Moving Website From Godaddy to iPage Without Losing Google Rankings?

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First question I got is Moving Website From Godaddy to iPage Without Losing Google Rankings? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Calling all ccTLD /img/avatar6.jpgs:.

What's the best one you have? I'm including .cc,.ws, .tv and .st even though they;re the 'generic' ccTLDS..

I've got a few I'm happy with, in particular my,, which I plan to develop. gets traffic but ND isn't making it worthwhile, so I'm going to try Klickerz..

What do you own? You like it because of keywords? Letters/numbers? Traffic, revenue, something else...?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I've got quite a few that I'm attached to, but I like.

The best. (site could use a facelift though)..

Comment #2, from the Arabic Emirates (including Dubai), hopefully this one will pay off some time, regged till 2016, so will see how it does around 2015..

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My .cc largely consist of .in, .tv and .sg. Some of my favourites are listed in my signature although I also like

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Nice indian domains there, Taheny. You tried selling them at sedo, afternic or any of the others?.

I want to second bobdigital's question: what's traffic and rev like for.

Cool dn at any rate..

Gotta love the short, memorability of But some emir might decide it's public property and try and take it, so who knows? Fonzie, you're using the cc in a pretty cool way. Nice one. Lastly, RJ, the flowers and underwear are sweet. What would they sell for (reseller)?..

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Nothing much and in a small ccTLD..


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I'd have to say, my top for each.... | | |

Neat thread, it will be interesting to see what people have..

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See my sig for just a taste of the hundreds in my portfolio. Many of the better ones I will not make public as I search out end-users - as I am sure many others here do as well...

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I would have to say either or would be up there as most probably my best cctld's...

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IllegalWeb.St gets the most traffic (wonder why), but my StateNames.St (Texas.St, etc.) are still my all time favorites. The ones I expect to make the most on as single sales are Sex.St, XXX.St, and Tit.St..

This.St gets regular traffic (circa 80 a day) from the States although it has never developed before (just having it developed as an informational site)..

Outsiders are,, and of course

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Nice one..

My top ones are clearly and Not going to be owning for too much longer though....

Some others of mine I like a lot are (I hope sc = source catches on more),,, and (vg being a common short for Video Games makes this a great pair), and Go ccTLDs!.

Reminds me of when I didn't register when it was of a bunch of great names I should have gotten but didn't (,,, etc.)..

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I have a few I like in different extensions:.












A few others kicking around. I like to dabble..

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GOLF.AM is great, RJ...

My best is probably

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I do have them listed at Sedo and Afternic but have not had many offers. Unless someone offers a decent price I don't plan on selling them very soon as the .in market will only grow and grow...

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My favorites I have are:.

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"Mainstream" CCTLD:.

Obscure CCTLD:. (popular surname hack).

Hmm, too many more to list. I register so much junk..

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Can't remember if I've already posted this on here. lol.

Had a nice avatar gallery iPage site up for a while, then got lazy and didn't renew my hosting. I'll have it back up by christmas though, once finals are over...

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I owned that one before you did..

Nice that you're developing on it...

Comment #18 <<< because it's my name and free registration.

Oops sorry it second tld..

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Actually, I have many more SINGLE Letter or Number .MD's.


Oh, and of course I LOVE.


Comment #20 and my only 2 cctlds besides

Comment #21 (still one of my favorite sports cars, too bad that the HostGator doesnt drive)...

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