Java script on iPage question......?

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First question I got is Java script on iPage question......? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Does anyone have a phone number for I need to speak to them asap about a HostGator I have listed there..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Actually I think they have a patent or something pending for the software etc. it's in the dnjoural article..

The iPage site is dreadful. it looks like a free godaddy instant site. hideous!..

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In the end it comes down to what kind of domains can you offer to advertisers and to stay competitive enough in pricing and profit share to keep the domainers and advertisers with them..

Should a rival company come on the scene then they must have quality domains as well and a good pricing scheme for both the advertiser and domainer not to mention a outstanding and dedicated sales staff..

If as the first one on the scene can stay ahead on these grounds then it's really hard for a rival to be of serious threat to

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I've been able to fix my problem as an fyi. I'm all for leasethis, if you havent read the new dnjournal article on Eric Rice it's a great read. He's leased a couple domains from leasethis already. Ones he attempted to buy before but wasnt able to...

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I submitted some names a week ago and made a small mistake. Still no replies to the support email...

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Yeah - I was pleased to see someone recognizable show up that is using the service - as a reference..

This Web thingy just keeps on changing in Leaps and Bounds..

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1/ essentially it's a numbers game..

More domains = higher chance of being selected (and making money for LeaseThis)..

I hardly think LeaseThis will actively solicit end-users. Too many domains and how do they know who wants what..?.

2/ Where do you think these quality domains are *already* listed?.

(ever notice where many sales of 'good' domains are taking place at Sedo/Afternic?).

3/ domainers are a fickle bunch; no loyalty.

4/ Wouldnt holders want to list their domains at as many places (not just LeaseThis) as poss to increase the chances (if Sedo/After have this feature) in which case LeaseThis doesn't have an "exclusive" and it has more/stronger competition..?.

See (3) ^.

5/ 'leasing' would merely be a *feature* - an extra check box to opt in - on Sedo/Afternic's platform. EASILY doable. They have no IP on the concept..

6/ Ease of convenience for holders to opt for 'leasing' in addition to sales/parking at Sedo/afternic where they are already registered....

7/ sedo/afternic already have MILLIONS of domains listed there - whereas LeaseThis must actively solicit domainers....

8/no way of knowing HostGator is for lease by landing on HostGator - the most common way to find end-users..

End-user would literally have to stumble upon LeaseThis,com iPage website to know HostGator is for lease - as landing on another provider's PPC page would not indicate it..

Whereas landing on a Sedo/Afternic parking page could show "For Lease or Sale" ...a few clicks and done...

9/ I can see the many PPC providers (DS/Fab/Parked/Sedo etc) adopting 'leasing' on top of parking - not just the sales venues (Sedo/After) if that isnt enough competition....

They already have the potential eyeballs of end-users landing on their PPC pages.

10/ How profitable is leasing domains as a standalone business anyway?.

Dang - I hope I haven't given too much away....

'course LeaseThis have 1st mover advantage.....

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I have to disagree with that. It's not really a numbers game, more of a quality in domains game - if your domains are of poor quality then no matter how many domains you have submitted will increase your chances to get your domains leased..

And yes, if you have a high number of quality domains then your chances to get your domains leased will be increased..

You hardly think they will solicit end users? Based on the amount of domains you say? Since there will be too many?.

Well yeah, don't expect all the domains at once to be put forward to prospect advertisers since there are only so many hours in one day and an x amount of staff to pursue this but to say they will "hardly" solicit end-users is not really a fair statement.

The whole concept revolves around end users so I don't think they will neglect this by the shear volume of domains they will hold in their portfolio but you can't expect all domains to be put on the priority list..

Knowing who wants what is not an issue, if your domain(s) come up you will be contacted. I haven't logged into my account at but perhaps an leasing price expectation option for account holders can or is already in place. When the time comes perhaps a pricing will be negotiated if the price that is listed is not in range with the HostGator or expectations..

My vision is not worry about price, this can and will be discussed if the opportunity arises to lease your domain(s). PPC revenues fluctuates and pricing expectations need to be adjusted accordingly..

That's a bad thing?.

Sedo and Afternic can of course be serious competition should they also integrate a leasing option for interested parties and should they put serious efforts in prospecting potential advertisers..

But I don't see them seriously engaging prospect advertisers since they already don't, perhaps only for the top of the cream type domains..

But you have a point, not on the point that they are *already* listed since this is not really a point but more a point of the fact that should Sedo or Afternic seriously pursue the prospecting advertisers option it can be very competitive and be of threat to

You can list domains anywhere, the whole threat that poses for one competing company to another is the strength of the sales staff for prospecting prospect advertisers..

And being the first on the market I think the best domains are already being pursued to be promoted to advertisers and if not already being leased as of now if not to be leased in a short period of time. Soon enough to stay ahead of other companies..

Other companies would need to compete on price to lure the HostGator owner or advertiser away from


Seriously, it all comes down to how dedicated the sales staff is and what pricing can be offered. This is the balance where can be outsmarting the competition or...not?.

A PPC business model as Sedo or other PPC company is not a guarantee of not getting competition and neither is the leasing model but you can do well, and if you're one of the first on the block you will... if you treat your customers right..


But that is not enough for to crash hence the word enough, at that point should the companies you mentioned decide to join in on the lease market then it's matter of competitive pricing models and the dedication and willingness of the sales staff..

Very good point! and if wants to be on top of this there needs to be a good and strong advertising/promotional campaign implemented from their side..

And should the above companies engage in getting involved with the lease market the option for customers to let their domains be parked somewhere else should be changed and the Trafficz PPC program should be competitive enough to let domainers keep their domains parked with Trafficz..

It all comes down to - to stay competitive enough in pricing and profit share to keep the domainers and advertisers with them. Also the quality of their sales staff..

Still not a scenario for to crash and burn.

And a large percentage of these domains are crap to be honest, the domains that you will need to attract advertisers and let advertisers participate on are hold by domainers that keep track of the domaining industry either by forums or or staying in touch with fellow domainers..

Domainers will come to and I am sure will approach domainers that they know of have good quality domains in their portfolio..

These domainers will already know of the option. Not really a point there since we both are discussing right now.

Domainers know of

This kind of feature is in the works for domains parked at Trafficz..

If is competitive enough in pricing and customer relation ship/service they have a very strong foothold in this type of market..

Should they be worried? Of course! Should it be disastrous as in the failure of Nope....

But good points made Aggro and i'm sure innovators are very well aware of this and will do everything they can to innovate and to stay competitive enough to stay in the game if not on top..

Is it a standalone business?.

Trafficz is also a part of it:.

Don't think you have said that much that was not discussed before by the founders of

Some good points you brought forward but I don't see any direct crash and burn for solely on the involvement of other companies getting involved in the lease market...

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Sedo and Afternic have their hands full. They sell names because of interest shown. They do not offer names to end users for leasing. That takes hard work and a dedicated sales staff. It also takes a advertising program that spends money targeting end users..

Sure they have a sales staff, but in my opinion it is only to push thru names that get interest..

Lease it has a concept different than that. They are going after the market. If they really do that on a constant basis we will see the program succeed...

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