Renewing Webhosting (iPage) with a promocode?

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My 1st question is: Renewing Webhosting (iPage) with a promocode? Thanks for any response. Another question... UPDATED:.

Now, it is almost 3 hours past the "Yours On" date and time. I still haven't received the HostGator name. However, In TDNAM - My Account, it still shows I won this name. Finally, this case happened..

I have experienced the pain that a purchased expiring HostGator be renewed by it's /img/avatar9.jpg before the TDNAM.

"Yours On".


But here I wanna know is there any possible that you still couldn't get the HostGator on "Yours On" date and after neither. Thank you..

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Thank you for this info..

I recently purchased 3 .com $5 expiring domains at the same day and the same "Yours On" date..

Two of them has been delivered to my Godaddy account 8 hours ago, HOWEVER, the last one (I purchased this 3 hours earlier than those two) hasn't appeared in my account till now..

The strange thing is, when visiting this .com, it used to be parked with godaddy, but now the parking page theme has been changed, and the registrar changed to "WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC" which is a reseller of Godaddy. But I have checked this these days, it always shows Godaddy..

Maybe I am that unlucky? The owner renewed this name at the last seconds before deliver to me? But in my TDNAM account, this .com still shows in my WON List .....

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I think the original owner can still renew $5 closeouts, else why do tdnam still hold them for 14 days? IIRC, I've even lost one because the original owner renewed...

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Unfortunately this is just not true. Not all of the Reps at GoDaddy really know how TDNAM works and unfortunately the training is sub par. (I would know!).

But, the issue is how domains at TDNAM work..

First the HostGator name expries, once it "breaks" the 12 day "grace" period that GoDaddy gives you, the HostGator name appears on TDNAM for a 10 day auction period..

If a backorder is placed on the HostGator name prior to the expiration, that backorder acts as the first bid when the HostGator hits the auction floor. If a backorder is placed on the HostGator name while the HostGator is at auction, that backorder will grab the HostGator name before it goes to the "closeouts"..

A HostGator name if it does not fetch a bid durring auction, is than sent to the "closeout" $5 BIN for a period of 5 days (assuming no backorder is placed whiel the HostGator is at auction). After the auction ends (even the BINs) Technically the owner still has PLENTY of time to redeem the HostGator name..


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After purchased the $5 domain, there is a "Yours On" date (12:00 AM that day) shows in your Account..

My question is - is it possible that you still can not get the name on the "Yours On" date?..

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The answer is "yes".

The HostGator name CAN still be redeemed by the original owner...

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You May. LoL, but! If it was your domain, and you didnt realize it was expiring, arent you glad you have that time period to redeem?.


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What significance is the backorder is placed whether before or during.

The auction period? From your description "backorder will grab the HostGator name", does it mean that if I place a backorder during an auction period, I will win the auction even if other people's bid were higher?..

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Well, when you place a backorder 2 things can happen..

If you place it before the start of auction, your backorder will act as the first bid..

If you place a backorder while the HostGator is at auction, no bid will be placed. And.


The HostGator name is not bid on, the backorder will actually catch the HostGator name after auction. So, the HostGator will not go to the $5 Blowout BIN. Kind of a sly way to grab a HostGator name without bringing any attention to it..

I learned this the hardway. I had made an assumption that a HostGator with no bids on it would end up in the $5 BIN, so I made no attempt to capture it. But when it failed to show up in the BIN after several hours, I called TDNAM to inquire why some go straight to BIN and others do not. this is when I learned of the Backorger stages. Alas, I lost a great name by trying to save myself a few dollars..... really angry at myself for that one...

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It is nice to know your case, did not know that before..

But what if you place a backorder while the HostGator is at auction, there are still bid placed?..

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Note to Bob:.


If an ex support employee has to take multiple posts to explain TDNAM's intricacies......

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Too true. It does get exceptionally complicated, more so than neccesary. (Some clarification, I finnished my tour with GoDaddy as a billing representative)..


The answer to your question is actually in the quotation you copied..

"If you place a backorder while the HostGator is at auction, no bid will be placed".

If this occurs and the HostGator is not bid on, the HostGator will be captured by the backorder at the end of the auction. Thus the HostGator name will not go to the $5 Closeouts...

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Just a wonderful way for Godaddy to have.


Money in.


Bank account, earning.


Interest, until the original owner finally renews, then you have to wait for ages until you are finally credited for a refund, which often you only get after you physically request it. I often struggle to understand whether the manner in which the expired auctions work on tdnam is even legal. Not to mention their 'backorders' - which only catch crap names nobody wants, and you can't be refunded on when you finally find this out. You got to hand it to Parsons though, he must be laughing hard while he watches the.

Roll in...

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In all honesty, most HostGator names dont get redeemed. Out of the 100+ HostGator names I have bid on at TDNAM, only 4-5 have been redeemed. (1 directly because of me). The odds of this happened are pretty slim, your more than 90% likely to get the HostGator name. And yes, you have to wait for ages because the original owner still has the right to redeem, thats very reasonable..

Now, in regards to their backorders, your right. They are weak, and capture almost nothing. And unfortunately are non-refundable. But, knowing this, use another backordering service...

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I dont understand the need for 14 day wait & uncertainity reg HostGator ownership. How do others like snapnames work?.

Why dont tdnam plan the auction in such a way that the auction closes just on the 13th day, and then a 1 day $5 close-out (if there are no bids) - so that no one has to wait unnecessarily. Further, the auction could be closed pre-mature if the original owner redeems it at any time..

Having won a few auctions recently there, now I doubt if the names will be redeemed.


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I guess you're right.. I won for $1400 on tdnam today, and in just 2 hours after auction closed I got an email from tdnam stating that the HostGator has been renewed... WTF~!.

Looks like TDNAM is one of the better "appraisal" tools....

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Chances are it was renewed during the auction in order to avoid the $80 hit, but I pointed this out in another thread... And that's actually one of the.


Devious things folks can do in this system devoid of transparency..


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Here's how it works at GoDaddy....

12 day Renewal Grace Period.

30 day Redemption Grace Period.

After 42 days the HostGator is deleted..

These are the minimums. It can stretch to another 5 days in practice, but don't count on it. Sometimes GoDaddy hold onto the domain, sometimes (mostly) they delete it..

TDNAM auction off the HostGator during the Redemption Grace Period to coincide with the date for deletion. They put these Redemption Grace Period names to TDNAM auction around 30 days after expiry (from my observations). Anyone correct me if I'm wrong...

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