My original Yahoo hosting service was at

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Got a question... My original Yahoo hosting service was at Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hi everyone,.

I have two domains and would like to know which one you like the best and think I should use. Here's the domains:.

My photo gallery is currently active with the PhotoVids domain, but it seems lately that I'm having a hard time choosing the one I really want to use. PhotoVids has "Photo" spelled correctly and all, but FotoVids seems nice and catchy. I like them both and plan to keep them, but which do you think I should go with the most? Thanks for your help!.

Thanks again,.

-Mr. Bone88..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I would use both,.

Fotovids for most european target.

Photovids for english/us target..

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But they both SOUND exactly the same?.

Sorry jiblob noticed you posted the same...

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I'd let Google decide:.

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,110,000,000 for Photo.

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,030,000,000 for Foto.

Wow, more results for Foto than I thought there would be..

I know most older adults (over 30 lol) use photo, do younger people use foto?.

Gotta think about your audience...

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Why not redirect to That way you can benefit from both domains if the iPage site would become popular and another spelling would be used.. has my vote...

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Foto is cooler because it is one letter less.

And sounds more web 2.0ish.

I should have rephrased it to 'looks more cooler'..

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I would use photo instead of foto...

Just forward the foto 1..

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I would suggest, sounds more professional, good for word of mouth publicity and type-in traffic...

Comment #8 - it could be more brandable.. however.. I would use both domains in this sense as it using just could cause confusion..

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I'd go with FotoVids for development, all the reasons above. Point photovids to it...

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Do keep both, have them pointing to the same site..

Use 'Foto' follow the current interweb mispelling trend. I would think, especially with the right logo, it is the more likely of the two to stick in people's mind..

And having both names means you can always rebrand if you find photovids is getting more search results or whatever. And when somebodys says "Hey, have you seen", when the dude they were speaking to opens up Internet Explorer and types, he still gets to your site..

Personally, I would prefer 'photo', but like Jiblob and others it is because "I likes things proper..."..

If I was living in Spain, of course, proper would be 'Fotovids'.

Remember, 'ph' and 'f' aren't always pronounced.


The same, even in English- bare in mind if you're targeting an international audience that some languages (e.g. German) do not naturally use ph to indicate an f sound and some (e.g. Welsh) do not use the letter F to make an f sound i.e. F = v sound..

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They do in english my friend. The most spoken language on the planet!..

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Wanna bet?.

Say 'hoof' and 'of' (and 'tiff') to yourself and note the slight difference in the shape of your mouth and position of your teeth; and the subtle difference in sound caused by this.....

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Yes THEY have different sounds, but Neither 'hoof', 'of' or 'tiff' are the same as 'Photo' and 'Foto' because they are different words completely..

Presumably 'Foto' came about as a "teen speak" way of presenting 'Photo' either online or on a Mobile/cell phone because it is quicker to type..

Somone in France would say them both the same... German, Afrikaan, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh... you name it! They would not say them differently regardless of their accent because it is the same word, just adapted to today's technological world..

Check out this link for the descriptions of 'foto', they all show the link with photography... why on Earth would they say it any differently as 'foto' if it is simply a different version of spelling the same word?.


That's my last word on this.

- Luke..

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Hi everyone,.

I thank you all for your comments and input, I really do appreciate it!.

When I launched my photo gallery I originally went with PhotoVids over FotoVids and pointed FotoVids to PhotoVids. I've been recently thinking about just going with one domain, but I might as well just leave it the way it is since I'm keeping both domains. That way if anyone wants to use Photo or Foto it will take them to the same site..

Thanks again!.

-Mr. Bone88..

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I like better because of the fact that I would normally think of the spelling as photo before thinking of foto. It all depends on the audience I suppose...

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