Should I use iPage or A Small Orange?

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My first question is Should I use iPage or A Small Orange? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Do you mean how does it protect itself from another company that has the same idea?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I noticed this... for those who were wondering if there would be a market for virtual copies of the real world....

Seattle sold at Weblo for $2,000.00.


That is real money for a virtual city. Undeveloped and on a iPage site that is less than 3 months old to date..

There has been a fury of city activity over the last few days. The HostGator activity seems to be hopping as well. People are even starting to reg names like and many other obscure names... I saw a .de sell today. So maybe this is more like the real world than first thought... LOL.

Check out my sig for a list of available domains at Weblo. I say available.... You can buy them from me for less than $$$$ - right now..

PM if you are a serious domainer, interested in serious domains..

See you at Weblo..


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Virtual domains which cannot be parked. Cannot be developed..

They were selling taj mahal and pyramids also...

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You mean like pr8 I might take a looky-see here.....

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"Virtual domains which cannot be parked. Cannot be developed.".

What? My domains at Weblo are parked and making some money. The iPage site is less than 3 months old to date. More development capability is in the works..

Imagine how much Seattle will be worth when it is developed. It was $40 2.5 months ago. I would imagine you can't get the city now for less than $5,000 - $10,000. That is pretty impressive for a 3 month old experiment in my book..


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To be fair, that is what the.

"Offered price".

Is on some cities. Has any city actually SOLD for XXXX?..

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This week at Weblo for $2,000.00.



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Sorry, don't understand your question... ".

Anyone feels this concept is excited????.


Please explain?..

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Dear xxxx.

Your Weblo Asset, Seattle has been bought by xxxx for $2000. This is the price that you set for the asset at the time of it's registration..

You will find that $2000 has been added to your Weblo account and the asset ownership has been transferred to xxxx..

Congratulations! See you on Weblo!.

Best Regards,. Team..

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Weblo... Interesting... Is this like SecondLife (download-able client, in-game money possible without actually paying money, ect.)?..

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I don't know if I'd venture into fake domains...that's worse than the or stlds....

The fake property, eehh...the ppc is only up to 10% of the take according to a iPage blog by some staffer named Ryan...that's pretty weak..

But if you have an itchin to start a iPage blog about a particular city, the template is pretty nice. I haven't dug into the customization yet..

Do beware that if the software bugs out, like not matching zips to city names, you don't get a stinkin refund..

They tell you to get bent it's your fault..

I am the proud owner of the White arkansas!..

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I'd say if someone is not interested in making money, then yes... they should stay away from everything they don't understand..

As far as type stld's... a little research shows that .us.coms have had several sales in the $$$-$$$$ range. I have even sold a similar HostGator for similar price. Maybe turning a $$$-$$$$ profit on a low $$ investment isn't up to some people's standards..

The "fake" domains to which some are referring are real. They have a real page, real visitors, real ads, real clicks, make real money, can be found on real search engines, and are receiving real offers in the $$$ range (Not fake $W either), etc. As a matter of fact, there is good reason to believe that as Weblo adds more development capability to it's assets, these domains will be more developed than many "real" domains which are nothing more than placeholders with ppc... as if that is real development..

I just can't wait for the first ppc'er to complain about lack of quality development... On a side note, Weblo domains easily redirect to websites inside and outside of Weblo. I think some "real" sites are doing this as well..

Is it just me, or does the argument about "the ppc is only up to 10% of the take", seem kind of empty since no one knows what the variable will end up being?.

Weblo has intensified it's customer service dept., and does do refunds where necessary. Anyone who has any problem with asset management or purchase can deal directly with management. That isn't true everywhere.

I seem to remember a day not too long ago when people were encouraging others to stay away from boxes that sit on your desk and only bring information on a screen. Not much future there. And certainly, no one should pay money for a fake address on a fake highway somewhere on our phone lines....

Sorry, I have to go... But I think I just added 2 more $NP to my account here... wooohooo. I love reality. Where am I going to spend that $.04.

