Simple DVD Medifast menu-making freeware download?

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My question is Simple DVD Medifast menu-making freeware download? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. I lost 31 lbs. at my 4 week check up and now at 7 weeks I've still lost only 31 lbs. I lost this much once just quitting my sodas and sugar. I'm starting to wonder if they actually did the.


Or just punched holes in my abdomen....

I watch what I eat. I try to get my.


In. I went and joined one of those fitness centers yesterday, which I really couldn't afford, but I don't want to be the only person to ever have this.


And not.

Lose weight.

I just don't understand it. What can I do???..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

It's called a plateau and I believe most of us have experienced it. I believe my FIRST plateau happened at about the same time as yours and lasted about a month. Keep doing what you're doing and be patient. Your body is trying to adjust to all the major changes you have just put it through. I used to say "my body is rebelling against me" then slowly, but surely it started coming off a couple of pounds a week (which, of course, I wanted MORE) but now at almost 5 months post op, I'll take the 60 pounds lost!! Best I've ever done in 5 months!!..

Comment #2

My first plateau happened really early. (When I started on solid foods) It was almost as if my body was revolting and not letting any weight go for a few weeks..

1. take your measurements...they will be changing..

2. This too shall pass....Keep doing what you know is will start up again once your body realizes this is the way things are...

Lots of changes have occurred and your body has to adjust....



Comment #3

I know it can be so discouraging but you should know it is probably as Morethaready says...a plateau! So much though, depends on how much you need to lose in the first place, and a few other things..

You didn't elaborate much on what you eat specifically, at this point, but I'd encourage you to stick with basics, at this stage. My nutritionist encourages me to get proteins in first, limiting carbs to what you get in fruits and veggies only (while maximizing weight loss)..

I noticed you said you TRY and get.


In. If you are like me, you probably are good at getting OUT of exercising...or procrastinating, maybe not getting it in as regularly as our body needs. LOL The biggest change I made after GBS was committing to.


Daily...first thing, before the day starts so I do get it in..

I'm almost 11 months post op, and don't LOVE those early morning walks, which make up most my work out, but I walk 21/2 to 3 miles each morning to make sure I'm getting at least 10,000 steps in a day, with other moving around. (10,000 steps is recommended by many doctors as the amount beneficial for cardiac health and weight loss)..

HOWEVER, I did not start out doing that. I walked a matter of minutes at first, trying to add a little each day. My progress, and distance has come slowly, to be honest, but the commitment to stick with it, DAILY, I think is very responsible for my weight coming off. So I'd encourage you to work out in some form daily, vary it up if that works better for you, and find a time you can do it daily. I find routine for something I don't like doing is helpful..

Above all else, be patient with yourself. It is not a fast progress, and the amount adds up slower than any of us wants at first. But focus less, if you can, on the number lost. Rather, concentrate on getting the.


In (for instance), making sure you get the 60-80 grams of protein in a day, sipping that water and other liquids throughout the day, and getting in your nutritional supplements/vitamins. The weight WILL come off..


Comment #4

The plateaus suck, but are very much a part of GBS. I seem to go on them quite often, and they last from a week to a month..

Very discouraging, but I know that the weight and inches are coming off. It seems every once in a while the body rebels and says I'm storing this, cause you aren't giving me what I"m used to..

Take your will see differences there, when the scale is being obnoxious...

Comment #5

I started out at 264 and want to lose 110 lbs minimum, I get my water, protein and vitamins.

In and usually get in enough.


I pulled a tendon and have to watch it. I've been on the.

Atkins diet.

For 2 weeks and haven't lost a pound. and before you start.


At me, let me say that the reason I went on Atkins is my doctor told me to. He's on it too...

Comment #6

Plateaus will happen again and again...and then you will go DOWN to the next plateau!! Your body is going through a drastic change and is in shock that Medifast food has been cut to next to nothing. It is storing fat. And stop weighing yourself every time you pass the scales. Once a weeks is PLENTY! You will drive yourself crazy and become very discouraged. Sometimes, if you eat a little more than you have been, it will jumpstart your weightloss too. Be patient! When have you ever lost 31 pounds in FOUR WEEKS????? :oD.



