Nikon d3000 help with Shooting Medifast menu?

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Quick question... Nikon d3000 help with Shooting Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi everyone - I'm scheduled to have the.


End of the month - in about 3 weeks. I have 3 adult children. I have told only my husband and one daughter. One child I don't want to tell because his wife would be totally judgemental in a very negative way. My other child - she and I are going through a somewhat difficult time right now and I just don't feel like sharing this with her. Any advice on any of this - and if anyone else didn't tell many people - how do you explain your "absence" for the period and what do you say when you start loosing weight and people say: "how are you losing so much weight?"..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I agree with Lois, I knew I had a Hernia and they were going to repair it with my gbs.


So I just told ppl I was having Hernia repair. After about a month I was losing and had a whole different attitude about it and I told my coworkers, but cautioned them not to tell all our customers in the salon because I want my job to be about them and not about me and I didn't want 500 customers a week coming in to inquire about the new "novelty item" and keeping my mind on myself instead of on doing my job. My main function there is to make them aware of themselves and their beauty, not about me or mine. Same with my church, I want it to be about Jesus and not a bunch of people looking to see how much I've lost and asking me about it. The reason I knew that would happen is that I wasn't the first to do this and that's how it was with them. We all have our reasons and I wish you luck with yours.



Comment #2

At first I didn't want to tell anyone.. I waited until I was 4 months into my insurance requirement stage to even bring it up, and then it was only to my close friends and family..

Now I don't worry about it and just blurt it out. I really don't care what people think all that much. I did this for me and for my health, not to gain others approval. You do what you need to do, and don't let what other people think deter you. People are going to talk one way or the other, it's human nature..

Keep your eye on the prize!..

Comment #3

Part of me didn't want to tell anyone besides my close family, but I knew that people would find out eventually, and while at first during my journey I was a little embarassed at having to do this, I finally accepted that I'm changing my life for the better and to be proud of this. I'm so thankful that my family has been supportive of my decision, and a few of my friends have had the procedure done as well, they've been very encouraging and so great to ask advice from. And of course, there's everyone on here that have been so amazing these past couple weeks. I gush about you all to my boyfriend every day:).


Comment #4

I told everyone, and still continue to do so. I'm not ashamed that I made a huge decision to save my life. I've never had a negative look, comment or anything. Most people are just so happy that I look and feel so much better..

To tell or not is a personal decision, I've never been one to be secretive or not outspoken. I feel like people are gonna hear from someone anyway, figure it out on their own, or wonder if your very, very sick..

Good luck on your decision, your.


And your new life...

Comment #5

At first I was hesitant telling people, but after I started losing weight quickly and getting so much positive feedback, I have no problem explaining. My co-workers and the people I see at my gym have become my best "cheerleaders" and their comments have encouraged me thoughout the process. It feels great to have someone you really don't know well tell you how great you look. Of course they want to know how I have lost all of the weight, so I tell them...

Comment #6

My family knew and a few closer friends at work. But as my.


Date came up, I had to tell more people at work and that is when I hear all negative stories..

But most people were very supportive and I really think that those who were negative just had a lack of understanding what GBS is all about it...

Although now when I see people and they ask how I lost all the weight, I just say " changed my eating habits and more exercise" (which is true :-)..

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I told my husband and son as soon as I had made the decision and then some friends who were on the same path. As I got closer to.


, I told more people and never really told anyone to keep it a secret. It was a health decision and I'm pretty open about it..

But I know someone who decided not to tell, and as the weight loss became very noticable and rapid and was then joined by hair loss..

Well... it was a better explanation than the cancer rumors that were making the rounds, although it did garner less sympathy..


Comment #8

I told EVERYONE. When I did that, I also asked for prayers and positive thoughts..

My motive was to let people know that I was doing something that would save my life and I was not going to let anything stop me. Which included the money gobbling insurance co. not covering the procedure..

No regrets here...

Comment #9

I told my whole immediate work I told my 3 immediate coworkers..when I got approval I told my immediate supervisor...then when I had to have my upper GI (i work in an imaging center) I figured the girl who did it told people..which was fine. and when time got closer I told whoever was around! everyone at my job has been supportive..specially since it all went to well and I'm doing so good!..

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Hi everyone - I'm scheduled to have the.


End of the month - in about 3 weeks. I have 3 adult children. I have told only my husband and one daughter. One child I don't want to tell because his wife would be totally judgemental in a very negative way. My other child - she and I are going through a somewhat difficult time right now and I just don't feel like sharing this with her. Any advice on any of this - and if anyone else didn't tell many people - how do you explain your "absence" for the period and what do you say when you start loosing weight and people say: "how are you losing so much weight?"..

Comment #11

I'm telling everyone and I dont even have my approval yet. I.


Its contributing to the "power of positive thinking" :)..

Comment #12

I didn't keep it a secret with my family cause they are all here and suportive but I didn't tell hubbys family, except his parents, til way after cause they were all skinny people and just didn't want to deal with anything they had to say. One is real competitive. The funny thing is my two sisters were heavy too but no where near my size and once I had.


