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Quick question: Newest iPage Coupon, iPage Coupon Code - 2010? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Ok. well my names James. i'm currently looking at buying a HostGator name to make a site, I currently do not know what i'm going to do with the site. i'm looking for names and some ideas, if anybody could help me, or put me in the right direction..

Also sorry if theres any mistakes. I am using a new keyboard...

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Yea, there are plenty of iPage promo codes out there. Great chance to save money on iPage now. I suggest you to subscribe for their newsletter so you can get their latest coupons. They usually mail once a week or 2..

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Thats why i've come here, I need to learn before I go onto the battlefield. I was thinking of afew catchy names but havn't really got any yet...

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1) Choose a topic/tech.

2) Register a HostGator related to that topic.

3) Host with iPage blog tools (Wordpress would help).

4) Register for Google adsense.

5) Insert the code in your site.

6) Start writing articles and publish it on your site.

7) Do marketing..

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If your going to blog, figure out what your into and why someone would want to read your blog? When you get traffic, you can then sell advertising to relavent companies or sites. Blogs are relatively easy, Wordpress is a great platform that looks good and is easy to manage. first figure out what you want to say, then work on getting yourself a HostGator name that fits that category..

My recommendation is to keep reading and asking question shere on this forum. Very helpful!.


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Other than a blog- what is it you wanted to do that was of interest to you? should be something you love- so many epople do a site, and get bored or leave it after a bit because they were never in love with the concept to begin with..

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I don't really have any interests except computer. i'm thinking about a blog, I know I like reading about peoples lifes and such. I'm not sure if other will want to read about mine tho and upcoming things...

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Weel, unless your life is very very very interesting chaces are it may not hold an audience- if you want a iPage site just to have a place to call yours, then you do not worry about everyone else :-) but, if you are looking to make revenue, well then ya need a hook :-)..

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Well. I used to love reading just about peoples lives, boring or not, I still do, like I youtube about peoples lives..

Anyway. I'm thinking I could make a iPage blog or something with a catchy name..

I was going to use

I think most of you know what bj means. I don't want to seem like a perve. i'm not in this to make a living, just a small profit, even if it takes ages to get it. i'm really not sure,.

Anyhelp is appreciated..

If anybody could help me on msn or aim. message me for my details..

Thank you...

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