My Medifast menu bar, refresh button and url address area are gone?

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Question I have... My Medifast menu bar, refresh button and url address area are gone? Looking forward for any answer. Another quick question... So I'm almost a week out and I'm having a horrible time with cravings. I want everything salty, fatty, and sugary. I even dream of food.

Did anyone else experience this?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Hi Spahrky,.

Yes most definatley. Trooble is I did not just think about

Ok so we all try the rules but expect to pay the consequences through dumping or hitting a plateau....

One way or another you will pay for it if you cheat...I did and I learnt my lesson..

So I am not sugar intolerant, I can eat just about anything now without repocussion and I can so easily fall into snacking....

I realise this has been why I hit a forever go their...its awful....

Best of luck, suck on some peanut butter, it will make your mouth all guey and take the crazings away...

Yeah for peanut butter....

Buzz xxx..

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Ahah 'upnorthguy' ! I had the.


2 weeks ago and thats all I want to do is watch Medifast food network!.

The first week, I had cravings for anything sweet like cake or pie and now I crave meat! I want a huge steak! lol..

I think this.


Has messed me up mentally. I find myself asking everyone I know to explain to me in detail what they had for dinner! It makes me feel 'better' in some weird way. Who knows lol..

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LOL. "I think this.


Has messed me mentally". No Melodie, we did that already just being fat slobs!..

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Yes, even 8 months out. The big realization I had is most of the time the craving is my brain.


How good eating that Medifast food made me FEEL, not what it did for my body. I am all about finding ways to give my brain other ways to experience pleasure hormones which don't include food. When they are really bad, I talk to myself about the cravings to challenge my distorted thinking about food. The other issue with cravings is sometimes your nutrient intake is truly out of balance and your brain is telling you so. You may need a few more carbs, more protien, more fluids, or to adjust the way you are getting your nutrients...

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Go to.

Or Eggface's site and read the recipes instead of Medifast food channel for your Medifast food porn. I did and it helped, I swear!.

Hugs, Patricia!..

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Most likely you are expeincing what is called head hunger as it was explaned by my nutritionist. He gaveme a paper on deep breathing and.


When this occursI'll see if I can find that paper..

Basically before you eat Inhale slowly to count of ten tensing whole body slowly relax body starting with head and working down to toes as you exhale slowly to count of tenthen ask yourself if you are really hungry. All these cravings are normal. Good luck..

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Oh yes, I am going through this right now. It's horrible and has even had me in tears. I am eleven days post op and just today I think it's letting up a bit. All I can say is I understand and hang in there. There have been times that the ONLY thing that kept me from eating is knowing that it would probably literally kill me. It's got to get easier.

I'm sure the cravings will be back though,but we just have to keep our eye on the prize. If you need to talk, message me. good luck...

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I think EVERYONE goes thru this. It gets easier I promise. Just don't give in!.

Good luck,.


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So I'm almost a week out and I'm having a horrible time with cravings. I want everything salty, fatty, and sugary. I even dream of food. I feel psychologically hungry but not physically hungry. Did anyone else experience this?..

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Ooohhhh yyyeeesss, Those cravings are the worst things ever! I am 6 months post-op and the cravings are so bad right now that I want to jump off a roof, just kidding. But in all honesty the cravings will come and go and like Andy said, we all bend the rules a little and then we pay greatly for that bend!!! Hang in there it will ease up, I promise! Keep posting we are all here to help each other over these hurdles!!.

Hugs as always,.


P.S. I too am here if you want to message me!..

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I am also one of those who likes described what my friends have eaten. And I LOVE the Medifast food network!! Makes me feel like I'm enjoying Medifast food still. And truly my cravings have subsided tremendously especially now that I am able to meat and vegetables. When I was on the shakes and clear liquids my cravings were much worse. Hang in there! It will pass!..

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I also went through this. It took about 3-4 weeks post op before my head began to adjust. In my case, things finally changed in my head and I don't feel hungry anymore. In fact, many days I have to remind myself to eat..

I am now 13 weeks out, have lost 65 lbs and feel great. I can even watch the Medifast food Channel and it doesn't bother me. Love to watch it, love to taste small amounts of food..

Don't give up and be patient. It is soooooooo worth it..


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I'm 4 days out and having the same experience. I was in tears today, feeling blue and worrying if I'd made a terrible mistake. I haven't. It's that head hunger. I think I'm going to need to find replacement behaviors when I'm worried (like today), distressed, lonely,sad, etc. I tired.


My feeling in a journal, taking a walk and reminding myself that I WILL join the ranks of people who think this was the best thing they ever did. I'll be able to eat things in the future, just much less of it. And I WLL get better at defeating the head hunger. So riht now, I want a greasy burgr and my mommy!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.