Tell me what you think of this Medifast menu for my sweet 16?

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Question I have... Tell me what you think of this Medifast menu for my sweet 16? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Ok so I was just sitting in the schorching hot bath tub... Thinking to myself... humm why do they say not to sit in the tub till our incisions are healed (mine are by the way) but my incisions don't even touch the water, my belly sticks out quite a lot! So I'm trying to cook myself warm, and I turn on the heating lamp and shut off the light to relax and warm up...

When I was a child I used to think heating lamps in bathrooms were actually tanning lights... That I could lay on the bathroom floor and tan, so I did, with my friends whenever we went to a hotel or resort on.


I spent plenty of hours doing this as a child/ young teen! lol funny!.

So the game is this... What did you think when you were a child that is so funny now that it makes you laugh? Santa and the Easter Bunny don't count :) Unless it's a special story :).

This should get some funny responses!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

I got major thinking to do to get one in here but with me being a parent my daughter use to be a pisser with.


Her self and she refused to wash right and especially with the genital area and I had major thinking of a way to get her to wash it right so I figured if I lied to her a little bit maybe it would get her to wash all over better.

I told her she needed to wash "it" more and she wanted to know why what will happen if I dont so I put a quick thought into it and I told her if she dont get it cleaned right that it would grow fungis and mold then it would rot and fall off and I told her if it falls off then she will never be able to use the potty again cause there will be no way for her to go with it gone cause it fell off.

Then she was like wow what happens then I told her that if she cant go potty due to it falling off then she will swell up with everything and eventraly she would go "boomb" and pop.

She laughed at me and goes no not possible I was like is to I had a friend in.


It happend to.

She does wash it better but I do think she knows I was messing with her even though I was showing seriousness and a strait face.

If I mention it now she just laughs at me like no mom your lieing..

Comment #2

Ok, my major thing is, when.


To all the adults.


.......I would hear them say "Oh it had to of been 20 - 30 years ago"......well, as a little girl my mind said..boy are they old, to remember that long ago..

So one day when my bff and I were.


.....I caught myself saying "OMG that was at least 20 years ago", I instantly sucked in my breath,.


That little girl thought, cracked up laughing, and felt so old...........LOL..........I swear it was almost 5 minutes before I could tell her why I was cracking up.........of course then we had to have some drinks, because we both felt like old women............the years do fly by, it'll be 25 years this June since we graduated, so we've been bff's for over 30 years...

Comment #3

Three things came to mind..

1. I thought the bigger the TV you had the more of the show you could see. Ya know more streets, more city......I would get real close to the TV and try to look into the side of the box.......

2. When we were little and would lie to my Grandma she would say, 'Okay, Let me feel your pinky." She would hold our pinky and knew every time we were lying......I use this on my kids now.....Magic Pinky Tells the Truth!.

3. I was convinced that every part of your body had to, No long sleeve shirts or pants.....My arms and legs couldn't breathe!.

Gosh, My parents had to of had it hard! LMAO!.

Love ya,.


Comment #4

For myself, my mother and I used to visit my grandmother so we had many occasions to take the bus. I used to believe if I pushed on the seat it would help the bus go faster thus shortening the long ride..

I had a couple for my kids too.

1. If you don't wipe yourself properly you will get "bugs in your bum".

2. If you stay in the bathtub too long "you will turn into a fish" of course the evidence of this was when the skin starts too pucker after being in the tub a long time :)..

Comment #5

OK, not me but my kids.....

When they fight a lot or I just needed a time out from them I would go into the bathroom and lock the door..of course it only took a couple of seconds for them to find me, but I would then tell them if they didn't give me 5 minutes of peace that I would flush myself....

It sure got them to be quiet when I actually did flush a couple of times.....

They are old enough now to know that doesn't work anymore, but man that 5 minutes was nice!..

Comment #6

Okay I figured one out for me.

When I was about 3 I remember it to me mom and my two bros were in the car going down the highway.

I dunno y but I was scared cause I felt as if she was going way to fast so I was determind to make her slow down so I took my umbrella rolled down the window and opened it up and well all the wind it went inside out and I was so disipointed so I let it go grabed my brothers umbrell a and tried again lol and of course the same result.

Do you think I learned nope I decided to try it one more time and took my other brothers umbrella and tried it again.

Well mom ended up whooping my bottom cause I destroyed 3 umbrellas but damn all I wanted to do was help her slow down.

I think about now and I cant help but laugh cause my god umbrellas wont cut it you need the brake..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.