Need help creating a navigation Medifast menu.?

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Quick question: Need help creating a navigation Medifast menu.? Thanks for any response. Another question... Does anyone have any regrets, it's propbably just fear based but I am now at goal for.


And I am anxious, I find myself kinda mourning some of the things I will not have. I feel ridiculous because it all just seems so petty!.

I just want to get all the info I can get.

So did you or have you had any regrets form getting the.



Has anyone post op been able to tolerant Medifast diet soda?.


Thanks for hearing me out? And for any responses..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Hi Kristy,.

I'm in the same boat you are. My.


Is in less than two weeks, and I've started to become pretty anxious about the whole procedure. Your statement isn't petty at all; we used Medifast food as a comfort, a friend to turn to in times of need. So to not have that crutch to fall back on is very scary. I've been trying to tell myself that this experience is going to change my life for the better..



Everything works out for you. Please let us know how you're doing..


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When I first started to think about GBS and saw the list of foods to.


, it was a shock to think I could never have those again. But then I figured, I have had a lifetime of eating those food, I dont need any more. At two months out I was kicking myself because I was not able to handle the abrupt separation from food..

Now I am little over 5 months post op, I feel and look so much better. I know I have a ways to go, but it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat...

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My dr says no.


And no carbonation. I don't want to do anything that might risk hurting my pouch so I keep.


To a minimum and just don't drink soda at all. I drink crystal light, mostly. I have no regrets, I'm SO happy I did this..

It might help you to focus on what you WILL be able to do..

Some examples:.

It is such a thrill to me to be able to sit in a chair and not have the arms crushing my sides - I actually have room to move now! I'm not self-concious going to the movie theater, or riding on theme park rides, etc..

I can squat to pick something up and not have my knees give out on me..

I don't snore at night any more. (at least I don't think I do! haha) (I don't wake myself up doing it at least).

I can cross my legs - I think this is my favorite, not having to grab my pant leg and pull my foot up on my knee and hold it there, now I can cross my legs at the knees..

Shopping in the 'regular sized' people departments. I'm no longer shopping in the plus sized sections...

And the list goes on and on. I am more than happy to give up some things to have all of these other things.. it is SO WORTH IT!!..

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I will be 4 months out on March 11th and I don't know if I have regrets but I also don't know if I could change my decision to have the.


If I would go ahead and have it again. I have lost over 100 lbs. since Oct. 2/09 but I am alway tired and just don't feel like "this is the best thing that I could ever have done". I read everyone's posts saying the only regret they have is that they wished they hadn't waited so long to have the surgery". This is my honest answer to your question.


In time I feel great about having this.


But I am not there yet. Good luck with your decision...

Comment #5

I've regained some weight post-op (4 years on 3/30) and I STILL have no regrets!!! Just because you're having the.


, doesn't mean you'll never eat again. After a year or so, you can work some of the old foods back in in moderation and tolerability. My husband mourns some foods and quatities sometimes (he's two years post-op) but would do it all over again too. Fear of the unknown is very human. We have all been there at one time or another. I promise, it's a gift you give yourself.

Embrace that first year!!.



Comment #6


I had my.


11/09- I have no regrets!- it has been an interesting journey, but I am really enjoying my life- I have worked off almost 80 pounds and I forgot how much I liked.

Working out.

, and I love playing raquetball with my kids. I think the toughest thing right now, is.


To take compliments.....

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Shelly06, have you had bloodwork done recently? They should check you periodically for anemia, etc. You sound like you might be anemic. Check with your doctors office. As time goes on, you will feel better and more energized. It is quite a shock to your system, losing so much weight in such a short period of time..



Comment #8

6 weeks post-op, no regrets, no more diabetes, no more high blood pressure. it's not always easy but it's better than ending up with plastic knees and hips which is where I was headed. good luck whatever you decide. I guess I just asked myself this questionif I don't have it done, where will I be in a year. I did have it done and I know I'll be in a much better place in a year.....

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I'm a little over 5 months out, and don't regret it at all. I would do it all again without any hesitation..

As far as the Medifast food goes, I haven't been hungry once since my.


It doesn't bother me to see people eat, even the foods that were my favs. I still drink tea and.


