My im account was hacked yesterday & sent this mesage to all my contacts:

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My first question is My I'm account was hacked yesterday & sent this mesage to all my contacts: Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. Well I requested HostGator transfer to Yahoo Domains few days ago and they replied back with an email...

So... what should I do to transfer my domain?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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True? So why I waste tons of money with Godaddy and Namecheap ?????.

I thought we can't transfer from them without problems...

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Ditto. I just transfered a HostGator from Yahoo for a client I am doing a iPage site redesign for..

On calling Yahoo I was instructed to transfer the name before canceling the services. I initiated a transfer to my Enom account, created an account at Enom for her and pushed the name to her account. All done in 3 days..

Be sure to cancel your Yahoo services to stop being billed by Yahoo..

You gets what you pay for. While getting frustrated by some of the Godaddy stuff their support has always been first rate for me same for Enom...

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I also received the same email when I asked them for my HostGator EEP code for .org HostGator name.They asked me to cancel the domain.It is not possible to cancel a HostGator which has a iPage website which represent a reputable organization.because if I go ahead and cancel I know it will take more than 3 months to be released.I decided to explain to them...

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I have never used Yahoo Domains before, but godaddy and namecheaps support is amazing. Godaddy sorted it out there and then via phone (i used VOIP cos I didnt want to pay international rates on my home phone) and namecheap replys on sundays to emails..


They both rock for support..


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Yes,I agree with you ,Godaddy and Namecheap are the best.I once transfered one of my domains from Godaddy to my main portfolio at Namecheap,There was no problem...

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How much did it cost to transfer?.

Do you by any chance have the YAHOO support id?..

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I agree with the other posters subsequent to the above message. Transferring between GD and namecheap is smooth and recommended...

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Yeah, it's pretty complicated transferring a .org, .info or .us HostGator out of yahoo, as you need an AUTH code to approve the transfer. You need to do the following:.

1. Initiate Transfer Away From Yahoo to new Registrar.

2. Cancel HostGator from Yahoo control Panel.

3. Call Yahoo and ask them to release the name. They then transfer it to Melbourne IT, who they are a reseller for..

4. Respond to the email Melbourne IT sends you welcoming you to their company and request the Authorization code for your domain. They get back within 2 hours and you can then quickly transfer it out by submitting the Auth coe at your new registrar..

Huge pain. I transferred all my domains away from Yahoo at once becuase of this..

Hope this helps..


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Sometimes it's truly hard to understand how so many successful mainstream companies can be so deficient in certain areas...

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Its not exactly if cash would be an issue in getting them set up......

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That is a good question..

At least 2 leading companies eg yahoo and 1+1 are is not helpful and 1+1 is downright dishonest..

Yes why? sorry to say this because they have been good for me in the past but yahoo are now a bunch of stiffs who just can't respond quickly to anything and that is why google are able to outflank them so quickly in a lot of for 1+1 they must have sackfuls of complaints and do nothing except continue with the same rubbish..

Originally I started off with these titans but only when I was able to learn from others' experiences on np did I realise that 'big' not only might not be best, but might not even be adequate and instead bloody awful.....

But still they continue...difficult to explain to a rational person......

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I transfered domains from yahoo, did not have any problem. Only one HostGator they still charged me for renewal even I no longer own that name...

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The HostGator management at Yahoo is lame. The page looks like something they just threw up as a placeholder to make sure all the links worked and then never changed....

Plus, any place where you cant push a HostGator isnt worth the time...

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