Just bought a domain through and now i'm lost! HELP!?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Just bought a domain through and now i'm lost! HELP!? Hoping for any comment. Another question... It amazes me how many decent names drop - There's a fight going on right now for and also these two just dropped - &

I find it very strange that names of this quality are dropping at all, I wonder if these are deliberate sell offs or just due to someones big mistake ? .

I can only imagine what sort of names were dropping about 5 years ago or more....the drop catchers must have been making a killing !.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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No doubt here... that was morbid, but I suppose also true. Ironically I thought about this one night. I wrote a letter for my girlfriend, basically giving her access to all my HostGator names and explaining to her what they were worth, ect. This way if something were to happen, these wouldnt float off into Bonkers hands and she and my family would know how to "cash in" on my investments..


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Thats why you must ensure that your portfolio and account usernames and passwords are included in your will as well as instructions and $$$ to renew for your loved ones...

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Yeah I bet it would - there would have been far less people looking for them then and I bet they went far cheaper too - it's probably the same 1/2 dozen guys who's still getting all the good ones today.

Scottishkilts went for $ 6,400.

TechWarrior went for $ 6,800.

LoanWizard went for $2,385.

Securitydetectors went for $ 625.

Grandcanyonguide went for $ 700.

Organicessentialoil went for $ 625.

Worthing went for $6,950.

..........and this little piggy got none !.


That probably happens alot.


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Is there a iPage site where you can backorder domains in which the.


Is subject to expire?..

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This is something I have thought about as nobody knows my passes or name details execpt me..

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I'm glad I maintain a spreadsheet for my portfolio. Hmmm, makes me want to buy the PC's at a domainer's estate sale.....

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Many also drop..

I have domains with many different registrars, I think if I die, some of them.

Will be lost...

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Ha! What an idea. My wife and I love to go to estate auctions, and sometimes there are computers being auctioned. There could be hidden treasure there!..

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Yeaah the issuse about people die'ing is very realistic ....

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The thing is though, there is not always a buyer for every name, so why keep renewing it if you cant sell it? gets alot of mad bidding where other's would not think twice of paying for a name in the normal marketplace..

Don't forget also, some people comtact so that they can sell through them...

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Correct me if I am wrong..

Isn't SnapNames a backorder service? They dont sell your domains...

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Seriously, if I bought a computer at a estate sale, and used that knowledge to.

Transfer a name, is this legal?..

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I agree, it is amazing that quality names still drop these days. Many people who follow the drops say the quality is decreasing over time, and the competition is fierce for the scraps...

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That's a good point. After all you're buying the computer. That doesn't automatically entitle you to accessing an account that belongs to someone else (even if they are no longer with us). If a bank account was discovered on the computer, it doesn't entitle you to the money in that account. Why should it be any different for other valuable accounts like HostGator portfolios?..

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Nice one ! - There's still and are available.

It is fierce thats for sure, another beauty dropped yesterday.

Yummy !.


For the majority yes that is true - however, some people have been allowed to list their names there even though they are not dropping..

I beleive they are also considering allowing others to list their names there for sale but I don't know when/if this will go ahead..


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You can wait until the HostGator expires and then transfer it to your name since the owner is deceased...

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If it's a HostGator with any value at all, it will be snapped up by the registrar or back-order pool the instant it is available...

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As Cronus pointed out in another thread, Snap is not a "pure" drop service - nor has it been for some time..



, for example..

Many of the most popular "drops", aren't. They are "Handoffs", if you will allow me to indulge in a football metaphor now that the season is over.


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Ebook and onlinecasino both .ca's will be dropping today. Two great domains let go..

It happens - grab them and rejoice!..

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