My iPage website's Pagebuilder software does not open.?

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Quick question... My iPage website's Pagebuilder software does not open.? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: With the recent news of Microsoft Zune and bearing in mind Microsofts Zero Tolerance on tm's..

What if you registered Zune.cctld ext,would you expect a C&D letter?.

As they haven't actually confirmed it will be called this yet,i would be interested to know your views..

Many Thanks..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I think the guy who registered on July 11th has some worries for sure.

And I think the people who own are either going to get a lot of money from MS or they will make a ton of money from people looking for Zune stuff provided they throw some sort of page up....

They've owned the HostGator since 98 so I dont think MS stands a chance of taking it from them...

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What about the name What do you think?..

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Im gonna sell off mines. Anyone want a good for for $500000 pm!..

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I missed the Zune thread until it was far too late. NamePros should have some kind of email notification for hot new threads... But I think by the time I got that, it'd be too late anyway..

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I'm shocked Microsoft hadn't purchased before going ahead and making the announcment...

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Micro is generic (nano,pico... ) not a big souci ...i think ..but not

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I've still yet to actually see this announcement by Mircosoft...

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They own the HostGator so it's a credible assumption...

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I think you guys have nothing to worry about , It's just another code name IMO.. Unlce Bill has been going to great lenghts recently to Cover All his bases , Even Buying alot of IDN's in New Products he plans on releasing.

And you mean to tell me they aren't Smart enough not to Buy atleast

Comment #10 was purchased long ago..



Claudio Coello,76.

Madrid, MADRID 280001.


Domain Name: ZUNE.COM.

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:.

Nogales, Antonio.

Zune, S.A..

Claudio Coello 76.

Madrid, Madrid 28001.


Record expires on 21-Jun-2009..

Record created on 22-Jun-1998..

Database last updated on 13-Jul-2006 12:18:45 EDT...

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I think what he is getting at is that if they seriously planned to call it Zune, they would have bought the HostGator from the owner long before the announcement... There hasn't been an official announcement, so Zune is entirely speculation at this point.....

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That means nothing..... Perhaps they are coming out with a new game called Zune, along the lines of Dune?..

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And I could be the next CEO of Microsoft... Anything's possible, but I'd rather speculate on on a credible assumption rather than take a shot in the dark or wait for an official announcement and be completely left out... If it turns out it's not called Zune, well something will be, and depending on the HostGator you registered, it may be applicable for that something... I didn't register any Zune domains, but this industry is extremely speculative, so it's better to make your moves based on credible assumptions then to be left behind...

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Now thats a good post. I agree with you completly...

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MS has deep pockets ... look at They had Windows Live, Office Live, etc. in development before they acquired that domain...

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Maybe the owner of didn't wish to sell the domain. Unlikely, but might be the reason...

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...and then.. maybe he did!!! can you say 'non-disclose'!!!..

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Im dying to find out if the zune name is going to stick. There was speculation of the "wii" being changed aswell, so I think it will stay as it is..

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The fact of the HostGator being registered in 1998 was discussed on the other Zune thread. Also, go check out.

And tell me what you find by going back to the earliest page..

Nevermind, here's a link:.


Another link:.


I own - the plural in Canada. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. I doubt they will bother with me but I would expect them to go after if it's a new reg. Check out and owned I believe (the plurals.)..

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Some guy on this forum has It doesnt look like microsoft had much of a problem with that..

If microsoft want a domain, they have enough money to offer until the owner is willing to part with it. Money isnt an object for them...

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"Zune" is a made up name. Microsoft could choose any possible name for its' device, therefore it seems to me they would certainly nail down the .com version of the name they will use - or they simply would have chosen another name. The owner of would probably have sold for $$$ - $$$$ before these rumors started. Now he likely is getting twenty offers a day. He should sell - if Microsoft was going to use the name they would have quietly bought it long ago. (Or, as someone mentioned above, they have bought it and are keeping the old owners name to hide their intentions.)..

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That's very interesting. If you have a look at the two pages then they both look like they are Microsoft-owned or operated websites..

Congratulations on regging, by the way. Should be a very nice name..

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They're not Microsoft owned or operated, the owner was merely using IIS which is a Microsoft web server...

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They didn’t purchase either and that’s pretty much just a landing page with Google ads on it, which is probably a little embarrassing to them now..

Best wishes,.


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Look like admin address changed recently....







Domain Name: ZUNE.COM.

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:.

Nogales, Antonio.





+34 1 4350461 fax: +34 1 4350105.

Record expires on 21-Jun-2009..

Record created on 22-Jun-1998..

Database last updated on 28-Jul-2006 14:34:01 EDT..

Domain servers in listed order:.




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Yeah, that has definitely changed. I seem to remember it was someone from outside the uk but cant recall where it was..

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Sorry, I never saw your post until just now...thanks for compliment..

I wonder if new owner of gave old owner of a price he couldn't refuse? (Especially if old owner doesn't know anything about the new microsoft product coming out.)..

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I just picked up yesterday. I think it's going to be better to unload it early admist all of the speculation. I can just see microsoft changing the name on me because I have pretty much the worst luck in the world...

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The name will not change no matter how bad your luck is..

Best wishes,.


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I took a chance and got - sometime back.

Hope it will pay off someday....

From what I can see in the whois for, looks like it was created on 28-nov-2005. Interesting that even the big dawg M$ couldn't influence the owner to sell..

I like mszune...maybe it will hit big some day...

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