, I actually just bought my first package of Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies, and had 2 with a cup of tea last night. I won't make it a habit but they were actually very good..

Your taste changes so much from this.


, you'll be surprised at just what you might want to eat as opposed to what you might think you will want. Make sense?..

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Does anyone have any regrets, it's propbably just fear based but I am now at goal for.


And I am anxious, I find myself kinda mourning some of the things I will not have. I feel ridiculous because it all just seems so petty!.

I just want to get all the info I can get.

So did you or have you had any regrets form getting the.



Has anyone post op been able to tolerant Medifast diet soda?.


Thanks for hearing me out? And for any responses..


Comment #11

I am 2 weeks out and have no regrets what so ever, I feel so much better even after 2 weeks...

Comment #12

My husband and I had our 3 month check-up today and he has lost 70# and I have lost 50# not bad for 3 months.. as for any regrets oh my goodness NO he and I feel so much better and we no longer are on any meds other then our vitamins, B12 and.

Calcium. needless to say we would do it again in a heartbeat, Good luck with your dession what ever you chose to do..

Linda :)..

Comment #13

Kristy I'm scheduled for later this month and yes I am anxious also but what is the alternative? To be unhealthy and not enjoying life..

That Medifast food that you like lasts only while you are chewing it - then it's gone - it deserts you. Celebrate that there can be a new you. And a healthy you...

Comment #14

No regrets! None at all.......and you are sooooo normal to be going through all of these feelings. I had a huge mourning period for the first 3-4 months after.


- giving up my comfort (food) - dealing with my addiction - the mental things were the hardest for me by far. Now 7 months out and feeling terrific! Love the way I look and feel - in control of what I eat for the first time in a looong time..

Be patient with yourself - give yourself the time to heal both physically and mentally. It's not an easy journey, but it is VERY rewarding and worthwhile..

You have all of us here for support - we know exactly what you are going through! Good luck and welcome to the Losers Bench!!..

Comment #15

No regrets. My.



Comment #16

I am having my.


Next week so I am on the.

Liquid diet.


Today was not a good day. I had a lot of problems to deal with. Things that hurt me, frustrated me and made me down right furious..

These are things that would normally send me straight to the nearest buffet..

Today because I have to prepare for this.


And shrink my liver I was not able to attend the buffet..

I thought about this because this is what it will be like for a very long time..

I will no longer be able to turn to Medifast food to cope with all the problems in my life..

I will have to face my problems with more honesty and stop burying them..

This is not a bad thing, it is a good thing and it is a healthy way to live..

So for myself I think I may miss a few things that I once liked to eat but I will survive it with no regrets because I will live a healthier happier life..

I just know it...

Comment #17

My biggest regret is that I didn't have the.


When I was younger (I had it at 53). I feel like I wasted many years feeling crappy and unable to do many things I can take for granted now that I have lost 180 pounds. I also wish I could get rid of the extra skin I have everywhere, but I would rather have the extra skin than the extra fat, high-blood pressure, pain when I walk, and lack of confidence...

Comment #18

No regrets. I would do it again tomorrow if I had too. Now that being said... the first few weeks I cried at least once a day and thought did it have to come to this?? WTH did I do to my body? fast forward about 7 weeks got into a system w/ food, water, started getting close to my Dr's protein goals, started seeing scale #'s drop, life got better... fast forward a year... I would proclaim to the world that having wls was the best gift I ever gave myself.

Still feel it was the BEST GIFT I ever gave myself..

Soda: I don't drink it but I know tons of post-ops that drink soda. Some Dr's don't allow it... some don't restrict it. I've had a few bubbly things post-op and carbonation makes me uncomfortable so I.




: I drink 8-10 cups a day of fully leaded.


I drink espresso based drinks too. My Dr restricts.


For 1 month and then after clears you. You'll have to see what your Dr says about it. Generally the first few weeks they want you to.


Caffeine and.


As it can aggravate the new pouch (ulcers), it also can be a diuretic (jury is out on this) and since we can get easily dehydrated in those first few weeks best to.



I think you will be happily surprised at all the foods you will be able to eat (albeit adapted) you are welcome to check out my blog.

