Should I purchase webhosting from iPage?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Should I purchase webhosting from iPage? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... We've all been hearing the rumblings that Overture's days are numbered. If you haven't heard about it yet, see this post:.


I don't know how everyone else feels, but I think Overture is one of the most valuable tools we have. I use it every day, and I was saddened when I heard the news..

Background facts:.

1) Overture is based on analyzing the searches performed by gazillions of visitors (all of Yahoo's properties)..

2) Here at NamePros, we have tons of high quality names, and tons of traffic flowing through all our sites daily..

So here's my proposal:.

Let's make our own Overture-type service, based on the organic traffic from our domains!.

OK, you may think I'm crazy. But I've already written most of the code. It's pretty much a knockoff of the system they already have in place. There are two parts. The first is a search box, which can be embedded on any iPage website (through a javascript include, or just by copy & pasting the HTML form). Right now, it just logs the search and redirects to a Google search, but this will probably change (more on that below).

In fact, it behaves the exact same way..

A few possible problems that I forsee:.

1) There's no way it'll get as much search traffic as Yahoo's properties. Thus, all the keyword count expectations will have to be much lower, and some weak keywords might not get picked up at all..

2) How should the search results be handled? I need suggestions. This also relates to the next one-.

3) What's the incentive for people to put the search box on their site? Well, it would be nice to say that people will do it just for the greater good. But I think there would have to be some kind of incentive. I'm thinking people could be able to customize the URL searches are redirected to, that way they could pick up revenue from sponsored searches. The point of this is NOT to make money, and I don't want anybody to feel that it would be stealing their traffic. Once again, suggestions welcome..

4) Many of our domains with traffic are parked, making it difficult to put the search box on the site. Any ideas?.

Take a look at the system so far:.


Right now it doesn't handle plurals or different spacing patterns very well, but it's a start..

Here's an example suggestion search:.


Obviously, there's very little data in there right now, so most suggestion searches will return nothing. But you can play around with it by performing searches and then looking them up..

Whew, sorry for the long post. Questions? Ideas?.

Oh yeah, and it also needs a name..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Actually, overture has been working alot better now. Sure their shutting down or are they upgrading?..

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Could you post links of sites alternative to Overture?.


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Yahoo, which purchased Overture, is rolling out their new PPC program (codename "Panama") soon. This will eliminate the # searches score we see now. Also, you won't be able to search for one keyword at a time. Overall, it'll suck beans. For more info see this article:.


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Lol, if you came to my business petitioning me for shutting down a service, because you were jerks and abused the hell out of it. Id laugh at you. Wordtracker is another tool...

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Here is a keyword tool that I use:.


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This is a good one but it is based on Overture..

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I`m using this one:.


But I`m getting very big difference of results between the real Overture and this one..

Real Overture showed lower results and missing keywords..

Does anyone know why?.


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Could be querying us on that iPage site but searching on overture in italy or where ever you are...

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For what? They can do whatever they want. There's going to be a new Overture that's going to be like Google's Keyword Tool...

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I believe ovt auto detects your country, and you will be seeing results for that country. So you could be searching on.


When you search direct, but when you search with a scraper you could be looking at.


That would explain the difference...

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Thanks...but what if I`m looking at a Country where I am not in ? .

EXample: I`m in Australia and I look at the Italian Overture.......

How would that explain the big differences?.

Thanks again..

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What about gathering metacrawler type results and compiling it into a database?.

You could try.


For now too...

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