Japanese Restaurant - What meal should I put on the Medifast menu?

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Got a question... Japanese Restaurant - What meal should I put on the Medifast menu? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... Thank you one and all who have sent us messages and who have tracked me down on Face Book! Things have been a wee bit more than hecktic in the Jones household. A lot of tension, fussin and even more not being very nice to one another. Cabin fever was setting in and the winter blahs were taking over.


Before his.


On January 11th, and he was able to have up to 8 weeks of short term disability for his.


I dont work outside the home, so I think weve just had a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit too much together time! Hes in MY domain! LOL Plus, after tearing my car down thinking it was just the timing chain and a lifter that needed replaced, we find out there was some problems with the heads too blah. Then the Expedition blew a spark plug which left us with one vehicle: Darrells smokin pick-um-up truck! Not very dependable! I find it so funny: if we had all 3 vehicles up and.


, it wouldnt bother me a bit not to have to go somewhere. But as soon as I know I DONT have a dependable vehicle and CANT go anywhere, I feel TRAPPED! All last week my stomach was not my bestest friend, not sure if I had a bug or if it was stress or maybe both. I didnt go to my.

Physical therapy.

Appointments last week, because if I did have a bug, I dont like sharing. I get ticked off at people who wont stay home when they are sick so Im not going to go out when Im sick..

I got a phone call yesterday asking me if I was still interesting in working for the Census HECK YEAH! So, I go for 4 days of training the last week of this month. This gives Darrell a goal as to when the car needs to be done. Plus, he gets the drain tube out on Monday. I do remember that even though we are mobile with our friend, it still seems to be a bit of a tether, so once we get it out, we feel unleashed! I was able to get out today (by myself, leaving Papa & baby girl at home!) and get a few things done. I also got out to take our gdaughter to the way point so her Momma could get her and take her on home. I took my time coming back home, stopping to take a few pics of the great outdoors covered in snow.

Darrell will be busy in the garage/shop. Pretty soon Ill be helping with bringing in some extra money; Spring is around the corner and life it good!.

Good news is also: NEXT WEEK I AM SIX MONTHS OUT!!! WoW!! The time has gone by so quickly! Im okay with this!.

So, there you go. Peggy and Darrell are still a couple of losers who are still speaking, just some times not as nicely as other times. (Sad, I know!)In another month, things will be A LOT better! Darrell will be going back to work I should be doing some work, even if just for 6-8 weeks, it's good money and I can still be flexible so I can still help our kiddos with the Gbabies. Plus, my house will be MY DOMAIN again after being held hostage for 3 months! Oh hellz YAH!.

Summed up pretty nicely compared to what I normally.


Ya with!.

Love and hugs,.

Peggy (n Darrell)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Oh Lin, part of the problem and the aggravation is that Darrell hasn't really followed the rules and it has truly upset me. -BUT- he's a grown man and as my daughter reminds me, I'm his wife and NOT his momma!.

I've been told and am slowly accepting the fact: I have to worry about ME, I have to take care of ME. I am forever worrying about other people, taking care of other people, am THERE for everyone else but me. It's hard to change this, but I am trying! If I don't take care of me, no one else will!.

Oh yeah, we'll be around for a lot longer now and for this I am sooooo happy! I am really looking forward to summer this year. Maybe this year it won't be spent feeling hot, sweaty and feeling so blame FAT!..

Comment #2

Hi Peggy,.

It's not unusual that this would be a stressful time. GBS is not easy! Not on the people who have it. Not on the people around them. My wife I both had GBS (hers a little over a year ago, mine in October) - and yes, we do get on each others nerves sometimes. Not always sunshine and rainbows. Especially at the beginning.


From Medifast food is immediate and brutal..

We both are convinced we made the right decision for the long term, but the journey is full of potholes and speedbumps. You and Darrell hang in there...

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Good to hear an update from you Peggy..

Hoping with time, Darrell will comply more, and you both will enjoy those extra years you'll now have together.....

Comment #4

Glad to hear from you Peggy. Sorry things have been so hectic and complicated for you..

Soon Darrell will be back to work, you'll do the Census thing and as they say...........absence makes the heart grow fonder. Gotta love the absence..

You need to learn to put Peggy first sometimes.....I know it seems selfish, but sometimes it's necessary..

Stay strong and spring will be here soon...

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Yup, there are times when absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. I think we are long over due for a little bit of that absence!.

I know that things will get back to normal, whatever the hey that is, and soon this will be just a memory. I'd like to say that one day I'll be able to sit back and laugh about it, but noooooot so sure that will happen!.

Right now I'm in the land of If and the ending is pretty much, "I would be in Hot Springs with my daughter & g'daughter".

IF, the Dodge were operatable, I would be in Hot Springs with my daughter & g'daughter..

IF, I didn't have.

Physical therapy.

2-3 times a week (depending what ELSE is going on in the week), I would be in HS.....

IF, I didn't have 2 deadlines fastly approaching, one of them I HAVE to be here to finish....

IF, there wasn't another blast of Winter/Snow coming in (from the South! How funny is that??!!).. Yup, I'd be in Hot Springs..

IF, I didn't have to drive the smokin' pick-um-up truck to bum-hooey-Egypt tomorrow to get firewood, cuz husband didn't follow through with phone calls to get any delivered to the house before the above mentioned winter blast moves though... you got it! I'd be in Hot Springs!.

Oh well, it's just not meant to for me to be in Hot Springs right now... and I'm sorta okay with this. Everything happens or doesn't happen for a reason (or a few).

Darrell's got an appointment for Monday morning for his post-op meeting with the surgeon and he'll get his tube taken out. I think I'm going to opt to stay home this round, because I KNOW I won't be able to keep my mouth shut when the surgeon asks the questions that I know Darrell won't face up to:.

Are you following the Medifast food plan? Nope.

Are you taking your vitamins? Nope.

Are you taking your meds? Nope, Nope & Nope.

Are you keeping up with your blood sugar levels? Helz No.

Are you.


And getting in your.



What's that???.

Nope, he doesn't need me there to narc on him!.

Yes, Spring will be here and oh so soon I'll be belly aching about how d@mned hot it is outside!.

I will be fine, depression and anxiety levels are always up during this time of year..

We women *sigh* there just ain't no pleasing us, is there?!.

My love and big hugs to all,.


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I was just thinking I'd not heard of ya in a while. Sounds like things are undercontrol. Good luck!.


Comment #7


It sounds like even if you're not in Hot Springs.

Darrell is in Hot Water. Hardly seem fair with that cold front coming thru..

He's an adult, you don't need to go to the doc's with him and it sounds like you need some time to yourself. My.


Is tomorrow and my husband is taking tomorrow through next Wednesday off. I think I shall go quietly (or maybe not so quietly) insane..


Darrell remembers that this Valentine's day he's off the hook for that big box of chocolates..


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