about things that are in the works. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

And by this I mean suggestions as to where to find out about things in the works.....

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It is too risky to predicate the future by purchasing possible names, I doubt the reward/price is high enough. It is better to buy a lotto...

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I disagree,....

With a little brain you get great results..

Asume E.g. 100 reg. names for 3 years = 2100 USD.

Just sell 1 for 2500 USD, and you are break eaven (and 99 names left)..

Sell more than 1 and you are set in terms of ROI & Profit (still 98 names left).

Better than any stock or lottery option..

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