I've a website:'ve an error page when I try to reach my a

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Question I have... I've a website:'ve an error page when I try to reach my a Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I'm very annoyed right now..

I just registered 4 domains through RegisterFly in the past couple days. I wanted to set up the free email forwarding using a catch all address. When it didn't work, I requested support and was told that I should "remember" that transfers, renewals, and new domains are not allowed to use the catch all. In other words, as soon as you renew a domain, it is now on the new system..

That would be fine if not for the blatant false advertising that is very specific about "20 new tools included" with the $9.99 register fee. It is pretty specific - "Email Catch all account" included. I know I could have saved money going elsewhere. I actually signed up here because of that..

I called in and they basically said, "yeah, we don't allow that." When I asked why it was on their page in black and white, they said "Yeah, we don't allow that." Gee, thanks. Great answer. The guy finally offered to refund the account and close the domains, but I worry about being able to register them again and waiting a week for my refund to my card - if I get it..

I'm done with them. I have 15 domains through them and as soon as I am able, I will be transferring all of them out. This is not teh first complete screw up they have made. I currently have THREE open tickets with support..

Any suggestions for a good registrar that has some free options with each registry (ie. small web page, email forwarding, online management, etc.) ???..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Be careful. If you piss them off by tellin ghtem the truth, they will cancel your account and take your domains away from you without giving your money back to you. Believe me, it happened to me. The only way to get your money back will be to dispute the charges with your credit card, if you purchased with a credit card, If not, you are SOL. But even if you get your money back, you will still lose your domains, of course...

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This forum is littered with members who have been "done" by RegFly..

Just wait 'til you can transfer them and do that. Save yourself a lot of grief....

Support there is poor at best....

I think the false advertising claim could come from the fact that they are actually claiming to provide "Support".


Best of Luck HD.


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You've been a member of Namepros long enough to know.

That Registerfly is no good. Didn't you notice all the.

Complaints from other Namepros members?.

I don't know why some people have to learn the hard way...

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Going slightly off-thread here, but how the hell can they 'steal' domains that people have paid for, just because someone challenges them..

They are not theirs to take away - they are just a middleman between ICANN and the buyer..

As Jaydub says, many have been screwed by Regfly, me included - so if enough of us were to petition ICANN, couldn't they do something to stop the bullying?..

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I would agree, it does not matter if somone has been"done" or not they are speaking from what they have delt with, maybe you have not been "done" by regfly but one day you will. They have to be in the top 3 regs off all time worst. Thats from a user that has been "DONE" and was told I would get my money back and never did, and no name because it was already reg`d. So I have heard all the BS, give it time, call them, email them, ect. it's now been 4 or 5 months and I gave up a long time ago. A lessoned learned and I wish I had seen post on regfly prior to my buyig so I could have known what I was getting into..

Those that have been :done" are just trying to help or advise that he is not the only one...

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Anyway, now you know never to use RegFly again... I'm sure they have so many complaints that this new one you are making isn't new, and actually I have a good feeling that the support team is told how to handle the situation... denying anything even if it's right up on the website..

I'd suggest Domainsite, I haven't had a single problem with them to date and the Real-time DNS that they advertise is genuine. All my domains have updated their DNS within an hour, so I could instantly set them up with my iPage hosting account (my .infos set up within 30 secs)...

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Welcome to the club. I had about 750 domains with them in the spring. Their system screwed up and they refused to fix it. I'm now down to the less than 20 or so to be transferred out...

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Wow, thank god I have never regged with them. From what I have read on these forums they are the most hated registrar of them all. You all should just go to my website.

And register your domains there!!!.

J/k, I know that will never happen..

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...I have noticed that there is a routine here as regular as the tide coming in and then going out...first there is an announcement of a special offer by Flyspray offering domains for next to nothing...the noseless bargain hunters all pile in, then a little while later the complaints flow in until there is a cacaphony of Flyburger is the worst in the Milky Way etc..and lo and behold a new offer appears to drown out the sound of screaming voices in the background. Re the worst, just cannot be, nobody but nobody is worse than 1+1...

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Registerfly simply doesnt allow me to change my whois information other than nameservers. It won't let me unlock any of my domains, do any bulk-operations, etc. I have about 400 names stuck there, and I've opened a ton of support tickets that get me nowhere...

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Amen! and as I said in the top 3, 1&1 is the #1 worst of all time, and regfly(away) is a close second..

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Completely agree with this..

My last dealing with 1+1 was when they sent me a letter saying they were unable to take funds from my credit card ... I've long since stopped using 1+1 and that credit card isn't in use anymore ... I called them about it and they said that they were trying to refund money they owed me (about $3) and sent the wrong letter when the credit failed!.


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