Need help deciding on a Medifast menu............?

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Got a quick question: Need help deciding on a Medifast menu............? Thanks for any response. Second question.. I just had GBS on Wednesday (7/2) afternoon and have been doing amazingly well: needed no pain meds in hospital or at home, started.


60-90 minutes/day since 2 hours post-op, lost 16 lbs since starting clear.

Liquid diet.

2 days pre-op. So, what's the problem, right?.

While I'm doing so unexpectadly well physically, I'm really struggling emotionally. I'm supposed to be on clear liquids and protein shakes ONLY until the middle of next week, but last night I started dabbling with thick soups because 1) I'm already so sick of jello and broth, 2) I'm feeling a little cocky about my ability to handle any Medifast food because the ride so far has been so smooth, and 3) I WANT to eat - not just drink - SO BADLY..

Yesterday, I actually licked the spices/flavoring off of one of my husband's potato chips... in public. How pathetic am I? The thick soup I sipped last night caused me to have my 1st incidence of dumping syndrome, but even that was easily tolerable and not nearly as uncomfortable as I had expected. Now, I need to make myself go to bed because I'm fixated on the fact that there is sliced ham in the refrigerator. I'm even worried that I'll sneak down in the middle of the night for a bite - or a whole slice!.

HELP!!! I just had.


4 days ago and am already worried about my ability to stick with a simple 6-week post-op Medifast diet plan. If I can't do this, how will I be able to continue to.

Lose weight.

And maintain weight loss throughout the rest of my life?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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You definitely need to stick to the Medifast diet your surgeon has laid out for you regardless of how well you feel. I did great when I had my.


As well but I guess I was to afraid to venture out into the unknown when I came home and did stick to the Medifast diet recommended..

I am eight month out now and still doing amazingly well. Although I have hit a platau with the weight loss and that can be frustrating, I have lost 102 lbs so far and am so glad that I did what I was told. I have seen people in my support group who did not do as they were told and have not been as successful in their wieght loss as I have been. Hang in there. Remember this is only a temporary situation and pretty soon you will be on solid foods again and then you will come to really appreciate food...

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You are in a very valuable "honeymoon" period. Don't blow it!! The first 6-9 months are so precious. You lose a lot of weight during this time. Then it disappears and you are back to your old metabolism and it's so much harder to lose the weight. PLEASE stick to what the doctor ordered. Dabbling into things you shouldn't be will sabotage your entire weightloss, much less do damage to your pouch.

Get some sugar free popsicles, they are like chewing something and are sweet, so they may help you stay on track. Think long and hard as to why you chose to have this MAJOR.


In the first place. Don't blow it so early in the game. You will only be hurting yourself. Divert your attentions to something you love to do...a favorite hobbie, more.


, something you love to do. Get your mind off of food. It's all mental hunger, not physical hunger. You feel deprived and are retaliating. Good luck!!..

Comment #3

This may n0t s0und like the answer y0ur l00king f0r but I say g0 ahead and eat a slice 0f ham. Why, because y0u w0nt be able t0 keep it d0wn and it may make y0u want t0 be m0re careful 0f what you eat. I had the.


In march and in the beginning I ate s0me things I sh0uldnt have and it caused me t0 bring it back up. After you d0 that a few time y0u start t0 be m0re selective in what you eat. Im n0t sure every0ne will agree but thats what w0rked f0r me..

G00d luck,.


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You know, George, you might be onto something here! Yeah, go ahead and try something sinful. We can almost guarantee it will cause you one hell of a stomach ache, the sweats, and puke your guts up. THEN you will know your limitations. Sorry to sound crusty, but maybe that is what you need to keep on track...

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Be careful! When you are this early out if you want to play russian roulette with your pouch you may not just dump or throw up or feel lousey or even do okay, you may cause a life threatening leak to open the not yet completely healed suture line!!! Don't eat the ham... at least not yet..

Count your blessings that you needed no pain meds and could walk for an hour so soon. I am still dragging my a$$ one week out but feel greatful to be doing so well..

As for the soup, if you heart wasn't racing and you weren't sweating and feeling like death it probably wasn't dumping syndrome, it probably just didn't agree with you cuz it's too soon..

Good luck!.


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This is so normal but Pam and george are right...Persevere! This is a good reason for all you preops to go ahead and do the 2 week.

Liquid diet.

Before your.


It helps you get used to not eating and it helps lessen the Medifast food addiction...

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Thanks for all your responses! I resisted the ham last night and barely thought about it at all today. I found a much lower-fat soup that I ate today. The one thing I did wrong today was try some soft cheese. I chewed it down to nothing and didn't feel any ill effects..

I have been eating an SF popsicle every night for dessert, it's really sweet and tasty - I am really surprised that I've not craved chocolate, which is what I used to have every night after dinner. Now that I have lower-fat soups, the cheese is gone, and I'm trying to get my husband to eat all the ham (otherwise, I'll just throw it out so it doesn't continue to be a problem for me), I feel like I'm doing myself a huge favor and will be able get back on track..

I get what you're saying, George, and that exactly what I expected to happen with the high-fat chowder I ate the other night, but - other than feeling like my heart was about to pound right out of my throat and getting the sweats - I was pretty much OK. I really don't want to throw up - or worse, do damage to my pouch - so I promise to be good (or at least better) starting right now..

I really appreciate you guys not pulling any punches with me. I needed a little smack to the back of the head. :)..

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I know that sometime all I can do not to eat is sit on my hands and pray.... Go for a walk call someone in your support group, family or your husband... and tell everyone around you that this is you new way of life and to be supportive means not bringing chips around you while you are in a making these new changes..Good luck..

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As others have said this isn't uncommon, but try and remind yourself of what you just went's an adjustment mentally as well as physically, no question..

I would say there is a lot of DECIDING to make good choices that will be part of your success, so might as well start now. I try not to talk to myself in terms of NEVER, just "Not now." May help with the emotional temptations you're facing now..

It's a good time, during those tempting moments, to have a list you can immediately turn to, to refocus. Maybe.


, a good book, taking a walk or other form of.


, or at night...going to bed, to put an end to that..

If you haven't discovered sugar free popsicles, you might try those. They have been a great "filler" for me and helps a sweet tooth at times, when that becomes a temptation for me..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.