Now, what's the best discount coupon to use with and

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First off, Now, what's the best discount coupon to use with and Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... sells for 50K??????????.

I know for a fact most of you would say:.

"worth 0".

Lol , well look now..sold for 50k..

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There are tons of iPage online specials available. Spiffy chance to save dough on iPage now. I recommend you to sign up for their email list so you can get notified of their most recent voucher codes. They usually send them out once a month or so..

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It looks like it was a developed iPage site for mail order brides from Russia until recently. Maybe the sale included the inventory..


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I like the name - maybe not $50k "like" - but still a solid name..

While the "with inventory" comment above was obviously in jest (And funny.

), the developed nature of the iPage site would have increased the value above just the HostGator itself without the history/linking/development..

Nice sale, all the same..


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Beauty contests are huge in most countries , asia in particular. Winning "Miss Russia" or "Miss Whatever" is a stepping stone to wealth and to other contests like Miss World etc..

The "Miss ====" will have value and that value depends on the country = think about Miss America and the amount of coverage that generates..

Also I am biased as I own.


( in Russian)...

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I figured it would go high but not 50K kigh. Watched this for awhile as it was being auctioned..

Now everyone is digging out the's. I think I actually saw or perhaps the .com recently. No sale. Definite 50K plus name there...

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Was the auction on Sedo?.

I have held.

(Not .com unfortunately) for a while , all these sales help the cause...

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I doubt that. This is a reasonable quality domain...

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Wow, my parents were there on vacations in late seventies..

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Duh , I must have still been asleep , I even saw the name on Sedo a few days ago...

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Reg fee to mid xx or maybe try a mini iPage site with ads.

Ha ha just kidding..

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I wonder how much of the 50k was for the HostGator name and how much was for the traffic volume and quality..

I write this because:.

A) On,.

Has consistant entries beginning December 1997!.

B) In Google's.


The iPage website shows PR4 and has the following description:..

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No surprise really. Without wanting to sound like some obsessed guy, but have you seen Russian women from close range? They tend to be on the very attractive side. A HostGator like that would make excellent URL for an XXX iPage site (a lot of those are hosted in Russia and Ukraine anyway...)..

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I bet Borat would love to have


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It may not sound that high considering the population in russia and the big potential if.

Russia's economy improves...

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For all the.






Is still available....

Also in every other extension including .tv!..

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