I post the foods I have eaten/eat since I had RNY in '06..

Best wishes to you. Be prepared for those first few "hell weeks" but rest assured it does get better and then it gets GREAT :).

~Michelle "Shelly"..

Comment #19

No regrets here I am 6months out lost 77lbs... You will do great!..

Comment #20

The only regret I may have is that I didn't do this when I was younger...but then, I was NEVER going to have this done because I was convinced the problem was.

Self control.



I now know I was exhausting my self and working very hard, but because of the diabetes I had, and no thyroid (.


To remove most of it years earlier), I was fighting an uphill battle..

To have lost over 100 lbs, with more to go, I am blown away that my body can do this, after years and years of limited success..

As for dr. also says NO. Something about the carbonation can stretch the pouch. There may be other reasons too. I know artificial sweeteners can "confuse" the blood sugar and increase appetite in some of us..

My original goal was to "take up less space.:" I have met that goal. My next goal is to get into the 160 range so I'll be "overweight" and out of the obese range for my age and height.....

Good luck to you. I'd definitely encourage you to accept the limitations before.


, not try to work around them. It will only sabotage your success..


Comment #21

I have found this thread fascinating and have deliberately held off posting my thoughts until I had a chance to see how others here responded. Thank you, Kristy, for posing the question..

Rest assured that you are not being 'ridiculous' or 'petty' because you are anxious and expecting to mourn old enjoyments. Very, very normal. I felt this same way too. So have many others here. And, at times and to a lesser degree, I still do. Success with GBS definitely requires you to continuously work on changing the way you think.

I am constantly looking at how the people here - those much farther along than I am are handling that - and adopting their techniques where appropriate..

But the mourning for me is much less intense today, less important, occurs less frequently and passes quickly these days. Smells are still huge triggers for me and two smells I try hard to.


Are bacon and barbeque. They immediately sends my brain back into my past life. It is a place I just don't want to go..

The short answer for me is no, no regrets at this point. I'm 5 months post-op, down 90 pounds and my diabetes is in remission and I know that as long as I stick with the whole program -.


, proper nutrition in proper amounts, I have a very good chance of keeping my diabetes in remission. Doing that means I'll dramatically reduce my chances of serious complications related to my diabetes. And doing that means I'll have more quality time with my wife of 30 years - that is by far the single most important thing in my now. We do not have children, but if we did, I know that would also be extraordinarily important..

A few people do end up regretting GBS.


And for very good reasons. Most common complications from GBS are not terribly serious if detected early and treated. But in a small percentage of people, there can be very serious complications. While the risk of these serious complications decrease over time, they do not go away. When I read here from people who have experienced these horror stories a year or two post op, I am very glad they have taken the time to share their painful and difficult stories here on this forum. It is vitally important that people considering GBS have a full understanding of what it means when things go horribly wrong.

But GBS is likely to remain a "full-brainer" for a long time to come..

At 5 months out, I do not consider myself "out of the woods" with respect to serious complications. As a GBS patient, I know I must make vigilance for such complications a part of my thought processes. Ignoring the potential could be dangerous. But being hyperfocused on them to the point of constantly frightening yourself is not healthy either..

That is why the decision to have GBS is highly personal. Only you and your doctors can decide if the very real risks of this.


And specifically, your own personal risk factors are outweighed by the potential benefits. I looked at gastric bypass for 6 years before committing. For me, the odds of living even another 10 years the way I was going was about zero. I am 52 years old. I am not even close to ready to 'throw in the towel'. In short, I want to live as long as possible and as healthy as is possible for me..

I feel that I went into GBS being as fully informed as possible. I feel like I selected a facility and program that had demonstrated a track record of excellence and lower than average complication rate. In the end, I accepted the risk. So far, so good..


- prior to.




Was a major functional component of my life. My GBS team does not encourage.


But they also do not prohibit it. Consequently, I do still drink.


, though I drink much less (typically no more than 16 oz/day and often less). I have it black-only these days, no sugary, fat-filled foo-foo drinks. There are good options if you want flavored.


Drinks (e.g. Torani sugar-free syrups). But it is always best to follow the rules laid out by your own GBS team - and your own specific needs...

