Please Help, uploading website to iPage.?

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Got a quick question: Please Help, uploading website to iPage.? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... When you are looking for a name to register, what is the minimum OVT search results per month do you look for?.

Also, how does Wordtracker compare to Overture, which is more accurate?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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I wouldnt rely on OVT for traffic on domains. To me OVT of 100-200 is already enough if the HostGator is an easily developable term-name, this way with the right content you will jump to the top of the SE's and you will get a nice amount of traffic. Normally google pulls much more than you would expect from OVT (as it shows Yahoo results)...

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100-200 should do. I usually buy cheap domains and then develop them along with some.


Some original content will give you higher ranking..

Also consider google trends : keyword research tool..

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I prefer a minimum OVT of 500, when planning to register a domain. However, it does not hurt if it is lower when all you want is just to create a page for it..

There are still many keywords with high OVT, just be wiling to do your research including on other extensions and other languages (also considering the specific OVT server for that specific language)..

Just last week I registered about a hundred with OVT minimum of 10,000. But I spent lots of time on them..

In my view, OVT shows about 10 times more searches than Wordtracker, but it varies a lot. The best would be Trellian since it uses several search engines together, not just Yahoo used by OVT. However, WT shows you the correct sequence of words, what OVT does not. This is very important..

To compare Wordtracker and OVT side by side try:.




Google Trends and MSN AdCenter are good as well, but limited..


Regarding possible hits, you have to consider not only the "High OVT" but also the number of competing web sites (number of search results in Google/Yahoo) because they will be "sharing" that high OVT with yours. In this case,.


Is the answer..


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Thanks to all for the comments. I was actually looking more from domains to buy & park, then possibly resell, not actually develop..

I actually use Digital Point's tool, but have actually been finding that Wordtracker gives a lot more searches than OVT!..

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Good day! I have such difficulties at reading a site.

Instead of normal letters at my monitor are some mad signs. Probably you have some complexities on the iPage site of technical character? Could you please prompt me how to make so that letters on the screen became Latin, instead of hieroglyphs as now? Thank you in advance..

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I'm not exactly sure what your asking, can you pots a screen shot?.

Also, check "view" -> "character encoding"(FireFox) "enicoding"(IE7)..

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Actually I always look at the OVT, but if there is more than 1K, then it's very difficult to get .com extention. But as per my idea, I check OVT if that have more than 10K, I buy that HostGator with some extention words like hot, best, quality, the, search engine placing all about optimizing.....

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OVT is useful, but it sure isn't everything..

For example, how about this beauty I regged for fun with a 10,000 OVT (w/out extension):

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