Please evaluate my Magnum Opus.

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First question I have is Please evaluate my Magnum Opus. Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Some of my names need to be renewed (currently at Netsol, Yahoo etc) soon, I am wonderring where you guys think are better and cheaperso I could transfer my names. Netsol is too expensive.....thanks!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Most of them are in Godaddy & Registerfly..

Some nice names are still registering at NetworkSolutions...

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Enom, Fabulous, Dotster, and a small amount with Godaddy...

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I have 5 with Netfirms- They have a 4.95 dollar HostGator deal: 4.95 for 5 domains, renewed at 9.95 I believe..

The rest are with GoDaddy- Trying to keep all of my eggs in one basket...

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Most of mine are in Namepros and Namecheap..

I also have some in Godaddy, Dotster,, Registerfly, Enom and GKG..

I'm still trying to decide where to move my domains, I think I'll keep some in NP, Dotster and No problems at any of those places..

*see later in thread for update*..

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I use my two reseller accounts - upon renewal I transfer from one to the other....




Convergence Companies.

A Specialized Internet Marketing Company.












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At the moment most of mine are with GoDaddy but I am in the process of transferring them all to Fabulous and Moniker. I find Fabulous to be the best..


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All of mine are at Godaddy, no problems so far...

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Godaddy most ~ 80%.

Regfly ~ 20%. - 1..

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I use domainsite for about 70% of my .com domains. EuroDNS and for 100% of my free .be domains...

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In the past year, about 80% of the domains I have registered are .in & India domains. The majority are at.

Excellent service, and TK (whiz) is amember here..


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I use GoDaddy and RegisterFly but I'm looking for a new home for them...

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To All;.

At Moniker We will definitely take care of you. We will provide you the best in class service, security, and HostGator asset management, while helping you grow the value of your portfolios..

Pricing for Namepros members:.

$6.95 .com / $5.49 .net / $6.95 .org / $4.49 .info ( .net and .info rate apply new Registration only, transfer and renewals are $6.95).

If you send me your acct # I will get that pricing set up for you, fund your account, and invoice you based on the total number of HostGator credits /funds you.

Want in your account. We prefer that you pay by check by pre-funding your account. You can purchase by credit card or Paypal in the meantime..

We would also extend these rates (.net and .info renewal and transfers will be $6.95) to you for the transfer /consolidation of your names to Moniker, and we would do all the work to make sure your names are quickly/safely transferred with no interruption to any domains or websites. Just send us the list of your portfolio of names and I can assist you further in completing the transfers. We offer a payment plan to consolidate your names. This not only saves you a tremendous amount of time managing names scattered between registrars, but it saves Moniker a tremendous amount of time as well..

We also launched a .com/.net testing system you can use in conjunction with your TrafficClub account. If you cancel .com or .net registrations within the 4 day grace period you will get refunded the registration fee less a 25 Cents delete fee. This will be available for limited time depending on how long the registry allows.

To register your Moniker account:.


To register your TrafficClub account:.


Please remember to send me your Moniker account number and TrafficClub username.

John A. Mauriello.

- HostGator parking & profit maximization..

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Im a moniker man myself. very professional and I benefit from there discounted .com reg fee..

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I would definetely recommend

7$ .com -net .org.

2$ .info (first year).

Their system seems crude, but now that they implemented bulk HostGator managment it is really one of the easiest systems to manage your domains in...

The absolute best part is that it is easy to navigate and when you buy something they wont route you through 3-5 screens of additional offers.. They just let you buy what you want.

.. This moniker offer sounds interesting though....

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