My iPhone 3G 4.2.1 won't let me have a background on the Medifast menu?

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First question I got is My iPhone 3G 4.2.1 won't let me have a background on the Medifast menu? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Darrell was so tickled with all the fantastic email cards you guys sent while he was in the hospital! Even the surgeon got a laugh at all the door being totally covered with them! I will post Darrells email address in my journal so those of you who are in my friends list, you can get it there. If you arent in my friend list, please, message me and Ill give it to you. Please, email him. We both have our own computers and we dont check one anothers emails, so what you say/write is strictly for his eyes only.

Anything coming from me (or our daughter) right now is just taken wrong.

Depression runs rampid in my family, so I know the signs. But even suggesting he needed to go to the doctor to talk with him about his depression set him off on me. = (.

You men folk, you can probably relate more with what hes going through and may have some great words of wisdom for him. Im sure that even though we all go through the basic same thing, there is some difference between the men and the women..

For those of you who are husband & wife, significant others, who have gone through this as a team, please, talk with me!.


I put the above paragraphs first, because as usual for me, this has turned into a long winded rambling mess. So, figured Id get to the point first (which was written last!) and then if you want to read the rest great! If not, then thats okay too!.


... Okay, not sure how to begin (which isnt really the beginning! See, I really didn't know how to begin!). For nearly 6 months since first finding DS I have gotten so much love, advice, support so forth and so on. We have become a never ending family which is world wide, soooo awesome! Many of you know that hubby and I were planning to have our GBS pretty close together (date wise). It ended up being 5 months apart, which is still close and Im sure in a few months it will seem to be the PERFECT time frame. Right now though, not real sure! I started a blog in order to document our journey as a couple of losers.

I could help him in his journey into a better life for the both of us. NOOOOOOOOOOOOt! Silly Woman, What WAS I thinking! = /.

Im in a darned if I do, darned if I dont scenario. He wanted me to tell him the things he could or couldnt eat/drink, but when I did, he would argue saying his list says such and such I would say, honey, I dont know what else to tell you, maybe things have changed in the past 5 months, I dont know. The first week, he wasnt having any negative effects by eating too fast or sneaking in something he wasnt suppose to have. He was semi-disappointed there werent any repercussions. I will have to say, I had a key role in making sure there wasnt really anything he wasnt suppose to have in the house. Weve not ate out in a long time, so hes not been tempted with that.

This past weekend we went to visit our daughter/gdaughter since our gdaughter was having her first public gymnastics display at the local mall. Our daughter had apologized to me while she told me she had promised gdaughter an ice cream after her gymnastics. I giggled and told her never to apologize! I am not one to expect the rest of the world to change just because I have issues with something. I do have to admit I started pacing like a crazy person while everyone was ordering their treats! LOL So I politely excused myself to go to another non-food store! Plus, I was afraid Darrell wouldnt be strong giving in to his all time favorite treat, ice cream and I didnt want to be a mega be-otch especially in public! After what I thought was enough time for everyone to be close to finish, I walked around the corner to witness Darrell finishing off gdaughters ice cream cone. I took a deep breath and thought, oh well.

(be careful what you wish for is all I could think)..

There have been a few other things which I know, MOST of us do have to find out things for ourselves, it's human nature. The things which are really worrying me the most now are:.

Before his.


, Darrells blood sugar was waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of control. For those of you who know about or suffer from type II diabetes, his last A1C was 10, which is down from the 12 it was a year ago. He was maxed out on his oral med and.


Injections. The endocrinologist prescribed Byttea injections to add to his other meds. The bottom line is, Darrell was in denial about his diabetes, I guess, because he didnt really monitor what he ate or drank. This is just a little bit of background and I only let you know this because hes not taking the dangers of diabetes seriously, then or now. The first few days home from the hospital after his.


, he was good about monitoring his blood sugar and keeping up with the readings and tweaking his meds accordingly. For the past week, Nada, nothing, not checking his blood sugar, not taking his meds and I have asked him a few times only to get a nasty response..

A minor thing is he eats too fast, but in doing this, it's a stage of sabotaging part of the reason for the.


I dont get it. When I did/do that, OMGosh, it hurt soooooooooooooooo badly! Its as if he does not really want to follow the rules. The.


Is just a tool, not a miracle cure. He had told his mother on the phone some of the woes he was going through. She had asked how I was doing and he said, Shes doing fine. This was easier on her; she didnt really have a hard time adjusting. I try not to be in the room when hes.


