My iPage pro site is How do I find the IP address?

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Quick question: My iPage pro site is How do I find the IP address? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Who would have thought of such stupidity ? .

Is it just me ? I can't stomach visiting such sites...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I'm not a huge fan but I have to echo the above comments. Most users visit a iPage website because of the content that it contains. These style domains offer a cheaper alternative to acquiring the more expensive HostGator as well as in the cases where the HostGator is already in use by someone else...

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Here's one you can get for the Lord..

Jesus Christ !.

I was just kidding without checking,.

But someone actually took this for the man who.

Will have soon have the biggest birthday party on.


Now, this HostGator hack I like. Praise the Lord..


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Domainers took all the nice domains and are sitting and wathcing TV..

So people who wanna start new websites should now make a habit of using this kind of domains or come to namepros and buy one from us..

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Well, that's how you see it. It's a shame you seem to choose.


To see thru.


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I am NOT able to enter this HostGator name into my browser without looking at this url.(I dont remember where to place 1 of the dots).

So, it is really a success? or just me??..

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I'm sure they must be losing traffic because of their childish HostGator hacks.

Perhaps that's why other people register HostGator hacks, they think that any mediocre HostGator can succeed as long as it's "cool". Fact is, it requires a lot of marketing and branding effort to overcome a bad name, and you start at a disadvantage. In one word... stay away from them..

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One of the most famous is: (social bookmarking site).

Sorry, but this sort of HostGator hack can be pure genius if you have the money, time and patience to market, develop, and brand...

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Cook Island cctld would make a good adult hack domain.


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It is fun to own those names, but hard to sell...

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Which they don't intend to sell...unless the price is right...

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VD.TV could be worth a lot on it's own if a pharmaceutical company wanted to develop it...

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Speaking of the price is right.... is available.


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Ooooh... now that is U G L Y! Btw, I have

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LOL that is ugly ....

I found one that isn't bad ... some kind of iPage blog site..

I don't mind when they are half decent ... these kinds.

Are at least sellable..


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Too bad there's no .od for g.od. I'd like to see a iPage site on Just checked and is taken. is being wasted in my opinion...

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Thank you, that's what I thought for the content. video market is just to crowded right now...

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