Making a kids Medifast with creative names :)?

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First of all Making a kids Medifast with creative names :)? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Okay, about 6 weeks out....Down 65 pounds. All of a sudden I can't eat. Nothing feels good. Everything feels like it just sits there.

Feels better. I even drank a protein shake and I'm sick..

Please give me some advice....Old Pro's out there!.

Love ya all,.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Does it guess heavy is the best I can describe it. Not really sick. But, really uncomfortable???..

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Have you been able to go to the bathroom ok? Altheia..

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I'm 11 weeks out and have found in the past week that I really don't want to eat....have to force myself to get the protein in. Some things sit well sometimes and other times they just don't sit well at all. I'm trying to practice mindful eating - concentrating on what i'm eating, the taste, texture and chewing it up enough. I find if I don't do this I tend to eat too fast and not chew enough and lo and behold we have the fountain of repeat food. Medifast food tastes different too, kind of metallic which must mean i'm in ketosis and burning off stuff. At any rate really having to force the Medifast food thing..

Thank God for protein bars and protein shakes! It takes me forever to drink a shake now too..

I'm sure it's just a phase like all the other ones and developing a go with the flow attitude helps..


Things get better for you - and hey, perspective....65 lbs down is AWESOME!!!!.

D'Arcy ;^)..

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I am almost 4 weeks now and started to experience the same thing, I am finding that a couple of crackers with cream cheese is going down really well and not coming back up, for now anyway who knows what tomorrow will hold :)..

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Hey guys, I am two years out and I can tell you it does get a little bit better. Hang in there and stick with it. When I went through this phase, which I am starting to think everyone does, my doctor actually told me, two bites, three times a day, at least once every three days.. meaning, if I didn't want to eat, don't eat. I had to drink the protein shakes to get through those times and the carnation instant breakfast no sugar added was actually the easiest to get down and keep down, it wasn't as heavy as some of the other shakes I have tried..

I will add this.. enjoy not wanting to eat while it lasts, and don't stress out about it too much. Your appetite does come back, and for me, that is the time I started to struggle. Just stick hard with the not eating when you don't want to eat but most of all, enjoy your weightloss!!!..

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Wow.. some really great advice here!!!!!.. Take it slow.. be sure to get in the water and the vitamins and take it one day at a time. Just because you can eat something one day does NOT mean you will be able to tolerate it the next day.. and yes that is a weird feeling..

Even at a year out I struggle with this some days as I am still not hungry and have to mindfully remember to eat something...

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Yes thats exactly how it feels ..not really sick but heavy,,not a good feeling but I think if we just keep trying things will get better,, everyone gives such good advice and we can all be greatful for that. Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya. Hang in there I know we both will be just fine.

Love to all.

Linda :)..

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Thanks everyone! I really just need to hear that everything is going normally. I have not been able to get my protein all in the past week. BUT, I have tried to get as much as I can each day. I also have not been getting all my vitamins in because I'm suppose to take one 4 times a day when I eat. Well, If I can't see how that goes. I have been making sure to take one EVERY TIME I EAT! Usually getting 2-3 in.

I have been going to the restroom okay, but when I can't eat....I do take in a lot of water. I think that's the key to NO constipation..

Thanks again!.

Love ya,.


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Since I am only one week beyond you, I'm certainly not a "pro", but I can tell you that I was nauseus and vomited daily for 6 weeks. Thank goodness for medicine. Because of me not being able to keep anything down, my surgeon told me to wait for a few weeks to start my vitamin regime, so I think you are safe going a week. I can tell you that now I am finally beginning to feel normal and hopefully, we will be "old pros" before you know it. Good luck and I pray that each day is a better one for you. Carolyn..

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