My Favorites Medifast menu has disappeared. How do I restore it?

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Question I have... My Favorites Medifast menu has disappeared. How do I restore it? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: My.


Is scheduled for March 5 in the U.S..

I have secured coverage for the.


Through Canada's OHIP and been ok'ed by the Surgeon, Dietitian and the Psychiatrist..

I am good to go..

Recently I was contacted by Humber River Hospital in Toronto Canada..

I am a Canadian who has been on a waiting list for.

Gastric Bypass Surgery.

In my own country for over a year..

Now in the 11th hour I have an appointment with the surgeon in my own province (Ontario) on Feb 12..

My next appointments for the Dietitian and the Social Worker are on March 23..

I am told by those "in the know" that after that I will see the surgeon again (probably April) and at that time my.


Will be scheduled fairly quickly afterwords (May)..

I am also in the way of knowing someone who has been sent home "to work on her diet" by the dietitian at this facility..

Naturally this persons advice to me is to "Run To the States".

Here in Northern Ontario very little is known about.

Gastric bypass surgery.


My doctor has already told me that if I get into trouble he can't help me..

The reasons for staying in my own country are many..

Not only will I have far better access to health care, less problems with OHIP in the case of an emergency but also our Northern travel grants pay for all my trips to Toronto..

Oddly they will not pay for any excursions to the States..

The trouble I have went to to secure my.


In the States has been a nightmare..

Now I have to go through this again, jumping through hoops and waiting even longer..

People have shedualed time off work to go to the U.S. with me only to find I am strongly considering having the.


In Canada..

But what can I do, out of country carries a lot more risks..

Everyone knows this and agrees with me but I feel like I am losing support..

I am scared and don't know what to do..

I could sure use some support and advice..

Thanks, Vickie..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I think this is something only you can decide yourself. You should write down the pros and cons for each and then make up your mind accordingly. That's what I do when I have hard decisions to make...

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Vickie there is a lot to consider here. I would think that if you told the people that requested time off of work this far in advance, that they probably CAN work those days and not take the time off, most places don't give you a hard time when you decide to come to work instead of take a.


Day... The decision is one you need to make after considering all your options. It sounds like you know what is best but just need to actually make the decision to just do it! Hugs for you and good luck with whatever you decide! We will be here waiting for you either way!.


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There are plenty of health care professionals in the US who are equally as clueless when it comes to GBS. Nutritionists are often among the most clueless if they are not specifically trained to work with GBS patients. In my case, I had my.


With one hospital system b/c of insurance requirements, then immediately switched back to my surgeon of choice for all of my post-op care. Having said all that, trying to save some travel time only to have a bad outcome by an inferior surgeon really does not benefit you in the long run. Have your.


Done by the very best surgeon you can no matter the travel issues, then consider post-op care closer to home if Canadian health care regs will allow...

Comment #4

What would be the best of both worlds is if I have the.


On the 5th in Traverse City and Toronto does the aftercare..

I don't understand why this can't be done. These facilities are far too comfortable with saying NO to every request that is made of them. After all we want their service BAD..

Does anyone have any ideas on who I would appeal to for this kind of help?.

I was thinking I could ask Dr Sullivan on my scheduled visit in Toronto on Feb 12..

I need Toronto to make a commitment to aftercare..

I am very worries some nut/dietician will decide to make me go home and work on my Medifast diet like she did with a friend of mine..

We eat by the Canada Medifast food guide here because my son has a heart condition and I know how to read labels but you never can tell with some folks :(..

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Also as far as friends making other arrangements lets say that some have been angels others not so much..

I have heard that this.


Is life changing and that includes who stays and who goes as far as friends and sometimes even family..

I have been sitting back and taking it all in and I can say the behavior of some people is a real eye opener..

People who you think would have your back do not and some people just shine..

It's very emotional but I have to focus to get through this..

I need to keep my eyes on the prize, take care of my total health, stay with the positive and steer clear of the negative..

This is very very hard...

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Not to scare you more, but I live in northern Michigan and almost went to Traverse City (Munson) for my.


They jerked me around so bad (in looking back, it was their precedures that were very outdated) that I looked elsewhere and found Barix Clinic in Ypsilanti where I had the.


I highly recommend Barix and there were a lot of people from Canada who also went there..

My family doctor in northern Michigan was very against GBS and especially because of Munson. His exact words, "I don't think they've worked all the bugs out yet" with the.


, and have very little follow-up. I gave him literature and told him about Barix after my.


, and he was very impressed - especially with the care and follow-up - and said he may refer future patients to them..

My advice is to get the.


From someplace like Barix where that's all they do. They have it down to a science, and you're not apt to be a guinea pig for trainees at some local hospital. It's well worth the trip!.

Good luck, hun..

PS. One month after.


, I went to Florida for the winter season, and have been doing blood work at labs down here, and follow-up appointments by phone with Barix. They really work with you! I didn't have to do a pre-diet, and Dr. Nunn (always going to seminars on the latest techniques for GBS) has never lost a patient. The staff are all wonderful and kind. I just can't say enough about them...

Comment #7

This is a very tough decision you need to make. If it was me I personally would have the.


In Canada even though it means waiting a bit longer. I started the process in April of 09 and had.


Nov. 09 in Hamilton, ON. I go to a support group and they have shared problems that they have had because they went to the States to have the.


Then when they came back to Canada they had complications and the Dr.'s here were not helpful at all. I had to lose 10% of my body weight and I also had to go on a.

Liquid diet.

Beforehand. Good luck with your decision and please let us know what you decide on...

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Wow this is totally different information that what I have..

Now I am really nervous..

First I was told by a friend of my husbands who I happened to meet at the Information Seminar in Traverse City that she had already made the 11+ hour trip to Ypsilanti only to be told that our insurance OHIP will not pay at that site as it is not a certified " Center of Excellence" as is Munson..

Perhaps Munson has come a long way..

I know that they have their own building behind the hospital called The Munson Medical Bariatric Center..

My Dr is Dr. David Kam who joined the center in 2007 and has done over 800 bariatric procedures, including laprascopic Gastric Bypass and adjustable gastric banding..

He is Board Certified in.


And surgical critical care..

He was a trauma and general surgeon in Lansing where he developed The Sparrow Hospital Bariatric.


Program and was a full time surgeon in Ypsilanti..

I feel he is a very competent..

He has a pleasant professional manner and a firm handshake (strong steady hands:)..

I find myself being swayed towards the States..

Alternately having to lose 10% of my body weight at this point would be devastating..

It is really sad for patients in Canada that the two teams will not work together...

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There have been a few Canadians in here with similar problems.. and my friend Tammy who comes on here from time to time came from Ontario to my surgeons office for the procedure. Most of those people from there always talked about the lack of aftercare in Canada and not being able to have teh same access to the foods that we need to eat orwhats recommended. I would think having your.


In a border state like you are thinking of.. they would have information available for you. After the initial.


You only really need blood work done every 3 months for the first year.. then like every 6 months after that...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.