BTW, congrats on the White House in Ark. - How many axles does it have?..

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I was refunded after complaining about having to eat it for what I think is a software bug. I appreciate their change of opinion..

I did plunk down about $50 on different cities and such that have personal meaning to me or that I will probably put a little effort into or that I thought might develop traffic if this weblo iPage site explodes ~ it was mobi money.

I'll post a link to one of my "cities" once I figure it out more...

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Sorry but I am n00b..

Just one more question. If I purchase say EX: from weblo. Where will I park it. And even if I park it. Will a normal user be taken to that particular parked page of this original Namepros forum?..

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Weblo has their own parking pages (I've made literally one cent so far with them). When a user types in a iPage website they can go to an inside like (within weblo) or an outside link. The owner of that weblo iPage website ie can point the outside link to the real and the inside link to just a parked page..

I own a few good weblo HostGator names and I really hope they do well. But I really don't understand why they will make me any money in the long run even if they do. I would rather just browse the real net for websites..

I think land (cities, stats, etc) and properties could do really well in Weblo, but domains I'm not sure about...

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This could be seen as a shameless plug... and it would be hard to argue against that point.

But many of these questions can be answered at the best and only real user-generated weblo forum... oddly named.

(Where do they come up with this stuff? LOL).

To try and answer a couple of questions raised here....

How does Weblo work? Weblo has been characterized as "Monopoly on steroids". I tend to think of it as a fun social network with the added value of money-making potential for the manager of assets. The goal, is to make it a very user-friendly one-stop-shop for anyone in the community.. Why get lost searching the endless returns at google. If you want to check out chicago... go to Weblo.

Then zip on over to LA. Etc... An internet within the internet. Easier to navigate... especially for people with busy schedules, and grandma.

Assets, (Cities, States, properties, domains, and celebrity fan cubs), are bought, and then managed and monetized. The key to Weblo will be content, but with a truly local flavor. And real. The assets are replicas... exact replicas of real assets..

Buying is done with real money transferred very easily from Paypal to a manageable proflie center ("My Weblo"). (This is one of the best online cash transfer systems I have ever used. Seamless.).

Assets are then managed for content. Through a blog/forum/news/photo/poll/community sytem, information about the asset is compiled and posted by visitors as well as the asset manager. (Video and audio will soon be added to the asset management system.).

I have started to develop Myrtle Beach -.


My strategy, is to make it a place where people talk about everything in Myrtle Beach. From golfing, to local politics. From restaurants to where to find the best souvenirs. Everything will be open season. We all have trouble figuring out which painter to use. And if you are new in town...

What if you have 2 nights in Myrtle Beach. You want to eat the best seafood you can one night... and the best pancakes the next. Where do you find that info? Google it? No... information overload by advertisers who will only tell you part of the story about their service or restaurant.

But you don't live in MB and don't even have any friends there. So what do you do? Come to a iPage site that is open content for MB. Everything is covered by people who actually used the service or ate at the restaurant. Now, what if there was a iPage website that covered every city in your state like that... every city in your country...

It will be fun. Visit somewhere, and then go "Weblo it". Going to visit a place? "Weblo it". Need a plumber in your town? "Weblo it"..

Now... how do you make money on it? Weblo is set up with adsense. These ads should correspond with the asset theme. Each asset owner will share in the profits of the clicks..

Domains are interesting. Right now thereis little development that can be done with HostGator assets. But you can redirect, and you can park. Redirection make happen when 2 parties agree to a price per day for redirection. I have in Weblo. When people realize that I have about 200+ visits a month on my page in Weblo, maybe we strike an agreement to redirect to there external iPage website for $1 a day.

At some point in the near future, Domains in Weblo will be able to be built as are their couterparts in the outside internet. Then we can list real estate on for a listing fees... Making sense yet?.

