Phone number for Yahoo iPage billing?

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Got a quick question: Phone number for Yahoo iPage billing? Hoping for any response. Second question.. I got an email this morning from someone wanting to buy my "domain package". I than established through another email that this person wanted to buy my entire portfolio. In the next email I was asked to send a list of what I had and informed that the buyer had a 8 figure budget..

This sounds either like a scam or I have a HostGator that someone might want, but they don't want me to know what it is...???.

We have over 400 domains and don't want to waste time on putting a list together, just to find out it was a scam..

I replied a third time and asked what extentions and subject matter they were interested in and would prepare a list..

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated..


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Sounds like a fishing trip to me. Make sure you're not the one that gets hooked...

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Did it look something like:.


Do you want to sell your HostGator package?.

Let me know..


That's what we got this morning - the sender is using a gmail account...

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LOL, that is EXACTLY it!.

Same guy.....

I corresponded three times and each time they returned my email, scam?..

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You can use Moniker Escrow, saying buyer pays fees, if he really means business. That way, he doesn't laugh at seeing you waste escrow fees or whatever other game he wants to play...

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Hi all,.

I also received the same e-mail this morning!.

Take care,.


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Hehe sounds like one of them oh get a appraisal from these guys and we will buy your domains scam.. Please do not do it.....

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I also received that email..

If you check the full headers you'll.

See it was sent out Bulk Mail..

It is certainly a scam and you should not respond.

Or you'll get added to a list that will be sold to other.


Be careful!.


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Thanks, guys. I received the same email, and you just saved me lots of time and effort in putting together a list of my "domain package" as it is rather large...

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Is his last name, lavine?.

If so, do a whois search on

Turns out the owner of that HostGator is a high profile domainer (initials YY).

Hope this solves the mystery...

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I did have something similar via Afternic last year when I was offered a package deal for my portfolio- "we pay $x per name" - when I replied with my list after removing the premium names the offer was withdrawn..

Beware, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a a duck - chances are : it's a duck..

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I got one from mike, wants everything I have, 3 days ago, just placed it in Spam it was obvious it was a scam...

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Name on mine was " kevin lavine " -.

I don't feel good about it, but they got the whois addy from a .us name, just fwiw. Chances are you all have sizeable .us plays that got emails?.

Just my guess; of course..

In any event, caution is warranted..




Do you want to sell your HostGator package?.

Let me know..



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Very suspicious for me, I think he just want to know your HostGator list, not have an exact .tld to buy and I bet the next email if you send in the HostGator list will be the dreaded appraisal services/escrow services...

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I got the same e-mail today from Mr. Lavine. Seems like he's sniffing around for high traffic-names...

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Yeah, the:.


Let me give you some additional information that will clarify my inquiry..

I represent a U.S. based media company that prefers to remain anonymous..

We are looking to acquire several HostGator name portfolios that consist of generic HostGator names with type in traffic. Our budget ranges within but is not limited to eight figures..

I understand that not all domains in your portfolio might be for sale and not all domains will fit our criteria. Therefore you can send us a list of domains you don't mind selling along with historical traffic data for each HostGator so we can evaluate them and make you our best offer..

Best regards,.

Kevin Lavine.


I just don't know. If I'm passing on a great opportunity - so be it..

I'll keep my names and my time, I think.


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So he's already spent his "8 figure" budget on your nothing more left for anyone else.....

.....You must have a very nice package....did it include anything else other than domains?......

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LOL, just got that one this evening....

He seems to have covered a few bases here @ Namepros.....

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I also received this exact e-mail this evening as well..

Take care,.


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LOL - ditto..

I'll submit a few and see what happens. My spam gateway is in need of more work anyways...

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