Tarslate maroccan for Medifast menu ideas and desserts?

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My first question is Tarslate maroccan for Medifast menu ideas and desserts? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... Anyone that has followed my story may know of my trials and tribulations getting to Traverse City Michigan..

Recently my Canadian application at Humber River Hospital in Toronto came through..

I was so frustrated I wasn't going to even show at my appointment to see Dr. Sullivan in Toronto..

However my doctor (who would be ecstatic if I had the.


In Canada) convinced me to go..

Well I feel like I came out the big lottery winner because the secretary (who was uncharacteristically nice that day) squeezed in my appointments with the social worker and the dietitian who both approved me on the spot..

Dr Sullivan told me to call for my next appointment in a couple days and he will try to schedule the.


On the March 5 date which is my date in the U.S..

I made it clear that I needed to know their intentions as I would have the.


In the states otherwise..

As many of my fellow countrymen and women know it is to my to my extreme advantage to have this.


In Canada..

If I have the.


Out of country and anything should happen beyond 90 days I would have to reapply for insurance and that alone has pr oven to be a big problem for some people..

I have to go back Feb 22 for the mandatory class..



To have my appointment with the surgeon that day..

My friend says I should try to make an appointment with the internist Dr. Glazer (in the same building) for the same day..

Does anyone else know what else I might need to do?.

Also where can I get.



I am going to have to postpone my.


In the states but I am not canceling quite yet...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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I am wondering....

The states uses a product called Unjury..

A 2 week supply runs about 60 bucks plus shipping..

Since it is the same Medifast diet for the same reasons I don't see the difference..

I am kind of ticked that the.


Is so expensive (although I am prepared to do what I have to).

The secretary has not been helpful (to me at least, until now). She even went as far as to tell me she does not have a computer(as if).

The dietitian had to admit I knew my stuff also we both have Persian kitties so we had some common ground and I found her pretty easy to talk to. However you are not the first person to mention this :).

The social worker was tough as well..

Having now done both the States and Canada I can say there are differences..

The states impresses me as very professional but they are there to do this.


And pass you through pretty quick..

Had I been a person who they had issues with I don't know how it would have went (I am glad I wasn't).

Canada seems to have an almost antagonistic approach..

This is not the first time I have encountered this attitude in Canada with regard to this.



I see.


On Ebay... Hmmm.

Did you have to see an internist?.

I am just wondering if everyone has to see one..

I did have a stress test for the States because I have high BP and have had a stroke..

My Dr can fax this to Toronto as well as bloodwork done for the U.S. and my recent physical..

I am pretty pumped..

I just don't want anything unexpected to mess this up...

Comment #2

Yes I had an internest..

AND....i think I have a case or two of.


In the cupboard..

I hated the stuff..

I"m going to go check it and make sure there isn't an expiry.....

I know you mentioned you used to live in Oshawa....are you still close enough that I could give it to you if it's all good.....

(going to check now) BRB..

Comment #3

My brother lives on Mary st in Oshawa or you could drop it off at Roseland Rd off Simcoe where he works..

He doesn't have a car so getting around is hard for him..

I could send you some cash through internet email for you to mail it to me..

Wow this would really be a break..

Please let me know and thanks Aey :)..

Comment #4

Ahhh I have 25 packs of Chocolate and 18 of Vanilla.....a little over two cases...BUT the shitty party is...the best before date is December 09.....

Its been in my cupboard since October last year....

You can still have it if you want....

I live just off Rossland... and I can drop it to him...I drive.

Just send me a private message and we can work it out there if you want....

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I'm from Toronto and had my.


At the same hospital. Humber River is good. Booking appointments on the same day probably won't happen. Most of the doctors are so backed up with everyone on waiting lists. You have to see a GP, Psycologist, the surgeon, dieticaians and a class to learn about the.


And your life after...

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Yes but I believe there is an internist to see as well...

Comment #7

I saw the itnernest...but I didn't see an psychologist......

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I think she may mean a physiologist or a social worker..

I saw a physiologist in the States and a social worker in Canada..

I sent you a message this morning K :)..

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