They both went on diets cause they didn't want to be the fat sister. The middle one and I are only a year apart and it was a huge competition to her and she hated when I got complimented. They bot hsaid I took the easy way out and that just ticked me off and I let them know it. ITs a sore subject. I am now the skinniest sister for the 3rd year and I"m loving it and they still aren't but oh well. Tell those who will be supportive anf forget the rest...

Comment #13

I like others, told everyone in my family, in my church family, on my other forums that I visit....I love.


About it, it gives people a perspective to myths,rumors or just nonsense they hear....


That you will tell people and feel comfortable and get the support you need and deserve. Good luck to you!..

Comment #14

I told everybody, I was just that excited!.

Hugs! Patricia..

Comment #15

I only told those that I knew would be supportive.. and believe me that was NOT my actual family.. lol. I told my friends and those that mattered in my life.. because I knew I'd need the support. coming to grips with the.


Is a "coming out process".. and it is just as hard for those around you. They will struggle with thinking the person they once knew is gone.. and it's up to us to show them that we are the same person.. just that we arent in that "fat shell" we were once in. Once you are able to come to grips with it yourself..

Lol. You will soon have that "I don't give a f*ck" attitude and will be happy with your choice... We reallty need a GBS Pride parade or something.. hahahahaha!!!..

Comment #16

I told my immediate family and my husband family, only one of my brothers wasnt happy that id choose to have the operation he said I was taking the easy way out of course he hasn't a clue! But all in all my family have been very supportive and now 16 months out my brother likes the new me, it is taking some adjusting from everyone around me to the new me, especially for the ones who weigh a bit more than me as I'm no longer the fat one in the family. (i love that part!). Tell who you feel comfortable telling, you are doing this for you!..

Comment #17

I told everyone I knew and everyone I knew told everyone they knew...LOL I did become the "go to person" for many people out there wanting/wishing to.

Lose weight.

FAST. I do tell them it is not that quick or near as easy as it's lots of hard work and dedication to not just losing the weight but making sure you get healthy in the process. That was my goal...good health...

Comment #18

I don't think you have to tell EVERYONE, (right away), but those who know you well and see you regularly will notice, and I think eventually you'd probably end up telling people...or others will talk. I guess I felt like I wanted to be the one to share that news, but I didn't tell the world all at once..

I started with those from whom I felt I'd receive support. Then, as I became more comfortable about the decision myself, I shared with others, expanding the circle over time..

Weight loss efforts were always a part of my conversations and I knew people would notice and maybe even worry if I was ok, as they saw the lbs. melting away. Figured I'd either have to lie at that point or end up explaining anyhow. So I opted for being up front..

I do have a good friend who had this done 5 years ago and told NOBODY but her boss. She was lucky and was back at work 4 days later. (I could not have done that). To this day, other than myself, her husband and 2 grown sons, her parents and the boss, nobody knows she's had this done. Some have guessed, and then wonder why she hasn't said how she lost it. Let's face it, women, especially talk about everything, and they want to know when someone finds the secret to success, especially where weight loss is concerned..

So, I'd select those you know will be supportive, and share at least with those close to you..


Comment #19

Pre-op, I only told the people that I knew would support me and not blab to everyone. I didn't tell my elderly parents, because, especially my mom, would have been anxious and upset until after.


You need positive feedback pre-op. Post-op, I told anyone who would listen. I knew it was right for me. My husband was going to not tell anyone, when he had the.


Two years later, and I convinced him that when he started dropping the weight, his clients (he's a dog groomer) would start to think he had cancer or was ill. He needed to reassure them that it was intentional and that he was fine. That he was making a healthier, leaner body which was a gift to himself. You know what is right for you and who you can tell. I wish you a smooth, uneventful.


And speedy recovery. God bless!.



Comment #20

Another thing....the naysayers will come around, when they see you losing weight and looking better and healthier. Try not to let them get to you. Most of them are skinny anyway and have no concept of being morbidly obese. They are the ones that say, "Why don't you just get it under control and eat healthier?" If it was that easy, do you really think we would be morbidly obese???????????????????..

Comment #21

Rank the following things from what is the most important to you, to least important..

A - the number on the scale.

B - how I feel about myself.

C - how I look to others.

D - how I look to myself.

Most would likely say B is first. This is likely a big part of why you are having the.


You want to feel good about yourself. A and D typically come next in varying degrees... usually with C coming last. (Though it has crept upward on me a bit as I contemplate.



Why do I bring this up here? To hopefully help you keep your focus on why you are looking at this life changing event..

You will find people will run the spectrum of support as you go through this... but never forget the reason you are doing this... for you, your health, both physically and mentally..

Side note, I pretty much told everyone. It was a form of accountability for myself during the pre-op loss. To some degree, when those you don't tell ask you can tell them "I'm eating less, exercising more" and it will be the truth..

But yea, with band, it's an easier sell. With RNY, those that don't know will suspect this or that you're sick...

Comment #22

When I decided to have the.


