The new sonic Medifast menu? I just started & im so nervous?

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First question I got is The new sonic Medifast menu? I just started & I'm so nervous? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... New to site. Looking for friends. Not good on a computer. Not sure if I am doing this right.

Scared and excited over upcoming.



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Hi Steph!.

Welcome to our group. You will have to share some more about you and feel free to ask questions as they come up. You're right, you will learn alot by just.


The posts here. But jump right in. You won't be concerned or deal with things we aren't familiar with or gone through ourselves..


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March 8th is my.


I had wanted the sleeve but insurance would have taken even longer so I am having the By-pass...

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I am at work now. Corrections at a juvenile detention center. I am on a count down of work days til.


,15 work days left. I think I can make it. I am struggling to do my job if I had not gotten the approval I think I would have had to have quit this year. My husband is great he has never complained about me. He in security, for a nuclear plant. My daughter is great, but I think she is ready to throw me away.

I am scared everything is changing. Once she graduates it will be just me and Gary. He can't wait. Well this is me in a nutshell. Gary and Ariel are my life and have been since I was 16...

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Welcome to the group, I am also a newbie and I am scheduled for.


In 14 days. Today is my last class, I can't wait. I found this site to so helpful and I enjoy.


It everyday...

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Fear not Steph,.

You have just found an awesome group here..

Worries are pretty normal pre.


, read some older posts and you will see it's not uncommon, Luckily for you you have found us now, many have not had the chance to get comfortable before the operation and only find us when in desperation..

So. make yourself comfortable, join in, ask as many questions as you need too...

Were all here for you..

Andy aka Buzz in the UK..

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Hi Steph,.

I agree with everyone's post so far, this is a great site with so much information. Sometimes I just start.


Everyone's messages and sure enough someone ends up answering a question that I had been thinking of. Everyone has been really nice and supportive also. Good luck and remember that there are a lot of people out there going through a similar range of emotions. Carolyn..

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Welcome Steph.............your pretty good with a found the best site..

Congrats on your upcoming lifechanging.


............your gonna love it, not at first, but not long after..

Go ahead and ask any and all questions you might have........nothing is off limits, we like all kinds of things........LOL..

Where are you having your.


? How long have you been struggling with your decision to have the.


? What brought you to your decision?.

I started my pre-op Medifast diet on July 30, 2009, lost 39 lbs. prior to.


, had.


On Sept. 23rd, and have lost 59 since.


For a total of 98 lbs. I'm so close to that 100 lb mark and it seems like it's taking forever to get here..

Good luck and again welcome..


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Thank you for the warm welcomes. I am having.


At Vanderbilt in Nashville. I have been trying to have.


For the past 4 yrs,turned down 2X, only after my health bottomed did they approve me. I was a healthly fat person up to about 425 lbs. I have struggled with weight on and off my whole life.Years of working night shift and stress I woke up and found myself hugh. It came on so slow and I was so busy taking care of everyone else I didn't fill as big as I am.Then they found a tumor on my adrenal gland they are watching,but can't do anything until I lose down some...

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Welcome Steph your in the right place.

This group is awesome and will help you thru every bump you go thru the whole way. If your down they will pick you right up and give you support..

I had my.


Rny on the 092809 and without this site I would have failed miserably tho I believe they are truly my family !!!!!.

Thanks guys/girls and lets help stephanie like you all helped me..

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New to site. Looking for friends. Not good on a computer. Not sure if I am doing this right. Never spoke with any of you,but feel so understood just from looking at your discussions. Scared and excited over upcoming.



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Welcome, Stephanie! I haven't been here long, either but everyone has been very welcoming and they have lots of wisdom. I went to my first "live" support group last night...I think I'd rather hang out here!.



Is scheduled for Feb 9th, so I'm not too far ahead of you (only 1 week to go!!) Sometimes I wish I could just go to.


And wake up in a I have a good cry and go for another walk!.


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Steph-I am also new to this site. A friend recommended me to it after her by pass. I will be having.


In 13 days and I am also very nervous but super excited!! Good luck to you and I am sure we will keep in touch!!..

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Stephanie, I am new to this site too. I had bypass.


In 2006 and lost 70 pounds by 2007. In December of 2007, my husband and I moved to Kearney, MO from Fayetteville, NC. Because of this move, I lost my support group, all my family, and my friends. By lost I mean everyone is still on the East Coast. We have no family here and we are making new friends, but most have no idea what we go through by having this.


Or the processes we have to go through to even get this.


Since our move, I have managed to gain back 32 of those lost pounds. They aren't lost anymore. I know exactly where they are. Anyway, welcome to this group. I.


That I will get the help and support I need...

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Stephanie, Don't be too afraid of.


I had it in 2006 and after a couple of weeks, I realized that it was the best thing I had EVER done for myself. Yes,.


Is always serious. It's painful, but SOOOOO worth it. Good luck and keep in touch...

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Hey STEPH! Great to have ya here!!!.

This is a wonderful forum....I am sure you will find it fun and imformative! Watch out for Andy though...he's a big GOOFBALL! ha HA JK> Andy!.

Have a good one!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.