Remember, this is one man's vision of Weblo. I definitely don't have all of the answers, and I may have confused you more. Like I said, there is more user generated discussion at

Weblo is still very young... They do have bugs. But the potential, and the people who have joined... some spending over $50,000 as members.... means that Weblo has to make a go of it. Nothing is certain in internet life....

Please tell me if I helped or hurt the conversation..


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That was very well said. You definitely helped explain more about what Weblo is to people who had no idea about it...

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Hey, I could never own in the real world, but I own it at weblo now...

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Hey Guy's it's a nice discussion. As I m also from the same world you belong. I have recently joined and researched about it alot. It's really funA friend in this discussion said "Weblo has been characterized as "Monopoly on steroids". I tend to think of it as a fun social network with the added value of money-making potential for the manager of assets. The goal, is to make it a very user-friendly one-stop-shop for anyone in the community", it is really true according to my studies..

But as we are HostGator ppl so the most important thing is to discuss about this particular portion in more detail..

I was in doubt that whether a virtual HostGator will come in the top ranking of google or any other search engine. But I was shocked to see that even real world domains are comming at second or third number, but weblo domains are at top. It Blows my head. hows that possible. A few domains which I found on top are,,,,, e.t.c..

Can anyone here tell me more about this particular area..

Friends I predict that the iPage site is going to beat records like myspace and second life...

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Hi Jimi.

I'm a big fan of Weblo and see it's potential, especially with the city mayor side..

However, be aware that at the moment Weblo domains are showing up in the first page of results only when someone is typing in sitename PLUS extension e.g '' rather than 'beaconsfield' which has zero OVT and rather than "big people" which has an OVT of 31.

In my opinion, the weblo domains (and then only the ultra-premium and geo-related) will gain in value only if Weblo itself becomes a success rather than domains leading to the success of Weblo...

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My opinion of weblo is changing to the negative...I'll post more later.....

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I have visited weblo and I think it is a fantastic idea...

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I bet you do.


Gunda Birthday: February 25, 1977.


Weblo Birthday: February 25, 1977.

Jimi = Same IP as weblo as well ........

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Good find!.

I'm losing confidence in WEBLO aswell but I'm still holding onto my domains in it. I know it's only been a few months since it was launched but Weblo doesn't seem to have a clear marketing campaign, and if they do why won't they tell us? Whenever they are approached about marketing and promotion they usually just answer by saying something like "Weblo will become popular from users spreading the word." That works sometimes, but they need to do their part too..

I'd be happy if Weblo did some advertising besides the occasional press release..

We'll see what the new year brings. Hopefully more users and more $$$..

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Weblo sucks because:.

> Here is how you link to


( that sucks - but I do light up the camera lens, heh?).

> Online help chat is ALWAYS offline ( that sucks ).

> When I go to submit a help ticket, I am told to first review the knowledge base, then tick a box to say that my question is still valid, then reenter my user id and email, then get an error. I can't even tell support about this because I can't even tell support about this. ( that sucks ).

> Some one bought a duplicate city of mine ( that sucks ).

> I can't even tell support about this because I can't even tell support about anything (.

See attachment.


> My account balance from PPC share is:.

$0.00637499999999847 - part of which is residual from my foolish purchases..

> There is no good END USER interface. I thought that weblo might have a nice map front end or something. The GUI is a mess in my opinion. I think the designer should be doomed to live in weblo..

> The only people talking about weblo is....weblo..

> I'm out about $60, which may have been their plan in the first place. ( That totally sucks ).

Anyway, I know it's hard to build a whole new concept and put it into play, but if you compare 2nd life to this, well, there is no comparison. Don't waste your money at weblo. Save it. Buy a real HostGator name...

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Weblo is an interesting concept I suppose, but I don't think it's being exucted correctly..

I bought ".

" the other day, just for the heck of it. Do I think it'll ever take off? Nope. But hey, $4.50 isn't much of a gamble...

