Other free website creators aside from iPage?

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Got a question... Other free website creators aside from iPage? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I mean, using services like and

Its obvious that some of the HostGator names were owned by people who used to be living.

Someone in this day and age wouldnt let those good HostGator names go to waste....

Your thoughts?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Thats is how life is, if people know you after you are dead consider yourslf succesful in life...

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From dead people - what makes you think that, how could you ever know if it was or not ? .

If you take a look at those dropping names (thousands daily) "it appears" that probably around 80% of them have never been developed and were probably owned by domainers hoping to sell on !!!.

(sometimes you can just tell by looking at the type of names).

Many will also be dropped because their owners might have 300,000 of them and miss a few renewals ! or they did'nt bother to put in the correct email address so they can't be notified when the HostGator is due to be dropped, or their credit card details are not up to date in their account. (like the case of all those xxxxxworld_com domains that dropped and sold for thousands).

There must be many reasons why a HostGator drops but I'm sure because of someones death will definelty be in a tiny amount of cases..

I would feel more guilty buying a name from someone for low xxx that I knew was worth xx,xxx but I guess thats the nature of business..



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I was trying to buy the doman the guy had died and I reached his son. I thought id be a nice guy and buy it off him rather then let it drop..hehe..The kid didnt even know he owned the HostGator name. Then he comes across at $10,000! for a name he didnt know he had 24hours earlier. ROAR. and someone else bought it for that much. I have no issue with buying off the dead, I just dont like dealing with the living...

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Now that is funny !.


Quote of the year !..

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Well I sort of chuckled at the title of this thread but I guess it is bound to happen sooner or later. People do poop off every day and not all of us will remember to add our domains to our wills and how to take care of them..

Unless you actually know the owner died then no, I wouldn't feel guilty. For most of us there is no way to know if the previous owner died..

I agree! Quote of the year!..

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Just as well or people would be exploding everywhere !!.

Is "poop off" an American saying or a typo ? .


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The domains owned by those in the better place make their earthly's rather crumby.I'm sure they don't mind us using them while we are here..

Besides ICANN registration rules require proper contact information and seem intended for living persons only...

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This topic could only come up here at NP!.

What kind of sick question is this lol? Thats like asking somebody if they feel guilty taking their parents belongings when they die??? We have no idea what happend to the people, for all we know they could of just forgot about it or went on a holiday and came back and it was gone... who knows!.

Good chuckle but did we need to have this discussion..

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Nah.. if you don't pick it up, someone else will.. to me, it's no different than buying at an estate sale...

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Better to be ressurected then sent to the HostGator grave yard......

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I believ iut to be true that two LL.orgs do not get resurrected they reallyt do stay dead.......................when they expire .......................

Why is that when others may come back........

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Do you guys remember the article about how the cought a firefighters HostGator that had died in the World trade center,, the wife was trying to get it back and they wouldnt sell for less that 5000 or something it made it on the news in New york............. domainers have no sympathy we are all about the money.

Show me the money and we will show you the HostGator and if it's your deceased HostGator relative hey """its a corporate america we will jack up the price because we know that you want it no mercy no shame..............

And have you heard the stories about expired religious domains that expire when they get resurrected the porn stations are ready with their battalion of trolls with stinky slimmy fingers with big buck at the { backordering stations}to trap them in their porn jail directory sites.

"money cant buy you love" beatles.


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I wonder if Steve Irwin had any good domains that nobody knew about then. There could be some big title wildlife domains up for grabs in the future if so! Seriously though it is quite sad to see him go, so full of energy & enthusiasm for what he did and leaving behind such a young family..

Anyway, sorry if I'm getting a bit off topic but I would agree that you cannot feel bad about picking up dropped domains on the odd chance that they could have been left behind by a deceased person. That's like worrying about accepting money for a service on the odd chance that that money might have been in the hands of the mafia or some other unethical place at one time or another. If I knew about some unethical situation then I would certaintly not involve myself but I do not believe in speculating and missing out on your opportunities on the odd chance that something could have happened..

I also agree that they won't be missing them once they're gone and if they were very high valuable domains they should have ensured family/loved ones were informed of procedures to manage their domains. If they didn't then someone else is going to snap them up anyway and then they might be sold back to you later down the track with a health markup attached...

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Me too.

He cracked me up ! I don't think I've ever seen anyone with as much enthusiasm as he had. A great loss to many IMO.


Thats a bit much !..

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Looks like he owned his own name................

Wonder who will be waiting at the drop.

And now that he has died will the price go up???.

To all the newbees welcome to the world of a domainer.


Registrant: Make this info private.

Irwin, Steve.


GAINESVILLE, GA 30506-6751.



Administrative Contact :.

Irwin, Steve.

Xxxxx Woodland Park Drive.

Herndon, VA 20171-3025.


Phone: 1-xxxxxxssxx5.

Fax: 5xxxxxx.

Record expires on 05-Feb-2007.

Record created on 05-Feb-1999.

Database last updated on 27-Jun-2006..

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Well hopefully his family will renew it and do something usefull with it - it's got an overture of 45 with extension too !.


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Because we're cool like that, right?.

I believe the lovely Miss K-JO made a typo. I think she meant "pop off"..


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Poop Off is actually a bird dropping remover. I looked it up!..

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I guess I made that up? I really thought that was a common saying!..

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I think that thoughtful domainers, and the original poster of this thread is in that fraternity, are soon going to have to face up to the fact that there are some domains leaking into the community which can only be described as haunted. The wayback machine will only provide a limited access to the prior history of a domain's ownership, but it can be reliably taken that if you acquire a name previously regged by a serial killer, then a faint smell of the killer's victims will emanate from your PC. I know that though this is a serious subject a member of this forum will debase the issue and offer their services as a HostGator exorcist ( without having the necessary qualifications, but this is playing with fire!..

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You can't take them with you when you go..

Where do you guys believe you're gonna go when you die?.




Or do you lean towards.


? If so you'll just have to come back round and catch them on the.



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Damn........and I thought that was my cat farting !.


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HostGator exorcist........

Kind of a neat idea that might sell later on..

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Oh my! And I own serialkillers .us.

...anyone missing?.

(this thread has taken a strange turn)..

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The original post raises an interesting question - for all of you sitting on what you know are valuable domains - do you currently have, or do you intend to include them in your will?.

What would actually happen in this case? Would the registrars transfer the HostGator on the deceaseds behalf according to their last wishes?..

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@ this thread..

I think I'm off to backorder or something.....

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I would bet at least half of you live in a house that was once a dead persons, and think nothing of it. Heck, I'll bet a large percentage of the stuff on eBay is from dead people, even clothing, no less!.

Hmmm... Maybe I'll set up a trust to fund renewal of a favorite HostGator for hundreds of years after my death, just to frustrate those waiting for it. Maybe even leave instructions to not renew it each year until 7 days AFTER formal expiration just to get the mouths watering and make the expired lists.....

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And organizations, too. Only the living, breathing, and moving can pay, right?.

If presented with "sufficient proof of claims", perhaps. It's up to them..

I won't feel guilty about it if I register a dead person's name. It's a choice, after.


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Erm...not really. People let domains expire for a good number of reasons. When I backorder a domain, I have no clue if the owner is dead or alive and what the reason was for letting the HostGator go...

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I wonder if you can include domains in your will.....

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Sure you can. Enforcing the terms of the will is another story, though...

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Looks like is taken that might be a business that will have users in the future No????..

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Yes, I really do..

But they don't reveal the source of the HostGator anyways, so I will assume... for the better...

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