Need help with iPage, or web hosting in general...?

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First of all Need help with iPage, or web hosting in general...? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... I recieved a bid for a HostGator name. I am wondering how long will it be if I sent it to the auction i.e. 5 or 7 days !.

I want the auction to end on Saturday or.

Sunday [ preferably ].

, so should I sent it now or wait till this Saturday/Sunday?.

Suggestions appreciated soon...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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So long as the offerer doesn't back out because of the somewhat counter-intuitive system that locks a bidder into a bid for a week where a negotiation became public. Many discussions on the validity of this point, but I just bring it up as a reminder that auctions are a waste if the offer is something you would otherwise being willing to accept sans auction..


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But I am getting a really nice offer..

This means I should send it for auction on Sunday so that it ends next Sunday..

Thanks for the confirmation..

Offerer = Bidder / Seller [myself] ?

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Bidder. (The one making the offer that you can accept/reject.).


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Agree. I've alienated several buyers who backed out of the deal when I put it to auction and they won...

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I have taken several domains to auctions at Sedo (after getting offers out of the blue), and I've never gotten more than the original offer price. Meanwhile, there is a substantial risk that the person will lose interest when they have to wait for a week..

If it's a "really nice offer," I say.

Grab it now!..

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I agree.. Most people want what they want when they want it. They don't want to privatly offer to buy something then have it become a public bidding war.. I know Ide back out, especially if it were just a catchy or generic DN...

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I think if you set "asking price" for your HostGator before you had this bid .. so this asking price will be your reserve price if you send it to auction ...

About this 7days auction thing , as ginge133 said .. once you had this bid so 7days begins whatever you started your auction or not .. and still can send it to auction even in last 30 mins of this 7days period..

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Right !.

But sending to an auction will fetch higher value i.e. 1 week...

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It might or it might not... If it was with a $3,900 big (Just for example.

), then sending it to auction would be foolish,.

If it was with a bid of $800, then an auction wouldn't be bad for the value (May be bad for business, however.)..


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I agree with this Allan. Not a big fan of the way it's conducted personally. I received an offer for a HostGator before which I felt was adequate, so instead of sending it to auction, I decided to just give the buyer a break and accept their offer. But, as fate would have it, they still never paid..

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Same. Received a good offer and accepted without sending it to auction. Buyer never paid. I probably won't bother doing that again. I'll just send them all to auction, regardless. Not enough reliable buyers at Sedo...

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In most cases, you'll see only 1 bid for your HostGator in Sedo auction, if your HostGator is not a super one..

Counter back with a wider profit margin if you know it in your domain...

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Sedo takes the same approach that most other auction sites take... they ignore it completely...

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Yes, they send 3 goons to the guy's house to break his kneecaps and cut of a finger an hour using bolt cutters until he coughs up the money....

No, of course not..

What would you have them do? They can't force a guy to pay. What they should do is close the account of folks that don't follow through, but I'm not sure if they do or do not..


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I have done this which has worked nice for me anyways- there are names you just know have a good chance of NOT getting anymore bids-.

I have gotten offers- and responded as such:.


Thank you for your $50.00 offer-.

Unfortunatly this name will not be selling for $50.00- but I can counter with this offer:.

A $100.00 offer can send the name to auction- the auction will last 7 days and the highest bidder will win the name..

Or, you can pay the ByPass Auction price of $200.00 and I agree NOT to send it to auction, but allow you to purchase it..

Thank you and good luck-.

I dont know why but the 3 times I did this they all took the bypass auction and paid me the higher price- my actual bin- but when I say bin, they want to negotiate more- weird...

But, it has worked for me!..

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I don't think this will work, cos they can open up various accounts and do it over and over again...

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I love it!.

Smart tactical move, and great job on using what is a confusing system to elucidate exactly how it would effect the potential buyer; Nice work!.


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I dont think they could because there is buyer verification now...

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Right !.

I am sending it for auction in few hours, they are all .de's..

Hopeful of making so much...

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