Should I pay for $100 for iPage?

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First question I got is Should I pay for $100 for iPage? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. How big do you think HostGator leasing will get in the next 5-10 Years?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I couldnt agree more. I find it difficult to think that someone would develop a HostGator name, only to give it back. If there is the option to buy at the end of the term, it can make sense for a company to pursue this kind of "ownership". Beyond that, only a fool would sign a contract..


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I dont think the purpose of leasing a HostGator is to really develop it. it would make sense to lease a domain, say, for a short term just to redirect/promote your real website, like

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But your trying to market and brand a HostGator name that is not going to be yours after the lease term. Your not only paying the owner for the right to use the HostGator name, but your also building traffic for him when you have to give it back...

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Well you wouldnt be marketing or branding you're just going to use it's type-ins and whatnot to redirect and promote your you wouldnt be spending any money in promoting the leased HostGator name, you are using the popularity of the leased HostGator to increase your website's popularity...

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Alright, so there is potential in keyword HostGator names with lots of natural traffic. But beyond that - would it make sense?..

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Probably not. But if the person that is sitting on a strong keyword HostGator would rather rent it out, I think it would make sense overall. Of course, no on in their right mind would want to rent a domain, build traffic,.


, etc. just to be returning the HostGator and leaving the owner with the traffic. The rent option would apply for something like strong domains only. If I had such a HostGator and I know that I can rely on the traffic numbers, if I don't need the cash, i'd rent it out and watch it increase in value. Rent amount = amount x times the $ revenue the HostGator generates as parked page or mini site...

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Short-term promotion of events and such might be a good reason to lease, especially when in conjunction with other advertising a iPage site for the upcoming superbowl that will be outdated or not visited later on....

The other obvious reason is that people don't want to spend $xx,xxx when they can rent for a few months or a year for a tenth of the cost. Then, as someone mentioned, all the visitors could bookmark a different iPage site that the leased name pointed to...

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Renting TVs and funiture use to be popular, but when the price dropped, the renting business did not make much sense..

So I think the higher price of the domain, the more likely a leasing would make sense...

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Renting furniture still exists. I used to travel a lot on business. For some extended projects we would rent an "executive apartment" that they would furnish with rented furniture. I would fly out on Sunday night or Monday morning and fly home on Friday and stay there during the week. It was pretty nice furniture too..

However, I agree that leasing a HostGator would make the most sense for expensive ones. There was a thread on here recently about where the guy leased it for six months at $10,000 per month with an option to buy it for $2.7 million. He just recently shut the iPage site down because it wasn't taking off..


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Yeah, it makes total sense for an investor because it's less risk upfront. If you assume you can do a job - or the management you hire can do a good job - but it turns out it's not working out, you're only out a percentage of the money you would've been had you put all that money upfront. During this leasing time, you might be paying a little more, but you're lowering your risk, which is worth it to many people...

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I think personally that leasing out HostGator names can be a very costly venture. While the person has control over the name what is to stop them using it for spamming purposes or fraudulent purposes..

By the time the activity had been found it is too late and you are stuck with a potentially valuable name thats name has been ruined because of the activities. It may also cause problems when trying to get off of blacklists. The main information people use to verify the HostGator has changed hands (whois) has not changed at all. Sure you can show them the lease contract but anyone can knock 1 up and claim they leased out their domain...

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Just signed up for.



Supposedly has good founders and backing...

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I have a potential end user for lease. I asked him to buy the domain, he thinks it is.

Too expensive, so I offered him for lease..

Now the difficult part: what if during the lease period I got another good offer to.

Buy the domain?..

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Thats just it though - you have to specifiy in the lease what the situation is and abide by it. You could of course sell the HostGator name, but I would imagine the new owner would have to abide by the terms of the lease (much as it would in a housing rental agreement)..


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