Please help with a Medifast menu for my party!?

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My 1st question is: Please help with a Medifast menu for my party!? Hoping for any answer. Another question... New game time.....

So how much do we actually know about each other???.

Write about the last person who posted and lets see where this goes......

Who dares write about me???.

Ha ha ha....

Buzz xx..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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You missed a couple things. He has a very lucky Mrs...who must be very patient and loving....

He has two dogs that he spoils rotten..

He is sensitive and caring....

He is not as confident as he could be....and should be....cause He's just a rockin fellow!!!!..

Comment #2

OK guess that means I gotta answer on Brett...

Has a beautiful family, including a couple of kids and both dogs and cats..

Hasn't changed his picture since he

Had sex change.


....or not...LOL.

Is open about drugs/alcohol and sex..

Has a great sense of.


Recently quit smoking.

Lives in the US...can't remember where off hand though..

Has been a loser since about october/november if I remember correctly..

Has a genuine heart and would never hurt anybody intentionally...unless of course they deserved it...hehe.

Calls it like it is...a fart is a fart....

Comment #3

Damn it, it wasn't sex change! It was an extension.


That went wrong. A simple proceedure really, called an "addadicktome". I wanted one of those big black ones like the kind in the movies Callie watches! LOL.


Comment #4

Oh Shit...I knew I'd mess that one up....LOL.

One more thing about Brenda....


Comment #5

She's 16 months out.......skinny b@#ch (no offense....hehe!). She resides in Canada, and is getting ready to turn into a barbie doll with plastics very shortly......very nice person! Um...I know more, but was sworn to secrecy!.

Love ya all,.


Comment #6

Karla. She's 35 years old and has been fat all of her she says. Her weight at the start of this journey was 342 and she currenltly weights 188. (the lowest she's been since she was in grade 8) She has a 17 year old daughter and 4 foster daughters ages 14, 15, 16 and 16. She also has two step daughters aged 14 and 18. a house full of girls.

She has 3 dogs..all papillons. 2 girls, Disco and Pheobe and a boy, Frisbee. She has a full time day job working for the agency that she fosters for. She does the human resources/training/assistant to the executive director...Kind of fell into the position when the foster parent she was working with retired. She loves her job and really enjoys looking after the kids.

"some people call it anal"

Comment #7

Wow, you know her way better than need to talk more!.

Love ya,.


Comment #8

Darn it while I was typing/ caprina beat me to it .... LOL couldn't copy paste fast enough ....LMAO oh and edit !!!..

Comment #9

New game time.....

So how much do we actually know about each other???.

Write about the last person who posted and lets see where this goes......

Who dares write about me???.

Ha ha ha....

Buzz xx..

Comment #10

Love ya too we do need to talk so I can get to know you better :)..

Comment #11



That I didn't stop you all from playing along with this post .. I would like to say I'm sorry for cheating and if I have upset any of you please forgive me..

Linda :)..

Comment #12

Its all good...but now this is a double thread...1 person pick Cipriana and another Pick Linda....and we shall continue...What do we know people????..

Comment #13

Cipriana, let me see, She lives in Portsmouth< Ohio which is a lovely small town on the Ohio river bordering Kentucky and is so loaded with American history which includes Blue Jacket and Tecumseh, Daniel Boone, John Mays, Simon Kenton. There was an Army Garrison near there where the Army helped the settlers fight off the Indians. Also near there is where Blue Jacket swam across the Ohio to become an Indian.Anyway, she's very close to her family and very dedicated. She's a nurse and has 3 children. She is fun and gives good advice, she's very new to.


, and losing fast...

Comment #14

We forget the best thing about Bretthe tans his bits by the pool all winter in California...hasn't got up the nerve to try that at the beach as of yet....LOL..

Comment #15

Just Linda....

Linda lives in PA and has a ton of snow at her house right now.

She's got three grown children, and three grandchildren.

She had gastric bypass in December the same day as her husband.

She loves to cook.

Linda is another DS addict, LOL.

Linda is very funny, supportive and always has a way of brightening up a rainy day!.

Love you Linda!!!..

Comment #16

Nobody wants to do Callie???.

Is this post done???..

Comment #17

I just stumbled upon this thread...we too are digging out hereLinda lives in the same town as my sister-in-law, I'm clear across this expansive state of PA and we actually have more snow than the Pittsburgh area!!! :).

Geez, Calliewhere do we start? (this could be a long post).

Callie lives in Washington State, and is married with 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. She is almost upon her SURGIVERSURY!!! And is in Onderland!!! :) She loves to hike and do outdoorsy things. She participated in a 5K walk last year and was very happy to accomplish that!!! She always has tons of advice for everyone, and as Brett said she is the heartbeat of this group. She is anxiously awaiting her "Frankenbarbie".


, and isn't on here as much as she used to bebut I believe it's because she's now living life to the fullest!!! :) Her newest pic is absolutely gorgeous, and she's an inspiration to many of us new and old!!! :) I know I missed alotbut that's what I've got for now!!! Luv ya for bein you Callie!!! :).

Xoxo Erica..

Comment #18

Cipriana is a very caring lovable girl who seems to have an amzing love for life. She is very dedicated to.


As much as she can to help her through this weightloss journey..

She has children and loves them very much! She is very excited about her new body. Sis in a very committed relationship and loves her family...especially Mom and Dad!.

She is GOING to be very lovely and SKINNY :) >>My predictions are usually right BTW!:)..

Comment #19

Callie is a wonderfully helpful girl who has been through a lot of emotional rollercoasters. She has lost a TON of weight and is excited about getting her plastics done to get her closer to the end of her journey. She is SO helpful to everyone she comes in contact with and is a WEALTH of.


And helpful info!.

She loves her family very dearly and is very sensitive...especially about her arms and hair...we love you Callie!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.