I had really only talked about it to 1 friend and my (at the time) boyfriend. I really felt like I was failing myself at first. It was a very tough decision for me. I lost 40 lbs 2 years ago through Medifast diet and busting my @ss.


I was a TOTAL gym addict... I have been to culinary.


, I KNOW about nutrition... why did I NEED to have GBS? I did because I don't have time like I used to have, I only lost 40 lbs because I was.

Working out.

6+ hours a day! I gained back 60 lbs in the 2 years since I lost it all... I felt like I failed and I needed to do something that I couldn't fail at anymore! I wasn't playing with my kids, we didn't go to the beach, we hardly went anywhere where I had to get some serious sweat going on in the last 2 years. I WAS FAILING MYSELF AND MY CHILDREN BEFORE THIS.....

Around the time I was able to schedule my.


, October I told my family... My grams I love her to pieces but she tends to be a negative nelly, she wasn't THAT bad... My mom is usually the same, so to help ME with my mom's attitude I took her to one of my preop appointments, and she was able to speak with my surgeon and ask her what ever she wanted. My mom loved my surgeon and felt good when we left the hospital..

My Aunt Micki is my favorite person in the world, she was happy but very concerned. Upon discharge from my.


, she got to meet my surgeon too. After asking the questions she wanted to know (a little late now lol) she really felt better too..

Everyone I have told is SO MEGA SUPPORTIVE! I am very lucky to not have many negative people in my life when it comes to this. I have a few, but I really don't listen to them, I am a strong woman, and I don't need negative comments to damage my self image, to hell with them all!.

Now I have told many people and I am happy I have, it is a personal choice, I.


You can tell enough people so you have enough support around you. Don't listen to the negative comments, you don't need them!..

Comment #23

I told anyone who was interested and my family and friends new for sure...this was MY life changing decision and I am glad I had the support from ALL my church friends too:) My minister and his wife came in to see me and my mother right after.


.....I am BLESSED with everyone around me understanding but they all knew I WAS SICK of being morbidly obese!!!.



Love yas!..

Comment #24

Wow! It was very interesting.


Everyone's replies. I initialy told no one as I was going throught the preapproval process...I think that was because I wanted to form my own opinion and was ambivalent about having the.


I did share with a few very close friends the process of what I was goint throught, but was unsure of whether I would go through with the.


My husband and I gradually spoke about it. Once I got my approval I was scheduled 2 weeks later. The closer I got to.


The better I felt..I I only told my mom 1 week before the.


As I was worried about her judgements. She was very supportive, changed her.


, and flew up for my.


And was grateful. Everyone has been very supportive except for my 20 year old son...who happens to be very thin and thinks that mom took the easy way out..

I too was worried about being the center of the gossip. My party line at work was Deb is fine, but having some.


It was suggested that I say it was female.


And everyone would.


Me alone. I'm only 4 weeks post.


And get more comfortable daily. I've only lost 15 pounds but everyone is telling me how great I look (they probably didn't notice the 18 pounds I lost presurgery). whatever decision you make will be the right one for you. Everyone has been very supportive. Make sure the post.


..especially the first 2 weeks you have a good support system in place. Good luck!!..

Comment #25

I, too, was nervous about telling people. After sharing with my immediate family, I told my boss at work since I was going to be out of the office for dr's appointments, tests and then after.


I felt weird telling her and then she told me she has 2 friends who had it done, did great and are happy. Later I told 1 co-worker and a close friend and got exactly the same experience with them being very excited, saying they thought it was great and they both knew people who had done this with signficant success as well. After that, I told several more people. I've found over the years that (mostly) I set the stage on how people react to what I tell them by how I tell them and I used this when I told people in that I told them I was having it and couldn't wait with no negative comments and people, for the most part, responded in kind with positivity. I had a few people send me flowers when I got out of the hospital and received 2 cards from people telling me that they thought it was a courageous move and they wished me the best. So, I really had a positive experience telling people and felt like I had a lot of supporters..

I agree that if you think that people will be negative, I wouldn't tell them either. As for friends, co-workers, and family I got a really nice response and it made me feel better about the whole thing, especially when people told me the success stories of their friends...

Comment #26

So far all my family knows .I don't think they have.


About GBS.They say that's good.Few of my best friends know and they don't think I should go ahead with it .I told them it's not an overnight thing you decide to do .it took me a few years and alot of information and preparing for this.its not for only being thin again,it involves health issues too.After my.


When I start losing ev1 will notice and l will tell them the truth.i won't be ashamed at all...

Comment #27

Liberty - it's not that I am "ashamed" of having the.


- I just don't want the stares and the judgemental comments, etc. I too am doing this for my health - I'm thinking I'll just tell people I'm having hernia repair....course not sure how that will fly with some inquisitive people!..

Comment #28

I didn't want to tell anyone at first. I did tell my oldest sister because her husband had it done 5 years ago and she is a nurse so I wanted to get as much info as possible. But my husband didn't have a problem telling everyone. He told me he didn't know it was a secret lol. Now I tell everyone I talk to if he hasn't already told them...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.