Problem with installing VBulletin on anyone?

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First off, Problem with installing VBulletin on anyone? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Hi everyone,.

I tought let test Moniker and I made account..

Made a payment of $50,- and bought

So because I am new I did not knew you had to specift the dns before.

Registration. (at for example it is the last step) so I regged the.

HostGator and well, I was like fine I will do it afterwords..

Now hours later (we are talking minimum 6 hours before I regged) the domain.

Is still not mentioned in my account and I do see that one HostGator is still:.

"Pending Registration" the HostGator was live like 5 hours or so before and.

Was pointing to there own parking page..

I mailed there support team like 4 hours ago but still no reply..

I just want to change the DNS servers of a active HostGator that I paid for..

I don't think this is really fair do you?.

Kind regards,.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I understand the part for the HostGator to propagate but, I have to atleast.

Have to possibility to change DNS servers... right.....

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It is a day later and the HostGator is still "pending" in their system!.

The HostGator was regged since yesterday and all the time parked at.

There own parking system. I am still not able to make any changes!.

I am very dissapointed.

And, there support team still did not reply my email!..

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I have never had any problems with Moniker.All my domains were registered instantly and I had full control over it immediately...

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Admittedly I like things fast, but you need to relax a little bit... Less than 24 hours since you registered it, and you are a first time user, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was some "safety" feature involved that they have to manually approve the transaction (I have no idea if this is the case, just speculating)..

What's more, <24 hours response time would be amazing for most registrars - my most recent support ticket with enom was over 4 days (None of those days being a weekend, which yours was, btw), GoDaddy was 2 days and then another 2 weeks to get it right... Unfortunately, customer support is slow in every industry, registrars being no exception..

The last thing you might try is on your main page when you login, see if it says "0" domains. If it says "1" Domain, you might have the filter on in your control panel. Find the link that says "reset filter" and click it..



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Dear Allan,.

I post this reply with all due respect..

If I made a purchase with my credit card I can understand that point but fact is.

That I made a fund deposit with my verfied paypal account..

After the deposit was accepted I made a purchase..

I do not understand where this "safety" feature would be placed on a domain.

Name. I could understand it with a .nl where I first would have to sign the contract.

And they would have to check that document..

Also, the registration was done within minutes. But, the HostGator was under there own.

Control. In other words the HostGator could not be changed (dns in this case) but, I am.

The owner of the HostGator name. (as whois showed) The HostGator was also already online..

Perhaps it is me but, I would think that a organisation of that size (also a ICANN member).

Would have a resonse time of <24 hours..

My main registar normally.

Replies in a few minutes. When it is very busy a few hours..

Also the other organisations I deal with like reply within a few hours..

(my own company that does .nl HostGator names also replies in a few hours).

I just expect from my registar that I get what I paid..

A HostGator registration and the ability to make changes..

Today at 17.23 (gmt+1) I got the email that the order was done..

And at 20.20 (gmt+1) I got a email back from the customer support..

I finally got control over my HostGator name and changed the nameservers..

( ) and it is looking fine now..

I guess it all comes down to what the client expects..

(and I guess I expected much more from Moniker).

With kind regards,.


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I always have this problem with Moniker, although I only use them for registering .nu and .tk domains (that's right, I paid for a .tk). I pay with a credit card however and get the same problem as faisj is describing while funding with a PayPal account. The HostGator is registered in my name instantly but takes days to appear in my account. On my last .tk registration, the HostGator appeared about 3 days later in my account. This is why I prefer GoDaddy because there are no unneccessary "safety" features and domains are under your control instantly...

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Thanks for the reply fish..

Somewhere good to hear that I am not the only one..

I think if they fixed this aspect they would be a provider I would do many.

More dealings with...

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I am going to say it is an extension problem..

I had a 3 day lag with an LA, but com, net, mobi, biz, the big ones are always instant for me..

And the tasty 4 day drop time is absolutely the best thing since internet porn...

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Buy from Moniker, 4 days to return it. You get to taste it for four days. Don't like it? Send it back, and it costs a quarter...

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So, I could say now.. well thanks for the HostGator but, I hoped for more traffic.

Please take the HostGator and refund my money?!..

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Actually, it is just clicks and bye-bye. You don't have to talk to anyone or send emails to anyone. Just go in your HostGator deletion view and you can remove and get almost all money back within 96 hours..

I assume it is for all HostGator tld's, but have not tried off ones like tk or no, or anything goofy. I stick to the big boys...

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I am almost certain this is a problem..

Never had a problem with Moniker escept on 2 occasions..

With's , and with funding my account with a European isued Credit card, where it presented no problem anywhere else..

I believe it has to do with their safety precautions (the CC issue, but it is VERY annoying)..

Overall, they are in the top 2 best registrars IMHO...

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