On the phone with family, cuz Im prone (as he is) to try to talk over him! I had to butt in on that one! I even told him after he got off the phone. Oh hell no this hasn't been easier on me! I tried to follow the rules that were given to me and I still havent adjusted to everything! I realized I was getting rude, so I went back into another room!.

I know he is going through many of the stages many of us go through with this.


! The excitements, the fear, the anxiety, the WTF have I done?, the depression of losing our very best friend: food, the why should I even bother? Etc. I am having such a hard time knowing what to or not to do, what to say or not say, how to react or not react, so forth and so on. If I didnt have a PT appointment and a mammogram appt. (which I made in October! It was the first opening they had!) I wouldve gone on down to Hot Springs and stayed with daughter & gdaughter for a week or so. With things getting better for our daughter with a job and such, shes not really needed me as much lately as she has had, so Ive been able to spend more time at home. So it would be nice to visit again! I loooove it there! = ).

Okay, Im done again, I do apologize for the rambling, ranting, whining so forth and so on. Im just at wits in and I dont know what to do! Thanks everyone,.

Love and hugs,.

Peggy (1/2 of the couple of losers!)..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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As always, Thank You, THANK YOU, did I mention: T H A N K Y O U all so much. So many great words of wisdom, and YES, this is why I come here in the happy sharing times, in the meh times, in the OMGawd times, and the "please help me" times..

Buzz, thank you for the point of view from a man, 'cuz I really and truly wanted it (any other takers on the male point of view???) HomeGal, Oh WoW, so insightful and soooo true, WhinniePooh, I agree with you and will broach the subject when I fell it's broach able!.

I'm hoping today will help a lot, I've got to be out of the house most of the day, so it will give both of us some breathing room. *SIGH*.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel on this 34 1/2 year marriage... I just think it may be time for us to sit in our own corners for a time out for a bit!.

My love and heartfelt thanks to all of you,.

You are my lifeline and you are all awesome..

I'll see if Durwood wants to join the crowd, heaven knows he's heard my talk enough about it, may as well have him officially join us on our every lengthening losers bench!.

My get up and head to PT, then off to get the girls mushed... owie.. It should be interesting this time around since they are so deflated *giggle!* (it'll truly be interesting to see how they'll looked mushed NOW! lol LOL LMAO!!).

Love and hugs to all of you,.

Peggy ('n Darrell)..

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Hey Peggy,.

I'm gonna keep my reply short and sweet. I think that most of us as we go thru this.


Rely on each other for answers to questions we have. BUT, we don't expect answers before the question comes up.....If ya get what I mean. Maybe since he is sooooo new to this. He needs to figure out some things on his own. It sounds like to me that he needs to get onboard on his own. You will be a great asset in the future, but I think He's fielding this one himself right now!.

As for the diabetes.....I've been a home care nurse for 6 years and that's what we specialize in. Depending on your could have your doctor make a home care referal regarding diabetic education and a RN could come to your house and give ya all aspects of the disease. It may take a professional for him to get the picture..

I tell my patients that diabetes is the most serious disease you can have. Every cell in your body(trillions of trillions)needs sugar. With diabetes the insulin doesn't let the sugar into cells. So they starve. Your brain starves, your skin starves, your lungs, heart, etc. Your body can't function if it's starving.

Good luck and love ya,.


PS if you need some medical advice to give to your hubby, just send me a message. I'll try and break it down MAN style(equivalent to kindergarten style....hehe!)..

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Peggy..........I'm so sorry that your are going through this, you were so excited about sharing this experience with Darrel..

It's true that men do experience things in a rougher way than most women.............we know when they have a simple cold, it's the worst thing they've ever been through. They need to be pampered more, and treated with kid gloves..

Unfortunately as a grown man it is up to him to follow his rules and monitor his health. And of course he just isn't doing the right thing on that right now..

I'm sure that he'll come around after a few bouts of dumping and just overall not feeling well. As for his diabetes........I.


He starts taking that serious, and hopefully it will improve after a bit..

You know we love ya.......and always here for you..........I'd be glad to e-mail Darrell..

Going to spend a week with your daughter/granddaughter sounds like a great idea for you. I think you could use a little break away. You have to take care of you, too..

Thanks for.

Venting. always makes you feel a little better to get things off your chest..

Wish I could help you........your heartbreak and hurt is so apparent in your words..........all I can do is give you a big HUG, and send my love..


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Wow Peggy, you are up to your eyeballs right now!! I think we can all vouch for the fact that you DID NOT have an easier time of it than anyone else! I really got a chuckle out of that part of your story! :).

Good luck to you both as you work through this - in a way it's like you are starting all over yourself. God Bless!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.