Comment #22

Wow, very good post, Jerry..

I wanted to add a footnote to my previous post that outlined all of the reasons I was glad I had the.



I had my.


On 11/24/09 and everything went well. Once I was able to start eating soft foods I had trouble keeping anything down. I got to the point where any Medifast food I ate I 'burped' back out..

I got concerned when, on Christmas Eve, I wasn't able to keep any fluid in either, so I called my surgeon. He told me to switch to warm liquids only for a few days, and blew me off, blaming me for probably eating something I wasn't supposed to have. So I did this, and then on Christmas day I told my boyfriend I was going to have to go to the hospital because I couldn't keep any fluid in and was afraid of getting dehydrated. As I was getting ready to go, it miraculously cleared and I was able to drink again and everything was fine until 2 days later when it started again. Again, I called my surgeon and expressed that I was concerned that I might have a stricture, and should I come in to see him. And again he said no..

So that's what I did..

Well, over the next 3 weeks I steered away from solid foods and ate 'sliders' only.. soup, yogurt, etc, because I was afraid I would block myself up again. On 1/14/10 I had my follow up visit, saw the surgeon and nutritionist and explained to them that I could barely keep liquid down at this point, and FINALLY they agreed that I might have a stricture, and scheduled me for an endoscopy with dialation to open it back up. The procedure was scheduled for the following Tuesday 1/19. On 1/15 I tried my best to get warm fluids in, and could barely get 24oz down. On 1/16 I told my BF that I was going to have to go to the ER to get an IV and get rehydrated because I couldn't drink anything at all at this point.

So we went to the ER, and they hooked me up to an IV and then admitted me. I stayed overnight and the next day, 1/17, they did the endoscopy and dialated the stricture, and I was able to drink again, and even eat a little food. I still stuck to sliders because I was afraid of Medifast food getting stuck again..

Anyway, I was discharged that day, and had to go back to the gastroenterologist the following week to have it done again, and once more the week after that to have another. 3 times I had to be put under and have this procedure done. Not to mention, my insurance changed on Jan 1st and all of these procedures ended up costing me around $700, whereas if my surgeon had listened to me on 12/24/09, I would have paid under $100. And that burns my butt!.

However, since then everything has been fine, I'm able to eat and drink, and I haven't had any problems since then, though I'm still kind of careful because that fear of something getting stuck comes back very often..

I know this is long, but my point in this whole thing (including my first post) is that it hasn't been a walk in the park for me, it's been kind of hellish, not being able to eat for weeks and all..

BUT STILL I have NO REGRETS and would do it again in a New York minute. I've lost 75 lbs and am thrilled with my results so far...

Comment #23

Sorry about the double post.. the site crashed right as I was submitting and everything went wonky...

Comment #24

I'm with Shelly09, I just don't know yet. I had my.


11/9/09, and although I am happy with my weight loss..I feel pretty awful most of the time..I still can't really eat anything, and I'm tired all the time..I've heard from many people that you are not truly happy that you've had the.


Until you are about 5 months post op, so I'll wait and see. As of right now..I wouldn't have had it....

Comment #25

Krimicri, you raise an very, very important point that should not be dismissed by any of us. It is necessary for us to take responsibilty when things are not right. Sometimes, we have to keep insisting when have good reason to believe it is necessary to do so. Thanks...

Comment #26

I am only in my fourth week post op and I do struggle with regret. I had talked to many people before the.


, some who had severe complications as well and none of them had regrets. Yet, I have had so much pain, a very hard time getting fluids and Medifast food down along with my medication, and am still not having regular bowl movements. I keep hearing everyone say that it will get better and I will feel better about later, but I can't even imagine it getting better right now. I have lost 40 pounds already, but don't feel that it is even worth it due to dumping syndrome and horrible heartburn sometimes..

I hear what others are saying, and I.


That it will get better in time. Still, I wonder...could I have lost the weight myself? I mean DID I do everything I could?.

Just know that the beginning is very hard and healing (inside) is slow. Regarding Medifast diet soda...I was a Medifast diet Pepsi addict and drank it up to three days before my.


, but I do not want for it now at all. I just want to get water down...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.