Keyboard not working after BIOS Medifast menu. What to do?

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My first question is Keyboard not working after BIOS Medifast menu. What to do? Hoping for any response. My other question... This topic has circulated from time to time, but it's always inspiring and motivating to me to read those things we all can begin to do that maybe we haven't been able to do in YEARS. List some of your accomplishments, or new "can.


." List how long ago you had.


Too, to give the newbies an idea of how soon you see changes. It's always exciting to see what lies ahead..

For me, Crossing my legs is a joy. I am NOT kidding. I have missed being able to comfortably sit that way. It had been 25 years or longer since I last could do that. Now I sit that way all the time..

Who's next?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I love being able to go anywhere and sit in any chair. Not having to look around for the chairs without side handles... at the movies resturants you name it So many things "normal size" people take for granted..


Comment #2

Being able to sit on the floor and play with my grandsons and not look like a beached whale when trying to get up again!.

Driving the car and being able to set something on the seat between my legs!.

Crossing my legs!.

Walk up a flight of steps to our loft area and not huff and puff like a steam engine!.

So many wonderful things :).


Comment #3

1)Flying on a plane without a seatbelt extender..



For 3 days on.


And not keeling over from the pain..

3)Crossing my legs, OH YEAH!.

4)Getting hit on by cute men knowing that it's not because my friends paid them to talk to me...

Comment #4

11 months post op for me!.

I absolutely love crossing my legs too!!! I know it weird, but I do it constantly and even under the table I can cross them comfortably..

One thing that always surprises me is that if I'm upstairs in my computer room and the phone rings, I can run all the way across the house, down the stairs, to the kitchen and pick it up in 3 rings. Then while.


On the phone, run back up the stairs and back to the computer room all without getting the least out of breath...

Comment #5

I can stretch and bend in ways I never could before. Have you ever tried to get anything done while carrying a 25 lb toddler on your hip? Trying to counterbalance that kid and bend and move is really hard. Now imagine that kid is now 150 lbs, and you just for the first time ever got to put him down. Wow it feels good to be able to move more freely!!!..

Comment #6

I can now park out in the furthest parking space from the door at work and walk in without my walker that has a seat on it..

I can get my laundry from my bedroom to the laundry room without huffing, puffing or breaking a sweat..

I can look at current photos of myself without.



I can walk longer distances without my cane..

I can shop in small stores without my walker..

And while I have miles to go on this journey, I can actually look forward to a better future...

Comment #7

Chase after my 4 year old, cross my legs, sex is so much better now then before. and I can buy cloths off the rack yay..

Comment #8

Love them all.....boy I can relate to all of them. One thing more, I was thinking about that is new, (in recent years) that I can do is take a compliment....shoot...I can GET a compliment....on how I look..

I'm enjoying it..


Comment #9

Crossing my legs, sitting Indian Style on the floor,.


Up the stairs, riding bikes with my hubby (not to mention other things), sitting on the same side of the booth with him, too...

Comment #10

This topic has circulated from time to time, but it's always inspiring and motivating to me to read those things we all can begin to do that maybe we haven't been able to do in YEARS. List some of your accomplishments, or new "can.


." List how long ago you had.


Too, to give the newbies an idea of how soon you see changes. It's always exciting to see what lies ahead..

For me, Crossing my legs is a joy. I am NOT kidding. I have missed being able to comfortably sit that way. It had been 25 years or longer since I last could do that. Now I sit that way all the time..

Who's next?.


Comment #11

Sitting in a booth at a restaurant.

Shopping in regular stores.

And here's one I noticed at the dentist the other day - I can actually lean over from the chair and spit in that little bowl instead of having to spit in a cup and dump it. Even the hygenist was laughing with me, because she knew all my weight made me very inflexible and got in the way when I was there just 6 months ago (just before my.



Comment #12

I'm beginning to cross my legs.. I know it's not much but not being able to do it since I was 12 is really awesome to me!!.

I can lay my hands across my stomach while seated and not feel like I have to hold myself tight to keep my arms together..

I like how I'm beginning to feel my rib bones when I lay down. I have a collar bone I forgot about!!..

Comment #13

I don't have much padding left on these old bones. So.............

I can see my collar bones and ribs.

But I can also see my shoulder and hip bones and it hurts when I lay on my side..

I don't have an a$$ anymore.

But I have saggy pants and when I sit I have to constantly shift from one cheek to the other..

My legs are so skinny now-I can't wait to wear shorts and skirts this summer.

But they are so skinny that I can't find jeans that fit my legs, butt, and waist at the same time..

But the best of all is that now I can fit into 1/3 of my big chair-and someone I love can sit beside me!.


Comment #14

GBS 12/31/07 down 140lbs. My list is endless, I will list a few of my favorites:.

Squeezing by seated patrons at a crowded restaurant without panicking will I fit thru? Kayaking,.


, step.


... oh yea and another favorite.


, I love to dance and would NEVER NEVER make a spectacle of myself, now I dont care...

Comment #15

Just got home from Florida and was thrilled to have 10" EXTRA on the seat belt. Also, being able to do situps again...

Comment #16


Sept. 23rd, 2009............

I'm smiling.........something I couldn't do for a long time..

I can put on my own socks and shoes..

I can bend over and touch my toes..

I can pick up something I dropped..

I feel better about myself..

I want to go out, I don't want to hibernate and isolate myself..

I love being able to sit in all chairs, not looking around for the one that might hold me and not creak, squeak or break..

Just some of my faves. I'm sure in time many, many, many more will happen...

Comment #17

I'm 5 1/2 months out... time has gone by so quickly! (Who would'a thunk it?!).