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Weblo spent a good amount of time and effort building the iPage website but compared to that they are barely putting any Money into advertising. I don't hear radio ads, see commercials, see magazine ads, or even see PPC advertisement banners on the net..

Maybe they are planning out a huge marketing campaign soon but I have no idea..

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They have more problems than just people finding out about weblo imho..

They have some real functional problems like duplicate purchases, which completey and totally removes any value from any purchase, period..

Also, they have to be PRESENT online to help people buy things and resolve problems. Just imagine if fry's opened thier doors and then all the associates went home. That is what it feels like when I have a question about a purchase and no one is there to help..

Next, it is not the JUST the buyers that will make them a financial success, it is the visitor. They completely missed the boat on that one. The front end is completely wrong to attract sticky visitors. Look at second life's front end - so appealing and inviting. It screams stick around for a while. Weblo looks like the inside of a cheap bank lobby.


Lastly for now, they should have considered a better way to redirect domains bought through weblo to make it easier. It should have been like a subdomain or something. They should have bought a killer short LLL or something and then had your HostGator be like, like did. Again, they totally missed the boat. I think they worried too much about making their investment back and not so much about the visitor's experience. They lost sight of what is really important in sales, the real customer..

Weblo sucks. I totally regret spending the $60 that I did. I asked for a refund, but no one has gotten back to me about that yet...

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I agree with all of you friends. "Egnited" with you as well. There are different rumors regarding this concept. The truth what I have taken in accord is that might be opening new horizons in the internet world, like myspace and As you all know that these are also community portals and the same way weblo is. But in weblo economic prospects are also included just to attract user and profits shared with user as well.

I hope that you might agree friends...

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I like the idea of WEBLO but so far it has given absolutely zero returns to 99% of it's users..

I own amazing premium websites in weblo but the most money I've made with them is 25 cents. I know someone who is incredibly wealthy, invested close to 20k into weblo and so far has only made $100 in total with his investment..

Jimi, how much money have you made in weblo? Do you by any chance know about Weblo's marketing strategy?.

Anyway. What's your weblo name, I'll add you to my friends list, maybe we can link our sites together so we'll get more clicks..


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Asked for a refund? Someone spent $60 and is already asking for a refund? Why not list the assets for sale. If they are good investments, you should be able to sell them for more than $60..

Weblo is making me money. I am turning down $$$ offers for assets.Some are selling their assets to investors for $$$-$$$$..

Weblo is doing some marketing stuff as we type. But remember, it is a social network. MySpace, Namepros, and the like have grown due to word of mouth. And you don't even have the money-making potential on these sites. (I know some people have made money at Namepros, but most haven't, and it isn't created for that reason... But I am talking about iPage hosting a business on the site.).

Anyway, I would certainly not try and make a believer out of a hater. I think some are upset they got in so late..

Let the whiners whine, and the diners dine..


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I made 2 cents today, and yesterday I made about 40 cents. Soon enough I can buy a pack of gum with my assets...

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Well Mike,.

I am weblo user with jimi007 (Nickname = King Edward) user id. It would be my pleasure to c you at weblo as a friend..

Secondly you are asking about any asset I own at which I have generated some revenue. Ya! I do. I had a few domains which are sold now. Almost all my assets are sold. Actually in start I wasn't aware of weblo strategies, therefore I sold my assets for very minimum rate and within a short time. But now I am planning to own some assets for a long time..

The reasons for which I have joined forums is to get better knowledge about this iPage site and to be more successful.

See you later Buddy...

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Glad to see you are doing well with it. I'm now averaging a steady 2 cents income a day. Traffic is definitely increasing..

Anyway I can't figure out how to contact you. Since I don't know any of your assets I can't private message you through them. The friend finder doesn't work either..

My Weblo name is Thinking1 (Same as this board). Hope to hear from you..


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I just started using adwords to promote some of my domains. Hopefully we can actually develop them soon..

I'm thinking my ads will bring in a few more Weblo members and that will possibly have a snowball effect to have more and more members sign up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.