Searing for a good website host,Looking at iPage?

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Question I have... Searing for a good website host,Looking at iPage? Hoping for any comment. My other question... I have stuck to .com, some quality .infos and .mobi for my HostGator portfolio for the most part but I really like the TLD .st (in my speculative part of my portfolio). I like it as it's easy to remember and the extension is used in our daily lives. My love for .st is mostly for it's marketability as pronounced reg street, I believe is a very catchy name for a register site.

This post isnt for haters as I know a lot of people might not like this tld but I believe it has a lot of promise as domains with this extension are so easy to remember. Does anyone else share my views on this tld and who here has some of them? Post your .st's here and lets discuss..

Thanks, Gary..

My top 5 (IMO).

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Wow! I knew something was FISHY about Never believed the sale was legit. I rememeber getting warned at dnf cause I questioned him in one of his threads. Do you have any insider evidence for

Mischiff: I so believe lark was talking about OP's Names...

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Quite a post... lots of accusations....

Perhaps if you hadn't already had 6 different accounts banned here at NamePros, we might take you a bit more seriously..



Account gets closed, would you like to share any proof to substantiate the claims? And what does DOTmobi and Pinky have to do with any of this?..

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It's pretty simple. The sale seemed ridiculous when I saw it listed at Dn Journal last year. It seemed odd that the name was forwarded to the .St registry for two months after the name was reported as sold. Th whois info contained the name of someone who does not exist (monica something..since changed). There was no email address..

I let it go. Then, a little while later DN Forum member Billbo jumped into a thread that Ron Jackson of Dn Journal had started and heaped praise on him with "keep up the good work" type of comments. I decided to see what else Billbo had said in some posts so I did a search for Billbo and found a thread titled: "Do people pay attention to Dn Journal sales"? This was followed by a paragraph or two about the College.St sale (of couse no specifics....and the name was still forwaded to the .St registry)..

Another thread of his was in the Appraisal Section....asking for an appraisal for, followed by a hard to fathom scenario that had him being contacted by Qwest communications, and ending with Billbo saying that he thought he would take their offer..

Yet another thread was the sale of where he stated in the first post that this was his fastest sale yet...funny how it was still in his name months later when I checked..

All questions were countered by warnings of lawsuits and bannings (the banning happened), since I "had no proof". I don't need proof to ask for simple verification or a semi-reasonable explanation. Since most people in the Industry rely on the sales listed at Dn Journal it seems a shame that he pulled the wool over Ron Jackson's eyes. Ron stated in a thread that he verified the transaction. I assume that he did and I am positive that all reasonable domainers believe that this sale was a fraud..

No big deal. Billbo got me banned. The owner of Dn Forum became a lowlife, and now the forum has degenerated into a turkish rug auction for names that cannot be prounounced, in extentions no one outside the forums have ever heard of..

Billbo tag teams with a member named Predator over there. I was contacted about one of my names last week from someone They ended up wanting to broker two of my names. I said go ahead, but I told him that I had been run out of the forums for questioning the sale. No sooner did this broker list one of my names Predator jumped right into the thread to stir up some trouble..

Billbo had moved on to dotmobi the last I checked. He and Predator can usually be found in the same threads pumping the extention. They haven't talked too much lately about the sale for $90,000 last month that disappeared off of the radar. They loved it for a while..

Good luck with these guys. They will try to destroy as many people as they can. Go to Dn Forum and search Billbo and Predator and you will see..

I just checked It is forwarded to the .st registry, just like was for many months after the "alleged sale". Billbo finally forwarded to I bet he doesn't show up on DN Journal with one of his .St names any time soon. It takes talent to register a name one day and then sell it to yourself the next week for $11,750..

Oh, one more thing. When I asked if Billbo could provide any email documentation previous to the "sale" that would help his cause, he replied that he couldn't do that because he was contacted by a broker..

Dn Forum is a cesspool now so they must be making a lot of money to allow these characters to run wild...

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Wow, I start a little post on .st and all hell breaks loose....

Regardless of college, all I was saying was it's an easy tld to remember as we use it in everyday life (the word street), which makes it easy to remember and very marketable I believe. Most people in mainstream society do not know/care that .st stands for some small Islands, they hear an advertisment while drinking their latte and their small attention span hears so they remember it and check it out while surfing youtube that night..

BTW, nice grab on the as it's Canada's most popular shopping street next to Robson.



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I dont know why someone would hate an extension but can only share my personal experience with .st and from that I can only recommend everybody to stay away from .st as far as possible. I once owned an .st HostGator which suddenly stopped working from one day to another. After some investigations I found out it was simply dropped from the root servers and every contact attempt to resolve this resulted in no response..

The interesting thing, when the renewal time came they magically knew again how to contact me...

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Good luck to you and your names. Your post triggered a response from me since it mentioned the sale. It just goes to show you how dangerous fraud is. If the sale hadn't been faked then you may not have got involved in the .St extention. I wonder how many other people he suckered in..

I didn't mean to hijack your post, but since I got banned for asking legitimate questions about the sale I have since had to find other income oppotunities and not trade names every day. It worked out fine, but the bottom line is that a fraudulent sale had an adverse effect on my livelihood for a few months. Most people are afraid to stand up to this type of fraud. I have lots more evidence on the sale. Trust me, I wouldn't have risked my reputation if there was any doubt. It is the only time I ever specifically called someone out, and that was after the fraudster was givin a chance to provide reasonable proof that it was a legitimate sale..

Some things just rub you the wrong when an experienced domainer starts a sales thread and states that he has no idea how much traffic the name gets. Nobody is perfect, but the tolerance for outright lies is amazing. There are so many sales in dotmobi that have disappeared after a few weeks of posters hyping them. Many of the sales have fake bids and never change hands and yet the people responsible just keep going beserk because a new name comes along and people forget about,, and many others..

It worked out for me because I was spending over 10 hours per day on the boards. Now I just browse and I feel better....believe it or not..

Once again....good luck to Original Poster in this thread...

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Meadowlark - the threads at dnf have been deleted - the ones that lead to your banning anyways..

Good to see you around - you seem to have calmed down! LOL.

Best of luck to you in whatever you are doing..

As for the .st extension - makes for good HostGator hacks but their value is rather subjective at best...

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I'm closing this thread (at least for the moment) while I do some research..

Thank you...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.