Most of the above mentioned: Yes, isn't it GRAND??.

Some of the above mentioned, can't wait to try!.

Love and hugs to all,.


Comment #18

I got another one I like being able to clean my entire house from scrubbing everything floor to celing and I can do it with out a break and then I can still go for a walk :)..

Comment #19

Wow This is really inspiring..



Is scheduled for March 5 and the days are going by so slowwwwww..

I can't wait!!!..

Comment #20

Hello everyone! I am 13 months post op and down 168 pounds. I can agree with everything that was previously listed and I will list a few of the things that I find comical....amazing and the reasons why I would absolutely without a doubt have this.



~I can ride rollercoasters and not panic that I won't fit under the safety bar.

I can wear a seatbelt.

I can lay on the couch and my kids can lay with me and not fall off :).

I can roll over in my bed and not have to flop like a whale, and there is now a good 4 feet between me and the hubby (only when I want there to be.... sex is amazing now!).

I can chase my 2 year old and play tag, hide and seek and anything else I want to do..

My kids look at pictures of me from pre-op and say wow mom... you look so great now, makes me feel great!.

Every time I see my family, my younger sister (who has always been petite and athletic) tells me (in the most loving way) what a biotch I am for looking so good and how she has to go back to the gym now because for the first time EVER I weigh close to what she does..

And my absolute favorite....... My brother in law recently called my husband and told him that his wife was beautiful before but is absolutely HOT now, and he should really be nice to me because some nice guy is going to sweep me off my feet! LOL... I am not going anywhere, but made me feel good that he noticed!.

Everyone has their own personal goals and reasons for having this.


... but the WOW moments that we share with each other only make us all feel confident in our choice! :) I am so thankful to have all of you to cheer me up! :) THANK YOU!.


Comment #21

I can do all of the above......except kayaking...but only cause I haven't tried...LOL.

But in addition...I can be picked up by my boyfriend and not have a heart attack that he is going to drop me...or hurt his back...

Comment #22

I can relate with so many of these. My.


Was April 15, 09 and I'm down 90#s. I'm amazed every time I wash my face to feel the bone structure I never felt before. I can share a chair with my cat and she doesn't have to lay across my lap because there's no room any where else. When I put my hands on my hips, I used to move my ripples around. Now I can't move anything because it's bone! Collar bone! HIPS! Wow! One of the best things I can do now is to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see!..

Comment #23

I'm only 6 weeks post-surgery, but I have already noticed how much easier it is to bend over and tie my shoes. I'm also anxiously anticipating being able to fly on a business trip in 2 weeks and be able to buckle the seat belt without struggling!!..

Comment #24

Marmella reminded me of a good one...............I have a lap. Before I had some room before my knees, being short and having very short legs..........there wasn't any lap at all..

Yeah.........that's a real good one...

Comment #25

OK ladies, I agree with what you all said AND some of the things you mentioned really made me feel good for you and proud of your accomplishments. It is such a life chaning experience to be able to bend over again!.

But I have to add a guy thing. I can now see IT well without being in front of the mirror and it seems so much larger without all that fat around IT!..

Comment #26

Cindy this is a great topic! Good stuff, all of it.

Jim- LOL. I know!.

WLS was the best thing I've done in years.


Comment #27


How about being able to undo and do up your bra from behind your back!!! Instead of doing some mad dance and twisting back to front to unhook..

Crossing legs is a biggie and indian sitting cross-legged for.


For that matter I can now do most of my.


Poses properly!.

Putting the seat belt on in the car and forgetting you had it on....when's the last time THAT has happened...

Comment #28

My grandson told his momma that "Gramma's getting skinny cause I could feel her legs when I sat on her lap"..

Comment #29

These little things are just wonderful bonuses to all the health benefits. I am six months out., and down 102 #.

I can run a mile without stopping..

I am going downhill skiing today..

I weigh less than my husband..

I love going to Zumba class..

My 4 year old asked me this morning what the pointy things in my neck were. (my collarbone).

Took my kids sledding this weekend (to the same hill we always go to). I did not get tired, and actually thought the hill was smaller than I remembered, and we stayed for 2 hours!!.

Buy clothes anywhere!!.

It is all so amazing!!.

Take care everyone.


Comment #30

All of these things are wonderful, especially crossing my legs. But now I can wear high heels (3+") instead of flats or wedges, I don't have bruises from the hostess cart hitting me on the aisle of the plane, I go through a turnstyle without any problem, I can buy boots that fit my calves, and, my husband bought a cellphone, after my bugging him for six years. That way, if I need him, or vice versa, he can be reached at any time...

Comment #31

I have one more - just for us girls (sorry guys).

I can use a tampon without pain for the first time in YEARS!! I just couldn't bend well enough to get it in the right position, so used pads. Sorry if this offends, but I figured if the guys could talk about seeing "it" we could get really personal also...

Comment #32

You all must live MY life! I can so relate. Now are amazing to be wearing those 3+" heels. You go girl. And, Sandi P...personal, yes, maybe, but I think what we all have to admit is how those most personal places, and care of those areas, is much easier and visible question..


Comment #33

Things I can do.....

6 weeks out I can go up and down curbs with my "bad" knee, no more joint pain there, and wipe myself after going to the bathroom if you know what I mean..

I can lay on my couch and fit without hanging off the side...

Comment #34

Just discovered a new one for me. I rode on the back of my husbands motorcycle today. I got on and off with ease..

And I never liked buying t-shirts. You know the kind with funnies or sayings or advertisements on them. Yesterday, I bought two and they both fit me comfortably. Both of them were the "Life Is Good" brand. The certainly don't make those in 3x. lol..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.