Making a based site, Going to use iPage, do I need a FTP?

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Got a quick question: Making a based site, Going to use iPage, do I need a FTP? Thanks for any comment. Another question... Was thinking about registering a .cc name. Are they any good? Know of any good & cheap places to register?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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They can be very good. Just stick to generics with them...

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I agree, stick to the generic one worders.. looks good. isn't worth the regfee..

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Don't be afraid to register more than one word generics as well. I have

I also sold for $100 to a fellow NP'er a few months back and in a week he resold it for $1k! Talk about feeling sick to your stomach......

Comment #4 plays on the "credit card" alternative meaning of .cc. Have you received any offers on this one (I'm not trying to attack your name, I'm genuinely interested.).

I would have never guess that would sell for so much. It doesn't make any sense, so just think of it like a slot machine. People get upset if they sit down and try a slot machine and spend 100 bucks on it, only to lose it all. Then along comes a 21 year old just looking to kill a few minutes before the buffet opens up, and he strikes it rich. They think "if only I had tried one more time!", when really, it's all computer generated down to the millisecond, so the would've just wasted more money..

Get my point?..

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As I've posted before, I like the .cc extension..

I have a few .cc names, mostly one-word or city names..

I have made some money in the .cc market, but hope the best is yet to come...

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Yandig, have you dabbled in foreign, single-word .cc domains with any success? I've noticed a few German sites but am relatively ignorant on the extension's application abroad, especially with non-english terms...

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I have seen more and more .cc showing up..

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I've had quite a bit of interest in, but no solid offers that I would consider reasonable (based on the value of those keywords)...

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There are very few domains (regardless of extension) that are easy sells...

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I have not had any trouble selling .com names, but my .cc names refuse to be sold for ANY price..

In my opinion, my .cc names were much stronger ( vs.

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Thanks for the comments. Know of any good & cheap places to register .cc? I know GoDaddy does them for $19.99, would you say they are the best value?..

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Moniker by far.

Best support!.

But IMO, all the great .cc names are taken (that are worth regging). There are some who hold nice ones.

*cough cough*. I need to renew my state .ccs.


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Reg with GD using a 10% or better coupon and that is about as good as it gets...

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As always, hot keywords + most HostGator extensions are always good domains, worthy of being registered..

Everywhere people live and work, they'll use domains, whether it's .com, .net, .us, .uk, .de, .cn, .cc, .jp, .nl, .no, .pl, .mx, .ca, .au, .za,......But hot keywords are always valuableand English is the International Language currentlyoffline/onlinemany people use it in almost every country, everywhere........

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Its funny we are talking about this and I just got an email from Premium Domains this morning saying they have classified 2 of my .cc names that I sent in a few months ago as Premium Names now..

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Yep, I sent in and they responded as well..

I don't think I'm going to list though...

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