Comment #7

Ok, first I will ask you why you are following a Medifast diet not designed for GBS patients? I don't know which dr prescribed this for you, but he is a fool. GBS patients have special nutrtitional needs, including shedding all notions of pre-surgery dieting. Second, I had the opportunity to sit in on my SOs pre-surgical nutritional consult, and learned women's weight loss is not linear like men's. Women experience many plateaus. Even with my success that was an eye-opener and very encouraging. The injury you sustained could have slowed you down as your body redistributed energy for healing.

I also agree with those who say keep track of inches lost, and would add to keep counting the non-scale wins...

Comment #8

Hi Paati,.

I'm at 12 weeks out and I have hit many, many plateaus and it can be very frustrating. I would suggest you find the posting by Callie344 titled "12 months of weekly weigh-ins" posted on 3/1/10 at 2:13, it was a great wake-up call for me and hopefully, it will help with your frustration. Carolyn..

Comment #9

Bighotmama, it was my gbs surgeon that told me to do the.

Atkins diet.

He is a firm believer in protein which is about all you get period with atkins. He's on it too. It must be all right because I've now dropped 3lbs in 2 days...

Comment #10

I lost 31 lbs. at my 4 week check up and now at 7 weeks I've still lost only 31 lbs. I lost this much once just quitting my sodas and sugar. I'm starting to wonder if they actually did the.


Or just punched holes in my abdomen....

I watch what I eat. I try to get my.


In. I went and joined one of those fitness centers yesterday, which I really couldn't afford, but I don't want to be the only person to ever have this.


And not.

Lose weight.

I just don't understand it. What can I do???..

Comment #11

Well I for one could never do adkins, did that before and it almost destroyed my liver, this is hard enough on my body, and my gout omg eating all protein would slay me.. dont even want to think about it, but I can say that it's very similar what we do, I just think in all weight loss there are plateaus go wit it..

Comment #12

It's only for 2 weeks, I'm hoping to survive..

It's actually what I was eating anyway...

Comment #13

Just get your protein, vitamins, and Water..It will happen!!!.

Love ya,.


Comment #14 sound just like me. My sister and brother in law had bypass the same time that I did. They both "melted' immediately, I, on the other hand have from the very beginning not even averaged one pound a week. In our family I refer to myself as "The Placebo Patient". I too, have accused my surgeon of making 6 holes in my body, then sewing me back up. I have friends on.

Weight Watchers.

That are losing quicker than I am. Who can understand the human body????????? My.


Was Dec. l4th and as of today, March ll th, I have lost 30 pounds. I have accepted the fact that although MANY PEOPLE seem to experience the "melting fat effect"........I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. THERE IS NOTHING THAT I CAN DO TO CHANGE THAT.......I THINK IT IS HORMONE RELATED. But, I will say that one of the things that I am enjoying in my new life is that I 'know" fullness for the first time in my life. I "know".

Portion control.

For the first time in my life. The binge eating and the misery both physically and emotionally that accompanies it.......OVER. So, it appears that it will take me MUCH LONGER TO REACH THE PLACE THAT I THOUGHT I WOULD GET TO QUICKLY.........but at least I know that eventually, using this tool that I have, I will get there. Perhaps it is a "God-Thing". All of my life I wanted everything "right now" and acted impulsively. I am.



Whether I want to or not..

Hang in there......go and try on those clothes that you wore at the very beginning of.


And celebrate how far you have come..


Comment #15

I have wondered the same thing from time to time did he make my pouch smal, enough have I stretched it by drinking to much at a time, did I eat to much or to fast this just means that we are all trying to do what is right and we are making ourselves aware of what we do or take in everyone has been a help to me everytime I needed them and I want to be helpful to someone just keep doing what is right and you will do good..

Comment #16

Hang in there! Went to a support group meeting at the hospital of the women who lost 149 pounds said she called the doctors for months and said she didn't think her.


Worked! Just stick with it and it will happen! They also recommended measuring your body as sometimes you end up losing inches when you're not losing weight!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.