My bbm and facebook not on main Medifast menu?

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First question I have is My bbm and facebook not on main Medifast menu? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. One year ago today.. February 18th.. I was scared shit*less getting ready to drive myself to the hospital to have.


...... hmmm... Man it's been a crazy year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I remember like it was yeterday standing in the shower.


With that gross antibacterial soap they gave me to use before.


.. and thinking..what the hell am I doing?!?!?!.. lol..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I do want to thank all of you for being there for me.. it means a lot!!..

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And right back at you. I always enjoy your posts. You tell it like it is, but with kindness. How much have you lost?..

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Congrats on your milestone!!! You always have such good advice, I'm glad you're here to help everyone!!! :) Here's to another year!! :).

Xoxo Erica..

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Big congrats on your surgiversary today. I remember that shower before.


Too...and having similar thoughts. Still, more than that, I remember KNOWING this would change my life...and I hoped for the better. It has !.

It's a huge accomplishment, and you've worked with the tool well..


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Congratulations, I also enjoy.


Your posts. Your human this is an emotional experience. You have done well and you share information and encourage others..


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O wow.. thats awesome, I cant wait until I hit my one year mark. You look great in your pics and I know it's been along journey but you made it. SOOOO How do you feel today? Was it worth it?.


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Congrats on your surgiversary. I remember that shower also.........I just knew my life was changing for the better, and I was excited..

It's great to know that this has changed your life so much that it made you that emotional. That gift you gave yourself is incredible..

What you offer to the group is incredible also. Truthful, but in a positive way when giving us hell, honest and overall just damn good advice..

I appreciate your wit and.


.........thanks for helping all of us, and thinking it's us helping you...

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Lots has changed in that year huh. All for the better. Cheers to good health and long lives my friend..

You've done awesome...and to shed a little tear on this day....just shows how much you truly needed to do this for yourself..and have done it!!.

(((Big Hug)))..

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Congratulations!!!! I am so glad I joined this group to celebrate these milestones with everyone! You always have such great advice! I love our chats! You have done aweseome and you have come a long way! So happy for you on your special day! I'm glad I have gotten to know you and so happy to have you as a friend!.


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One year ago today.. February 18th.. I was scared shit*less getting ready to drive myself to the hospital to have.


...... hmmm... Man it's been a crazy year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I remember like it was yeterday standing in the shower.


With that gross antibacterial soap they gave me to use before.


.. and thinking..what the hell am I doing?!?!?!.. lol..

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The way I see it is, had you and Andy not been here when I start lurking, I just really doubt that I would have even ventured into this site. Ron I have always appreciated your straight up approach and.


To this sick dance in which we all particapte..

Yes Ron, Congradulations and thank you for all of your wisdom..


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Hey UpNorthGuy!.

You have come such a long way! It is incredible what we all go through but when we learn that our new life is just that...our NEW life then we really understand why we did this crazy.


Ey? I am SO proud of you and feel you have a lot of.


To impart to others!.

You have lived through a year of incredible journies ey? I just wanted to tell you we are here for ya and that I am so proud of your accomplishments! You have done GREAT Kiddo!!.

Have a good one! Oh and most of all.......CONGRATS!.


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Happy Re-Birthday to you!.



You will treat it like a very special day!.

In April, I'm planning a re-birthday party for myself: balloons, streamers, etc..

Thanks for sharing your journey with us all. I know that you've been a great help to me many times..

Face are a hero and a role model now!.

Oh Happy Day!..

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Oh Happy Happy Day! It's MY 6th MONTH surgiversary! You have been such a great part of my success and are always there to help and give advice, can't tell you how much I appreciate you and everyone on here! 6 months and 77 lbs lighter - whoo hoo! Only have about another 25-30 lbs for goal, but if it stopped today I would be thrilled and think it all worth it! So happy for you today Ron!. (The hat still gets me tho - lol)..

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Congrats on your surgeversary. I don't know you yet but seem like a great guy :) I remember that first anniversary and you have every right to cry a tear for what you've accomplished in that time. Enjoy it ;).


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Congratulations on your Surgerversary!!! How exciting to finally hit that one year mark. I bet when you started you didn't think you would ever get here. Keep it going and giving us all your wisdom, laughs, and truths. From another Minnesotan - I live in the big cities..


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Congrats to you and Happy Anniversary. You must feel soo happy and proud of yourself. I am truly soo happy for youYou've done good Ron!! big hug for ya!!.


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CONGRATS...thanks for the support you give us all...way to go!..

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Happy 1 year anniversay and congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment. I'm glad you're here on this site - you've replied to a post or 2 of mine and I'm glad to have your encouragement and straightforwardness. We're all proud of you but I'm sure not nearly as proud of you are of yourself..


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Congratulations, Ron! You are such an inspiration to us all!!!..

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Aww... Thanks Guys!!!! All of you are so wonderful! It was weird that all of it hit me all at once.. All in all it's been a great year and I am glad I have all of your help and encouragement on here.. it means a lot!.

This is all a real.


Process. I am planning to attend my very first "live" support group next week at my hospital... I am hoping it's a positive experience for all that show up. I decided I'd like to see how they work and what they actually talk about.. and maybe exchange some ideas and adcice.. It should be interesting..

For those that asked I went from around 320 to 165.. in about 5-6 months.. it came off fast and have been beyond my goal of 185 for quite some time. I think the hardest thing I have had to deal with is other people's reactions.. and their worry because they saw me lose it so fast.. I can understand that..


Thanks again!!.. You are all wonderful people!!!!!..

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Wow, I hadn't realised you had lost 140 lbs in 5-6 months! That is a tremendous shock to the body let alone the mind. No wonder you are feeling so emotional. Apart from the fact that you have succeeded so well at something that you did for yourself..

Sometimes when we take the time to reflect that's the only time we really consider how BIG the achievement has been..

I've been following your posts and comments and you have really worked on the mind thing and the relationship to eating. You are such a positive influence on this group..

Sincere congratulations on all you've achieved in such a short time and looking forward to following your future achievements..

Keep the.




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Congrats on your successful first year! What an amazing story. Thanks for being here to cheer us newbies on!.


Comment #24 just seems like yesterday right. My surgiversary is coming up at the end of March. I just can't believe different than the person we used to's unbelievable, exciting and scary all at the same time!! Congrats to you....

You look fabulous dahling!!!.


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Wow Ron, Congrats to you for your great success! In my short time here I have noticed your advice and comments are truly helpful and your story is inspiring. Thanks for being there for us and good luck on your "live" group too!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.